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    I've been having a lot of trouble with Jio after activating the international roaming pack for Rs 1101. 16th Nov 17:32 - Recharged for Rs 1101 to activate the IR pack through the MyJio app. Received SMS confirmation stating the recharge was successful. In 5-10 min, I lost signal which was restored in a minute or so. Since then I am unable to make/receive phone calls (VoLTE does not show at all) and send/receive SMS. The funny part is that, data works fine without issues. 16th Nov 18:44 - Finally customer care registered a complaint, after making me check pointless things on my phone (well you can't blame them) I was leaving for an international trip the same night (hence the IR pack) and until 3 AM the issue remained the same. Landed at Frankfurt, Germany at around 1 PM IST (17th Nov) and surprisingly international roaming worked and I was able to make/receive calls and all queued incoming SMS got delivered. There were no issues with international roaming and my number worked just fine all throughout my journey. I just needed it for SMS and maybe emergency calls. It served the purpose without any issues. In fact Jio called me up while I was roaming abroad regarding my original complaint/SR and said its fixed now. I stressed that the issue was with calls/SMS within India and I was assured the issue has been fixed. 5th Dec 3 AM - Back to India and its the same issue as before I left. Data works, but no SMS or calls. VoLTE does not show as active. Inserting the SIM in another known working device fails and shows the same symptoms. And inserting another Jio SIM in my primary phone works as well. Its now 6th Dec 5 AM and the issue is still not fixed. I spoke to customer care multiple times and they keep asking the same pointless questions and said they need to send it to the backend team and will get it fixed soon etc etc. I also spoke to a supervisor who again went through the same cycle and assured me that he has updated the case with all the info and will get it fixed soon. Has anyone else faced similar issues? Any pointers on getting this fixed? It seems to be some sort of provisioning issue to me where non data services got disabled for some reason while not roaming, but how do I reach the right backend team who would have the required privileges to get this fixed? This is my primary number as well which is causing all sorts of issues (banking and others).
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    what about bharti... they pay highest amount for 3g and still manage to win 4 circles. but anyway its good for Rcom subscribers, they are already lagging behind in service standard. one more business could have spoil thing more, and they realise it.