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  1. to update, My Vodafone was postpaid, It was 90th day of postpaid connection(calculated from date of activation of POSTPAID), but as per DOT it says 90th day on network. (prepaid days of 8 months is not counted by me. I didnt received any communication of PORTING TIME and DATE, Neither vodafone and nor jio. My vodafone sim network goes-off suddenly at 22.00 hours, and after 8 minute received EMAIL from jio, saying PORTING request completed and it will be activated by 6.00 AM. and second email says RS 0 Tariff activated third email - You JIO number is ported, But jio sim started showing signal within 5 minute, but only incoming sms was coming, none of income and outgoing and data was working. On 2nd SEP, next day morning incoming started and just now made recharge now outgoing and data working fine. Good one, and finally today i made recharge lot 399+99. i thought i can save rs99 by using current MOTO E4 plus jio offer, which say 5GB/month extra and (its confusing) but says complementary recharge of jio prime once per device. To update
  2. I have also requested yesterday. But i got 3 sms sms on altenative number- mentioning order number on PORTING number -sms2 from jio saying porting request received sms3- from vodafone saying acknowledged request. My request is vodafone (postpaid ) to jio prepaid. store person said, change in procedure, we did not pay Rs99+309 upfront. bcoz i remeber on of friend lost 2*99, when his request was rejected by donar twice and jio disnt provided refund. @varkey does ur number got ported? which day 4th or 7th? update: Today is 4th day and got sms that request is approved by donar operator(vodafone), we will send date and time shortly. second sms- Welcome to jio, your porting request is complete, your service will start on 1st SEP 2017 NOW question is 1) shall i wait till jio phone come to my hand, then make rs153 recharge OR 2) pay rs399 +( jio prime 99) and get 3 months and then think of any other offer.
  3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    Pop in a gsm sim->enadle data - >hold for some time->remove sim without switching off device->inser RCDMA sim. This method works for me. Another method-> Enable data->Remove sim tray->switch off device->hold for some time->power it on without sim tray->let it boot->when at lock screen insert sim tray with RCDMA sim. Data should work. Let me know.. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk Method 2 nit working. Tried multiple times. Only once it got connected. Just fed up of rcdma Sim. Now using only single 3G Sim.
  4. Gionee marathon my is this officially. *228 working on gionee M5
  5. could not locate flame 6 anywhere online. got only flame 1 and wind 6. can you indicate specs and link if possible Sorry it's wind 6. Handset not worth,. Touch is not up to mark. Slow processor. Back panel heat when put on charging with Hotspot mode ON. @ @inception. I just fed up and removed rcdma. New problem is occurring in RN3. I am unable to dial *228, I am dial this number by inserting bangalore Sim. But it fails. When secondly inserted new non activated Sim. Still it fails. Plz all user dial *228 and update results here. Thanks
  6. Got Sim via invite. I brought wind 6. Sim works only with lyf handset. Data not working in RN3. Tethering work when using Sim in lyf handset
  7. Today I got lyf wind 6 with jio Sim. Volte working perfectly made 2_3calls only. Jio Sim in lyf handset working smoothly, data, Volte call and see and tethering. Jio Sim working smoothly in redmi note 3 for Volte calls. Using in bangalore. But still facing problem with Rcdma data on RN3. Sad.
  8. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    It's all depends on circle. And don't forget MTS having spectrum in guj. Few circle definitely going to shutdown. So keep generating new UPC after every 15days. So even if CDMA stop suddenly u won't loose number.
  9. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    Just got redmi note 3 from rimweb.in friends Dashie. Thanks But rcdma data not working. Updated to 7.2.3. Only once data connected for few seconds. Tried all app settings. Also deleted them. It shows connecting but doesn't get connected. What's solution. Now I am thinking to leave rcdma, as data not working and CDMA is also shutting down. Rcdma in slot1. One more interesting thing. Idea 4g Sim in slot 2. Idea 2g pack Recharge and network is connected to lte. Speed on 4g network with 2g data pack is around 30-40KB/s. Best thing will be use idea 2g pack in all small town where idea launch 4g lte network. And this will increase idea subscribers base in rural who still hang on 2g network. They will get better speed at same cost as 2g gprs pack.
  10. Yesterday i had seen adversiment of bsnl WLL in news paper, so when i visited, I saw surprise thing, BSNL is providing prepaid sim card of CDMA service And note is written that RUIM provide is capable of 1x and EVDO services Data charges of just 0.5/100kb(7am-11pm), night 0.025/100kb, sim card price is just Rs40, with TT 10, a)RUIM Prepaid card tariff:- Sl.No Particulars Tariff 1 RUIM & Activation charges in Rs. 35.36 2 Service Tax @ 10.30% in Rs. 3.64 3 MRP of Starter Pack in Rs. 39 4 Talk Value in Rs. 10 5 Validity in days Lifetime* 6 Call charges in Rs./Min 7 Local On-net 0.60 8 Local Off-net 0.90 9 STD On-net 1.20 10 STD Off-net 1.20 11 Data Charges in Rs./100Kb a) Peak Hour (7.00 AM to 11.00 PM) 0.05 Off-peak Hour (11 PM to 7 AM) 0.025 12 All other charges As per CDMA prepaid general plan * Lifetime validity means the license period i.e. Feb-2020 or upto renewed license period. To continue with lifetime validity benefit, recharge/top-up with minimum of Rs.200 in every 180 days will be required. RUIM would be 1X and EVDO enabled and can be used all over India (except Mumbai and Delhi ). c) Normal CDMA prepaid recharge and top-up vouchers will be applicable source-bsnl website Can anybody find truth behind this?
  11. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    Super fast. Morning requested for refund on flipkart. Received call from flipkart. Done useless troubleshoot. FINALLY DATA NOT WORKING IN BANGALORE. REPLACEMENT REQUEST CONVERTED TO REFUND . RIMWEB member REPORTED data working AFTERNOON Flipkart executive call for address Ask him to wait, again data not working , as per flipkart executive "Huawei will release and find solutions in March or April " PICK up of handset done in evening . Email received and refund approved and processed. Bank credit after few days. But still thinking of software bug,
  12. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    Second bad thing with some hope. Tested MTS OMH SIM AND data started working on EVDO. But again fall back to 1x. So data is working, but signal fluctuation are high just beside tower. Sometimes EV, and then suddenly 1x is appearing. Data gets connection from both EV and 1x in Bangalore. So there is huge flaw in device,
  13. Honor Holly 2 Plus CDMA Dual SIM

    It's absolutely wrong to say EvDo not working. Video posted clearly shows 1mbps, which highly impossible on 1x. There might be some compatibility issues either with hardware, software or SIM or network. My order is coming today. Will post reviews soon. MTS customer stay tuned. As phone will tested in MTS OMH SIM.
  14. Due to cheater airtel. I didn't got time for checking 4G data along with CDMA voice. But now new observation is When data or call are on sim1 on 4g/3g, and made calls to GSM in sim2 it is going to out of coverage . So this mobile works as DSDA when using C+G or G+C. But DSDS when using G+G. Hope this is helpful to u. Blank screen gesture are really exiting and Again 1 day battery back up with EvDo data on and heavy usage.
  15. Idea LTE 1800 BAND

    Did u got 4g SIM from idea. How is network strength and speed in sivakasi.
  16. Given porting request to change From airtel 4G to idea Hope I ll receive 4G SIM from idea in Bangalore in January
  17. I have personally done test. One sim 1 . Incoming call was active. Made call to second sim, and it was ringing. When received second call, first call on hold. Then just swap button appear and both call were active. But note that When CDMA EVDO is on, other SIM shows only 2G, Edge network. Network preference option gets disabled, hence can't select 3g or 4G network
  18. Hi everyone. After long time I login again to rimweb. Yesterday during flipkart December offer Got this phone at rs18000-1000-1700-500=14800. Feeling like best deal crack. My previous HTC desire 700, started giving poor battery 🔋 backup on CDMA and some firmware issue. U ll find many review of this handset, but no one given this observation SIM 1. Airtel 4G, SIM 2. RCDMA. There is option to choose which SIM will be used for data service. Once I selected RCDMA, them other SIM change its network to EDGE MODE, SECONDLY POOR ****ING AIRTEL WONT ALLOWED ME CONNECT 4G network, then I changed SIM to 4G, and f*@ki#g airtel deactivated my sim, and got my mums activated on some unknown SIM. My observations says u can't use CDMA SIM and other SIM at 4G network standby mode. If R JIO launch pure 4G network with no fallback on, then this handset won't support. Regarding battery performance. With 100% to 15% with heavy usage on EVDO and 3G network data on after 16hrs. Charging with normal 1A charger it took 6hrs from 10% to 96%, although Gionee original charger is 2A , IR blaster working perfectly with my LCD and DTH STB. Day light and artificial light camera performance is very good. Selfie camera OK. Although it's quad core processor, but some times lack while switching between apps with Ram of 3GB. Sounds is loud, distortion at 100%volume level, Really missing HTC boom sound dual front speaker. Touch screen is not feeling like feather touch. Improvement expected 1)slightly faster processor 2)smooth touch panel 3) faster charging Good things 1) unique feature of using G+C, or c+g or G+G 2) support all current LTE bands. 3) highest battery 6020mAh 4) IR blaster 5) box is included all accessories ,headset(which generally missing in other Chinese brand like Xiaomi), flipcover, screenguard . I have fairly conclude that this handset won't support REV B, when using RCDMA it latch to only Rev A.
  19. U can choose aircel.<br /><br />Its having best coverage in TN.<br /><br />Recently intrdocued one nation one rate plan.<br /><br />Stv 25-30 and all local std and roaming outgoing at. Just 1p/sec.<br /><br />Roaming incoming free.<br /><br />All pocket internet 2g and 3g plan are very cheap.<br /><br />Like stv198, 1 gb data at 3g speed then unlimted at 2g speed.<br /><br />Or u can convert it into <br /><br />Aircel sub- brand.<br /><br />Visit simpossible.in for details.<br /><br />Stv210, gets 500mb 3g data. Then unlimted with 400min local+ 100min std+3000 sms free.<br />Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  20. Porting into tata cdma is like barrier.<br /><br />Go with tata gsm<br /><br />Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  21. Here are codes which can be used by new connetion, tata sky subsciber.<br /><br />Offer period 1st april to 30 june.<br /><br />Anyone, who activated new connetion after 1st april<br /><br />Send this code and u ll get rs200 recharge done in ur account also rs200 bonus for me.<br /><br />Codes are<br />1) 9448 XX1069<br />2) 4259 UF8453<br /><br /><br />Send sms from ur registed mobile number as<br /><br />BONUS code to 56633.<br /><br />New connetion refer to new customer id of tata sky sd , hd or hd+ box.<br /><br /><br />Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  22. Movies That You Loved (Or Hated) - Part II

    I like talash very much<br /><br />Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  23. Reliance GSM Network in Pune & Maharashtra

    Dont use rgsm in newer circle.<br /><br />Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk
  24. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    gift received thanks
  25. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Brio AT is also there i found huyndai I10 at value for money with comfort. Sent from my HuaweiU8300 using Tapatalk