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    I have JioLink connection in my home for more than a year. I am ALWAYS getting minimum 25+Mbps speed as Jio tower is just less than 50m away from my home and is in clear line of sight. Jio is giving 4GB per day for last one year. Sometimes it gives 8GB per day for few months, for no apparent reason, as seen in MyJio app. Now its back to 4GB per day. It is a postpaid connection. But still now NO plan is introduced and Jio is still giving FREE service only, even though the connection is more than 13 months old. I don't know what Jio is thinking?? Jio is providing JioLink connections in cities / places where JioFiber is NOT coming for few years, afaik. Further there is a limitation (4 or 6) on total Jio Links connected to a tower based on congestion in the tower. Further they are NOT giving JioLink connection, if speed of Jio4G in open area is less than 20Mbps (I got 30+Mbps at the time of launch), the min speed requirement is now reduced to 10Mbps. Not sure but some Jio staff informed me. Last update is, Jio has stopped giving JioLink here in Sivakasi (NOT sure about other towns), as per orders from head office. Still they have NO idea about the paid plans or even the commercial launch. Hope, this helps. If anyone have some more doubts, please ask me here. Thanks....
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    I know airtel is at fault , and doing unethical practise. But TRAI/UIDAI and petroleum departement get suggendly wake up. Problem started when people used to get LPG subsidy transfererred to Airtel payment bank, which as per UIDAI and RBI is latest Bank account with FULL KYC with aadhar number. here 3 aspect are there 1) why does subsidy transfer to Default latest bank account 2) why cant person choose bank ,where he want subsidy 3) why does UIDAI/RBI choose PAYMENT bank to transfer subsidy instead of regular FULL Bank, thus ignoring airtel and other payment bank and transfer to latest FULL BANK with KYC? parallel Govt running two scheme of GIVE-UP sibsidy and DIGITAL India and FINANCIAL Inclusion. does all are not conflicting each other interest. India needs better management of Aadhar USAGE and its Security . From birds eye view, i can simply tell that, please allow user to select LPG subsidy to be transferedd to bank of his choice. and secondly improve process of EXPLICIT consent for activating/creating ANY(airtel) payment bank account.
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    Hi Dear all, I changed my port to 587 and outgoing mails are working. Now my issue is resolved. Regard