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  1. RCOM 4g was POSTPAID or PREPAID? and now u have done to JIO POSTPAID?
  2. MY frnd Is A Big Distributor Of JIO... He Is Providing Me MNP Sims.. But The Problem is His Office is in Kandivli (Mumbai) Around 120 kms (Return) From My Place... Only he is having that sims... some from kandivli or mumbai can collect
  3. Sir. Kindly Do Ours also if u know them
  4. im sure here in our rimweb family. some members have power to do mnp to jio... must start a topic regarding help for mnp in jio for rim web members
  5. My Friend Is A TOP Distributor Of JIO in Mumbai... He Says Even Top JIO Distributors are Yet not Provided The Blank Sim (Blue) one.... This Seems That Team JIO is Yet Not Concentrating On MNP.. May be January is the Right Time For Them....
  6. yes you are right Brother. even i went To Reliance Digital in Ulhasnagar (nr.Kalyan). The Guys At R.Digital Are Having 0 knowledge of Porting.. They Say Yet Company has not issue any guidelines on Porting and they are Busy in collection Application forms for PREPAID JIO one distributor of jio told me that one black blue sim of jio will do. but they are out of stock right now.... any Rimweb family member from mumbai can help me in porting...
  7. Hi Friends, How are u all.. hope in fyn.. im starting this post regarding MNP to JIO 4g. as i know All of us are waiting for MNP to jio.... guys share your views, experience or any other news / Information regarding MNP to jio... i have Reliance GSM Postpaid and Airtel Postpaid.. RIMWEB gurus Kindly share tricks or ideas to Get Ported To MNP...
  8. im having YU YUREKA 4G LTE... what is the trick to get JIO SIM and Get All Services Smoothly with unlimited offer on YU YUREKA ???
  9. My number is in Mumbai circle.. Upgraded to 4G buy data is not working... I'm in Delhi. Need data services .. Now what's the procedure.....
  10. @Shahab Bhai - The Wallet is Great.. +100 for fast courier... hope to get more offers from hidekraft
  11. @shahab Bhai - Thanxxxxx alot .. ordered 1... using ur brands wallet.... its superb and customer care service is A+ ... superb
  12. @shahab bhai... i order 1 but still i didnt recieved my product.. mail id - ayaz_sayyad@yahoo.co.in
  13. Free Swastik Neem Soap Swastik Neem with skin conditioners has healing properites that disinfect, prevent bacteria and are antiseptic; which make skin soft and smooth. Offer: SMS <Your Name> <Your Email> <Your Address> <Your Age> To +919425366444 For People Who Don't Want Too Waste Their Mobile Balance Just Mail Us Your Detail at swastiksoaps@in.com <Your Name><Your Email><Your Address><Your Age> No charges All Over India....... FACEBOOK PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/SwastikSoap