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  1. Means no inbuilt volte
  2. Which circle no such option in instacare app Rajasthan circle
  3. Dual sim not 4g simultaneously one 4g then other 2g only
  4. Is volte working in honor holly plus
  5. Bsnl cdma not working redmi note 3 any clue i think meid is 000 thats why
  6. Bsnl cdma sim not working in redmi note 3 please if anyone could help
  7. If u could please tell acess no. Such as balance check etc i got activated my sim after 15 days and by complaining above bsnl official
  8. If anyone checked BSNL CDMA sim in redmi note 3 please confirm
  9. Thanks
  10. Error praising the package Please provide app
  11. If anyone having letv le 2 please confirm if it works with cdma sim
  12. Mine is working fine with usb tethering in tenda modem
  13. Simply connect your usb cable between phone and usb port in modem then on usb tethering in phone try 3-4 tumes if it not work first it will work and if not reply