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  1. I have been using the Bluetooth for past couple of months and am extremely satisfied. battery life is also very good. although I got it at around 900. Sent from my GT-I9103 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    To add to above, one important aspect of car selection is the Test Drive. When you narrow down your choices, make sure you test drive the car before finalising
  3. MNP Experience

    My Experience 29/01/2011 Applied to Vodafone Gallery for porting my RCDMA number Nothing up to 13/02/2011; no SMS, no confirmations, no calls, etc. Tried calling both call centres - No status update from either 14/02/2011 Received an SMS from VF about receipt of documents. Called CC and got the same response of no status update 15/02/2011 Visited the VF gallery and was advised that the porting would be completed in 2 days 17/02/2011 Received an SMS confirming that the number would be ported shortly 18/02/2011 Morning; The number had indeed been ported to VF. However all the reliance calls still being received in RCDMA. Could recharge through the VF website. No issues with any recharge. By evening even the RCDMA calls are now received in VF. Although outgoing stills functions in RCDMA (now switched off). Overall need patience with the porting.
  4. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    I am getting great battery life with medium usage. Haven't charged for last two days!
  5. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    How to get the email working?