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  1. Y'day, I have recharged your Tata Docomo mobile and PMed the details. Thanks Again.
  2. Received 4 sets of iPhone 4S Front & Rear screen guard.. Thanks a lot. Please PM your prepaid mobile account number so that I can cover your shipping costs!
  3. Hi Have you couriered the items? As I started using my 4S without cover, Pls. let me know the dispatch status ASAP, . Thanks S V Pathy Chennai
  4. Hi I sent you a PM for one set of iPhone 4 / 4S front back Screen guard. Pls. consider. Thanks & Best Regards S V Pathy Chennai

    Dear Mr. Hitesh S V Pathy Chennai

    Dear Mr. Guru Gopal Many many Happy Returns of the day! With Best wishes S V Pathy Chennai

    Dear Mr. Varun Patel With Best Wishes S V Pathy Chennai

    Surprising to note that the last posting under this topic is 7th December 2014. No one's birthday has been greeted after that Are we so busy or we don't spend time - like how we were active in this Forum earlier or the moderator has not approved any postings in this topic ? ? ? Let us analyse ourselves. PS: Today is my Birthday . . . @genius I missed your Birthday Gift Picture
  9. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    MTS Mblaze Ultra WiFi offer Postpaid Rs.550/- for 5GB UL Day & 5GB UL Night) assured upto 9MBPS (Chennai) is tempting. Is it worth to invest for a new modem @ Rs.1,199/- and go for this plan? (I already have MTS GSM unlocked dongle). Pls. give your opinion ASAP.
  10. OnePlus invites

    Thanks @varkey for sharing an invite. Pls note, Ordered for my relative and currently don't require any more invite.
  11. OnePlus invites

    Hi Pls send me an invite. (earlier invite received was an used / expired one) Will appreciate a quick response today 1/2015 Thanks SV Pathy Chennai
  12. OnePlus invites

    ^ Hi Can you pls spare one Invite. Thanks SV Pathy Chennai
  13. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    ^ Thanks Giving Sale?
  14. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    @ Genius Photo is tempting more than the EBay Deal