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    Hello Experts, need your help regarding my HTC Droid DNA, it has started to reboot/restart all by itself, i tried holding the power+volume down key but by the time it reaches that stage it restarts again, i have lots of data, pictures and important numbers in it, please assist. IF anything cannot be done online where in Delhi can i get the phone repaired ? Thanks
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    No you dont, on G2 every reliance OMH sim is "Special" Screenshot: Image1755760661.jpg Yup.. I too am using normal Tata omh sim card without any mods and it is working completely fine.. i tried tata which worked for voice calls and sms... was not able to try data... but tried about 2-3 normal sims (RELIANCE) data didnt worked untill used moded sim... good people sharing all experiance... but wondering why such difference... only senior members can put a light on this...