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  1. 1x Recharge on NetConnect Broadband+ Possible?

    No,not possible ever
  2. Turn Your Laptop Into Wifi Hot Spot

    same thing happened with me
  3. How To Read ESN/MIN Of Classic 23 FWP?

    Hitesh ji,I did it many times.but CW didn't detect it like classic2258. When try to connect it says phone doesn't answer though i am able to run net on PC via this fwp.
  4. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    Yes,he choose his old pps plan and waiver of on-net pack coz now days pps plan not give per second billing in roaming. And he want it badly so he took another benifit. I told he offered not that he took
  5. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    @ supernova my friend no is 9314114126
  6. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Signed also.
  7. Reliance Launches Rs.49 Unlimited R-2-R Calling Pack

    Could you give me link for these plans?
  8. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    i also got same sms. To khat ka majmoon kuch ye tha- Dear custmer Its requested to you to not to use hard coded rword user/pass to access net on your mobile.it may results in heavy bills. Team Reliance EVDO Dept
  9. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    You are right buddy. Yar ye bat mere dimag me kyo nahi aayee.
  10. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    i like your spirit.
  11. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    Data cap same as you but consumed 0000.
  12. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    Drali Yes you have allowed unit 23120KB and you consumed whole data.
  13. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    Todays I was checking my usesess,I surprised that I was showing one more field of L1 usesess.but before today It shows only remain unit of free calls and free sms.now here was free data and consumed data and remaining data too.for me it was 89MB.mean they capped me for 89MB.it mean if I exceed it I would be charged for it as NUC rate. But when I checked my 5 friend's no and 3 rimwebian no too,every one has diffrent capped amount of data. I don't know how's that.if some one want know his/her allowed data,consumed data and remain data post his mdn,I will check and post,kam se kam unbilled ka jump to nahi hoga.