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  1. Which Air Conditioner To Buy?

    go for panasonic invert er model.. its super quite and superior ..cooling with econovi nano g tech. i have bought 1T inverter chrome( katrina) 5 pieces @32 k with exchange..at mumbai and instillation is free...
  2. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Congratulations. You have successfully signed the petition: Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans You are signer #266 [?] signed in.... cheers galaxy
  3. your question is not clear... galaxy
  4. L1 Data Plan

    Hi all any idea on L1 DATA plan .is it true plan is now more unlimited @25. is it limited up to 100mb? this month i got the bill for Rs870 only for L1 usage. does any one els face the problem. pls your input will highly appreciate. thx galaxy
  5. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    voted ..4 mufaddal...
  6. HTC EVO: How To Enable Downgrade?

    dear gaurang thank you so much, u are right its 3.30.651.2, what happend with me is yesterday R world start working and my fon went on auto update .... to 3.29.651.1 after that fon become unstable .. i have upgrade it to 3306512 by xda, but still not happy. regards galaxy
  7. HTC EVO: How To Enable Downgrade?

    hi Mr.vijay thanks for your prompt input, have tryed little but no luck, any link or some thing like..pls help thank you galaxy
  8. HTC EVO: How To Enable Downgrade?

    HI FRNDS CAN ANY ONE HELP ME TO DOWNGRADE MY EVO, I AM ON Stock ROM RUU 3.30.651.2 and would like to roll back it to 3.26.651..........pls help Thank you galaxy
  9. 1st HTC EVO 4G on RIMweb - Check Out The Pics!

    as a performar its a real supersonic but battery is ??????. not more than 4-6 hr.... Relay disappointed. i use to hook all time on my lapi USB.awaiting an alter 1800mh battery from eBay. thx galaxy
  10. Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Rom For Htc Mogul

    i was knowing that from ashok's post we can activate gps, i was just asking have you included same in your rom, as you said no, you can keep this in mind for next update only if possible Thanks can u pls password for QPST 2.7.348, the rar file is pass protected thx galaxy
  11. 1st HTC EVO 4G on RIMweb - Check Out The Pics!

    Finally moved in to EVO……………. Special thanks to Dr… for all the help. Cheers Galaxy
  12. Sprint Hero Bricked, Need Help To Save It

    http://hotfile.com/dl/43665284/9efbf2e/Modaco_Sprint_Hero_CDMA_ROM.rar.html Modaco's ROM for Sprint Hero (CDMA) This Rom does not contain any of the pesky Sprint software. this can b try...
  13. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    hi dkaile i PM'd u 2 days back any luck pls...
  14. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    hi dkaile is is fully working with reliance i mean like mogul... i am ordering EVO. can we use R-net office mail etc... pls help me .
  15. Google Voice

    HI Dr. i have got invitation from google today, but while registering am geting this message.. Google Voice is not available in your country. Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We're not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future. ..can you help me.. how to regi this