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  1. Two Plans on JIO

    Can you please post the breakdown of Rs 624 for 120 GB? Also, the 509 plan has to be activated before the 999 plan? If that is the case, what happens when your 509 plan expires before the 999 plan on the 49 the day? Then the next first active package will be 999 and if you recharge for another 509, then the daily 2 GB will come into effect only after the expiry of the remaining data of 999 plan? Nevermind, I thought you had recharged a 509 with 999.
  2. Have you ever put this SIM in an iphone? Resetting the phone while SIM is in the phone might solve this.
  3. Customer Care earlier confirmed on phone call that further plans can be activated immediately on exhaustion of data. Seems like they answer what the people want to hear. I'm fine with 2GB data for mobile use. I had recharged for 499 after the 149 plan and the 499 plan was active.According to their FAQ, I was supposed to get 3 months free + 1 month paid for 499, then the 149 would get active. But instead they activated the 149 plan after the 3 months 499 and I was not aware of it and ended up using all of the data.
  4. I had recharged for 149 and then again for 499. The 499 SSO got expired and 149 came into effect which I was not aware of. I used up all the balance. I now have a 499 and 309 plans in queue but have no data until the 149 plan expires in 20 days. CC is not willing to activate the queued plans saying its not possible. So if you recharge for 999 with 3 months validity and use up all the data in the first months itself, you have to wait for another 2 months to for the next plan to get activated. You can do booster recharges but they are not cost effective.
  5. The myjio app is saying unable to generate code since handset is purchased out of India?
  6. Are they asking for bill? Don't tell them it is purchased from outside, they are not doing any IMEI checks for finding out if the handset is bought from outside or not.
  7. Jio play is not working in bluestacks for me. Can load the menus and playlists but the video never loads.
  8. I was just clarifying that you are not getting 1GB for Rs 100/- or Rs 50/- as many people believe, not whether jio is better or worse than AVoId. If your data pack is over, your outgoing calls are not banned if you have balance in other operators and you can send SMS to 1925 (one time is only needed) to stop your main balance being emptied once your data pack is over. Not sure how it will work with Jio since, I guess, data pack is required for incoming calls also.
  9. Where are they providing 1 gig for 100 rs? You have to take a base plan of say rs 149 + pay rs 151 for 28 days 1.3 GB data. So your minimum amount is rs 300/month for getting 1GB (1GB + 0.3 GB) data . In reality this is going to be more than that because you have to recharge every 28th day because on the 29th day you will be billed base on pulse until you recharge.
  10. Are you both using two SIMs on the phone or just the jio SIM ? Edit: Nevermind, a simple reboot fixed it. Now have Volte.
  11. Is Volte working for you on Le 2 or do you have to to use jiojoin to make calls? I had it working earlier but now it has stopped working. If I don't use jiojoin, my number is out of coverage/switched off and can't be reached.The OS has the latest updates including Volte support. And the unlimited offer was activated for me by logging into my jio using Skip option (using the number).
  12. 25 GB for Rs 550, sounds good.
  13. What is the Freedom plan? How much data do you get and the amount for it?
  14. How does this prevent them from buying a new Lyf phone with unlimited access if they want to?
  15. The initial invites (not from jio site) were tied to the email and name, you had to use the same email and id proof with same name to get the sim.