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  1. eBay India gift Voucher code, validity is 30-JUN-13 [7% max 750rs] only for one time use O6C7PRCC6B NSD68I8DPF RIZCHPT7GX RJAPLSEPHP RJ7RGU7MF1 REI8IHATUT NQZB2V4BIE RJHB1WHXMV RJFDUUEFCN EXCAQC0CZO --- Added new Validity upto 31st DEC 2013 PLLUGR1J7L ZL7NAYOPUI EBAYPOS001 offer
  2. As of today no 4G network support port forwarding. Port forwarding still works on MTS & TATA CDMA network.
  3. Got this tip from saharsh Mittal To remove Hands Free Activation only need to rename two files in system/ SprintOMADM2.apk. To sprintOMADM2.apk.bak And /system/sprintOMADM2.odbx to sprintODADM2.odbx.apk For this you can use rom tool box root browser or any root file explorer. Below screen shots are from rom tool box (root browser ) Open rom tool box and click on root browser Then open system folder Then open priv-app folder Then scroll down till you see sprintOMADM2. Apk Long press sprintOMADM2. Apk, one menu will pop-up, select rename from it. Then just rename sprintOMADM2. Apk to sprintOMADM2. Apk.bak To Now do same to sprintOMADM2. Odbx, rename it to SprintOMADM2.odbx.bak Now after doing above you you should see file names as below Now just reboot the phone and Hands Free Activation is gone ! And also home key works ! In my last mod I was able to get rid of HFA , but after that Home key was not functioning, in this mod everything works as normal . Now time to get rid of BootLoader unlock warning at every boot ! For this we need to put phone in bootloader mode. And flash this logo.bin file https://www.dropbox.com/s/1d608mqzpykg6ho/logo.bin Command to flash is Fastboot flash logo logo.bin It won't take more then 30sec to do this in bootloader mode. After this just reboot the phone and see the clean booting animation without bootloader warning. Now you have a clean phone ! Enjoy !! Sent by Moto G on Reliance CDMA
  4. A User Agent Profile information of the LG G3 has appeared on Sprint's website. The phone carries a model number LS990, which further confirms it's the successor of the LG G2 (LS980 in North America). The file states the LG G3 will pack a quad HD display(2560 x 1440 pixels) with previous rumors suggesting a 5.5" display. This is an identical setup to the Oppo Find 7, which was announced recently. The LG G3 would run Android 4.4.2 KitKat and as a recently leaked screenshot suggests, LG has revamped its Optimus UI a bit. Furthermore, the User Agent Profile confirms the G3 will pack 3GB of RAM on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 M8974A. Additionally, the LG G3 will pack a 13MP camera on the back as well as a microSD card slot, which the UAP suggests will handle up to 64GB of cards. LG G3 is expected to debut next month, on May 17. Source | Via Sent by Moto G on Reliance CDMA
  5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    Got 3GB RAM version in open sale, CDMA works with evdo Rev A. Will check Rev B area soon. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  6. [HELP NEEDED] ZTE Speed RUIM Data

    No need of any other setting, simple IP only Sent from my N9515 using Tapatalk
  7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    Just bought one... End of import handset for me .. So sad. Sent from my N9515 using Tapatalk
  8. [HELP NEEDED] ZTE Speed RUIM Data

    Remove sim card from it, Factory reset your phone, that will wipe all MIP profiles. Then make it NV mode, put a reliance PRL, reboot. Then still without sim card make it ruim only , hit write 2-3 times in offline-A mode. And turn it off then reboot with sim card in. Data should work. Issue is with simple IP and mobile IP. Sent from my N9515 using Tapatalk
  9. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    Just get any ROM.from XDA for boost or sprint moto e LTE and flash in recovery Sent from my N9515 using Tapatalk
  10. Sprint Moto X & any Moto G Flashed to Reliance CDMA FINAL Photo Tutorial Updated:- 08/04/2014 New Method Works 100% Follow easy to use , Modified Photo Tutorial http://www.slideshare.net/hambarde/moto-g-ver3final _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tested on Verizon and confirmed to be working on Boost model. 1) First we need working wifi connection on phone 2) Then an APK from this link >> http://www.mediafire.com/download/i038c12rrdcbtlj/SPCUtility.apk 3) Allow this MSL app to use WiFi, 4) It gives you SPC, [Works on Verizon and Boost both] [Also works with sprint Moto X] 5) for boost Moto G and Sprint Moto X ##diag# works, but dose not work for Verizon. 6) For verizon Diag , Turn off mobile, remove usb cable, and Press both vol key + power button. 7) As soon as you leave these keys , one menu will pop-up. 8) use vol down keys to select BP Tools then connect use cable. 9) then press vol up . Phone will boot normally with DIAG turn ON. 10) for Boost ##diag# require SPC, which you will get it by SPC apk. 11) now PC will search for drivers (even latest moto driver pack dont have drivers for this) 12) attaching drivers for moto g DIAG. (install it manually) 64Bit Drivers | 32Bit Drivers 13) Use DFS, send SPC. and Put phone in Offline-A mode 14) then you need to change phone and min number to any 1234567890 to change PRL 15) till that time PRL wont change, 16) From DFS you can write AKey. 17) But for data need to use DUMP file, 18) you can use CW nv item write and write DATA DUMP, use free NV Item writer from CW http://www.cdma-ware.com/workshop/nv-items/NV-items_reader_writer.rar (get CW3.6 Dump after registration) here also need to put phone in Offline-A mode before writing DUMP to phone 19) after writing all above, go to DFS and change Min and MDN to ZERO so you will be ready for activation (*228). 20) As you always do - Hit Like UPDATE :- If phone is on 4.3, then you should first update to 4.4.2 then do above steps, other wise you need to redo data settings and might have to flash PRL again. Here are official drivers from Motorola http://www.mymotocast.com/download/MDM?platform=windows I have not tested it but hope this works. These official driver dont work, use above 32bit or 64bit drivers Update : 19/03/2014 1)32bit Drivers mention in point no -12 are tested on WinXP 32bit and on Win7 32bit 2) 64bit Drivers are tested on Win7 & 8 64bit. 3) After factory reset, Min and akey stays as it is, But need to re-configure DATA and PRL. 4) One Click update to 4.4. for boost works perfectly from fastboot mode. Link [and it takes only 10min to update from 4.3 to 4.4.2] 5) Need to reconfigure PRL and DATA after one Click update [same as updating on Wifi] Update 25/03/2014 Photo tutorial [Drivers and Sending SPC] LINK removed, use link on top Update 08-04-2014 (use link on top) Photo tutorial [ Till voice and sms configuration] Data config will be updated sooooon...... LINK removed, use link on top Update :- 14apr14 Getting many msg about not finding software for using tutorial so here are all the software required Dfs demo http://cdmatool.com/downloadFiles/application/Setup%20DFS%2014.03.26.0.zip Nv writer 3.6 http://www.cdma-ware.com/workshop/nv-items/NV-items_reader_writer.rar Spc apk http://www.mediafire.com/download/i038c12rrdcbtlj/SPCUtility.apk 32bit drivers moto g & x https://www.mediafire.com/?ic25458youq1xd9 64 bit drivers https://www.dropbox.com/s/ucr03xx6esqtcdc/DroidX_Diag_x64.rar Moto G MTP Drivers For Win XP SP3 [Modded by Me] https://www.dropbox.com/s/37hpk21lc26h78i/wpdmtp.inf Sent by Moto G on Reliance CDMA DroidX_Diag_x64.rar
  11. ^^^ There are few people doing tata, Sent from my N9515 using Tapatalk
  12. If you are not getting calls when you are connected to internet , that shoes you are on 1X network. You need to make sure you have PRL no 5 and evdo user name programmed properly. Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  13. ^^^ Reliance registration is closed, so it is not possible. Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  14. @GRR7 your device is unlocked, so you must be having TWRP already installed, or if not just connect phone to pc in above menu and flash twrp then flash stock zip only without radio. you wont need any programing if you dont flash radio. you can even use custom roms if you want.
  15. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    ^^^ None of above is helpful as there was no way to enable USB Debugging, But now I got it pass setup screen and rooted AND its ready for new google account !
  16. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    Where r u in Bangalore? Ping me on Hangout Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  17. Moto E 2015 LTE XT1526 to work with Reliance CDMA

    ^^^ If you are OK with custom rom try cm12 , it will not ask for old G account. Also for boost there is stick debloted rom. Try it Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  18. Reliance CDMA on Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE

    ^^^ Yes, as long as you don't change your radio you can flash any custom rom like cm12 Also note down your min before flashing anything Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  19. Idea LTE 1800 BAND

    Idea website says some different story, 1GB only for 10days from the date of activation. http://www.ideacellular.com/idea-4g-coming-soon Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  20. XT1032 is first gen GSM model, same fits CDMA version XT1031 Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  21. Idea LTE 1800 BAND

    Got sms from idea to collect 4G sim from nearby idea store. I have Karnataka circel idea prepaid. Prebooking will get you 100MB per month free for 3 months. LOL to 100mb free, I need a GB per day for normal uses. Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  22. Do Not proceed if you don't know how to get your phone back to reliance via flashing PRL and DATA. Following below process may loose network connectivity on Moto G use it on your own RISK !! Hi, Motorola just released soak test for our Moto G XT1031 [boost], I am using this from almost a week now and found working perfectly fine. Now for us (reliance/TATA) users OTA is always an issue on MotoG, it wipes PRL and DATA. But this time one of AndoridForum user SuperR made zip which don;t update Modem/Baseband and bootloader. So you can enjoy lollipop on you 4.4.4 radio and bootloader. If you want to update radio/baseband to 5.0.2 you need to flash PRL and DATA again. To use this zip following are requirements. 1- Moto G should be bootloader unlocked 2- Custom recovery should be installed - I prefer TWRP 3- OTG pen drive of minimum 1GB. [or ADB skills to push files to phone] Both of above can be done using THIS post. And HERE is TWRP 2.7which I use. Before doing this, will suggest you to take full backup of your phone . 1- Contacts - Already on google server. 2- SMS - Use Go SMS or with equivalent tools (CM Backup also works fine) 3- if you want to same applications already installed, use APK backup or EX Explorer to copy all APK. 4- Photos & Other files - just copy to your PC using MTP mode of moto g So now you are ready to update your phone. Download below files 5.0.2 ROM - HERE SuperSU zip - HERE If you are into Xposed firmware get latest from XDA post - HERE Now after your backup, boot phone to recovery [TWRP] 1- Copy all zip to your OTG pen drive. 2- Wipe all partitions including DATA 3- Wipe DATA partition 2nd time for safer side. 4- then reboot your phone to TWRP with OTG connected. 5- From TWRP install option, and select FALCON_220.42.18.ZIP 6- installation will take about 2min. 7- then dont reboot the phone. 8- go back to main menu in TWRP. 9- again select SuperSU.zip 10- this time select wipe dalvik option 11- and reboot your phone . This reboot will take 5-10 minutes. dont panic. After booting it will go for HandsFree activation, wait another 5min and it will give option for NEXT. if you reached till this step then you have installed lollipop on you moto g. now if you want to use xposed firmware to mod you system. boot to recovery and flash Xposed install zip from XDA post. after installing xposed zip you need to select wipe dalvik option other wise phone will show out of space error. you can skip Xposed step if you like normal version of moto G. (i am heavy user of xposed so mention extra steps for others) now reboot your phone to system. after reboot you will again get HandsFree activation. wait for 5min and click next. now let android Setup Wizard run. Add your google accounts and other details. you will be on lollipop home screen. (which looks almost same as kitkat home screen ) now time to get rid of Handsfree activation and get back tether options. to do so follow these threads. HFA Tether While removing HandsFree activation, you will not find sprintOMADM2.APK in Priv-App folder there is SprintOMADM2 folder in Priv-app, inside this folder you will get SprintOMAD2.apk, rename this apk and you are done. Tether works as shown in above thread. Now as we are using kitkat radio/baseband & Bootloader, one small issue occurs. you will find small flicking on phone. this will go aways ones you turn your screen OFF and ON. to get rid of this issue, we need to update radio and bootloader to lollipop 5.0.2 version. But after updating radio and bootloader to lollipop, you need to load PRL and DATA again. So select what you want and enjoy lollipop on moto G. !! now you can either download all your apps from playstore or install it from your backup. restore your data & SMS as per your liking and you are good to go. I am on 5,0,2 with kitkat radio and bootloader. My phone is working fine with this combo. here is the proof.
  23. Hello Every One !! One of the Most loved device on this forum just got updated to Android 4.4.4 [boost Moto G] Yesterday Motorola pushed the OTA 4.4.4 to moto G boost. Now every one will be asking below questing .. so trying to answer them as I can [will try] Q=What to backup before OTA update ? A= Your MIN number. [None of below updates delete MIN, But you should have it handy] Q= Where to get MIN A= if your phone is working perfect then just dial ##000000# and there it is MIN. note down in your diary or send min to self in gmail Q=What else to backup ? A= Depends on you, photos, songs, movies etc etc.... Q-=should I take update thru OTA ? A= YES...but read all FAQ before proceeding ! Q=How much time it will take to update ? A= OTA method should take 10-12 min after you download the update in phone. Q=How big is this OTA A=Approx 200MB Q=With OTA will my all apps go away ? A=NO, in OTA update all apps and data is saved automatically. Q=Any other way to get 4.4.4 without root and without wasting my phone data ? A= Yes, you should be on software ver 175 [last update of 1.3mb] here is the link [This wont wipe your data] Q= I just downloaded above zip file now what to do ? A= download and rename it as Update.zip and keep in root of phone. reboot to stock recovery and use update.zip method in stock recovery. you will have all your data as it is. Q= Any method for Rooted / recovery phones ? A=Yes, same above 200mb zip can be used. Q= I am on 4.3 stock and not rooted , can I update ? A= NO, you have to be on software ver 175, or rooted with recovery. Q= OK, I am on 4.3 stock and rooted with custom recovery, can i update ? A= Yes you can, follow the this link Q= There are 3 options in above link, which one I use. A= Above link have 3 options, 1- Pure stock, 2-Pure stock with Root, 3-Stock 4.4.4 deodexed and debloated It depends on you, what you want to use, will suggest 3rd one, which is debloated and deodexed, Update the partiation table and flash any one of above, you will be on 4.4.4 Q=I used one of above 3 zip method, what about my data ? A=Most of data will be as it is, but better to take full backup. Q=what to backup ? A= Again your MIN, and photos and other things you may want to save. Q= Just Finished my update to 4.4.4, now on every boot Hands Free activation comes up and my bootloader unlock warning is back, what to do?? A=Follow the same old method posted HERE Q=As per above links and my linking I updated to 4.4.4, but I cant see network. A=All above methods will restore your PRL to Boost PRL 61010. and also your data settings will be changed to boost. Q= how to get my network back, so I can starting getting calls and SMS. A= Use DFS and Load Reliance PRL Q= Ok so I got calls and sms working, now how to get data back ? A=You need your DATA Dump file to get data back, use NV write to write dump to phone and DFS to stick it. [you need to get Data dump file from the person who did Registration for you in reliance, or your indian seller] - Do not ask me for dump which MEID are not done thru me Q= should I use full flashing tutorial ? A=NO , NEVER , Dont Do It. Q=Then will you update the tutorial for only PRL and DATA ? A=You Bet ! here it is. Q= Now I got my calls, SMS and Data working , where is wifi tether , I am rooted !! A=Follow the tether tweak from this link Q= Now I got my calls, SMS and Data working , where is wifi tether , I am NOT rooted !! A=GOD MAY HELP YOU !! I am not God so don't ask me Q= I have more questions , where to put them A=Hit me with it.... post it below and will answer them as time permits.... [only for Update issues] Enjoy Your Boost Moto G on Reliance.....with Kitkat 4.4.4 !!
  24. [Tutorial] Update Boost Moto G to 5.0.2 [lollipop]

    Root is simple if you are already unlocked your bootloader. Even in 5.1 same root method works. I am yet to flash 5.1 stock , so cannot comment on tethering. But same 5.0.2 method should work Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
  25. No need to pay anything Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk