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  1. @shahab ji, sir just bought a new wallet i have that in this new wallet ,, plz give it to someone else ... Thanks
  2. Online Payment Gateways in India

    CCAvenue is the best so far... i have given it to 1 of my clents he is very happy...
  3. @ jpg and @doctorsabh guys plz tell me which part u guys want will send what u guys needed. @aalok 8320 is for u plz PM ur postal address .....
  4. Hi guys i have the mobile parts : 1. HTC touch pro 2 :- only problem ( PATTA kat gaya hai ). 2. Nokia 6600 ( DISPLAY is not working ). 3. BB 8320 ( GSM ) keypad not working.
  5. MNP Experience

    As u must be wondering with the topic title GUNDA RAJ , but i must say this is best suitable title i might come up and after telling u all the Case detail u might also feel this is the best suitable title for the topic . I'm from haryana and i have 3 post paid haryana circle CDMA connection last month i decided to convert 1 of my connection from postpaid to prepaid .. I didn't know that migration is such a big deal ,, i went to Reliance Web world and talk the reliance executive that can u please take my request of migration. she said " Sir we can not do that from here please call customer care *222 / 198 " . I felt that's wearied but i thought might be she didn't knew " bez maximum times these new girl are not trained properly and she might didn't knew how to do it " So i made call to customer care after holding for 30 minutes i got a chance to talk to customer care the guy said ok after talking to him for 20 min then they said " Sir please go to your nearest Reliance Webworld and ask them for Migration form from POSTPAID to PREPAID and pay all the pending dues" Then I again went to WW are asked them for the 1st she said she have no idea what i am asking for ... again after talking she said ok and she gave me a Print out i filled up the form and told her to give me a reciving of the application she said " Sir sorry i can not receive this request " . I was pissed I said what the hell , then she said " SIr aap Jo marji ker loo aap ka no pre paid me nahi hoga " ... i told she give me in the written then also she said no .. i don't know what is going on .. It's been a month but still no she not be shifted so in last i decided to PORT out ....
  6. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    Few Updates regarding Inc 2 with OMH : 1. after flashing the chinese rom give by Hetal ji , mobile is now SIM supportable .. Now some how my mobile is getting EVDO over SIM without putting any CDMA APN and Even GSM 3G also working when i put GSM but u have to put APN . Now let me explain what i did .. 1. Flashed the ROM given by Hetal ji that made mobile SIM enable . 2. i was having issues with chinese rom look was not good and there was no Market in it .. 3. So what i did installed another ROM without wiping data folder. 4. now mobile is SIM enable due u the radio in built in the chinese rom . 5. I have evdo activated on my no ,, and now getting EVDO via SIM ... weapon-X
  7. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    @ hetal ji , SIr after upgrading i m facing the following issues .. 1. My clockrecovery mode is not working , but i manager to get my old rom back .. 2. Now CDMA mode not working i am not able to make any call even *228 not working , DATA is not working , i thought my prl is screwed and again upload it still not able to make *228 ... please help me out ...
  8. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    Super Job sir ,,,, Now i can have Ultimate fun on my DINC 2 ...... thanks....
  9. i have unlocked my Droid Incredible 2 , with this will take some time if , u can wait let me know ... but unlocking if for 100% sure and safe ... Contact me @ 999-2-666-333
  10. Weird Issue With HTC Touch Pro 2

    @ kapilthio 1. yes even if i try to press the power button it doesn't come online ... 2. yes ear peice got the issue ... 3. As the phone is in sleep mode cant make any call .... so need to restart the phone via pulling the battery out ...
  11. Hi , guys i have Touch Pro 2 with me since last few days there is an issue with my mobile ........ 1. If display Goes off , i can get it back online with power button . 2. can hear any thing from speaker , have to switch to loud speaker or use hand free to hear the calls . 3. need to pull the battery out and then have to start it again .. I took the phone and checked it out with a local guy he said ... every thing is fixed on single ( PATTA ) , i have to get it replaced .... is this really the issue plz help out .... if u guys know any gud mechanic plz share ... thanks in advance . Mohit
  12. Using 2-Way Walkie Talkie In India

    i can suggest a trick .. what u can u do is buy 2 portable Hand handles i.e VR-3X they are pretty cheap and gud .. its can u be used on ham radios so u don't need license to buy them and u can use 123.45 frequency its world wide frequency used by pilots to talk to each other and if ur using in u premises just don't tell anyone there should be np .. If u want to get license to use that you have to go to WPC wing in New Delhi , u have to pass oral and written exam if they haven't changed the rules .. other wise they will tell u in detail ...
  13. HI, I m a Web designer , im running my own forum and a designing , hosting firm too name Dial 4 Solution (www.dial4solution.com). I can design a website for. please PM me ur complete requirement , will get in touch with u with a quote , if ur interested . u can go through with our client list for our review . Mohit