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  1. Samsung Galaxy S3

    Me too..!!!
  2. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Thanks Arun Bhai for this great forum. Meanwhile please share your motivation/idea for starting a forum on CDMA technology.
  3. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    @dkaile Thanks.. So which diesel car you will suggest for me. (My daily running is around 50 KM) My budget is 6 Lacks. Thanks in advance.
  4. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Hello All... Planning to buy Grand Punto Diesel (Emotion) any suggestion.. Thanks..
  5. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    Anyone using 32GB card with EVO 3D?? I am planing to buy.. Need suggestion. Thanks Sameer
  6. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    I am interested in Back Cover, if in good condition. Please quote price. Thanks
  7. Palm Pixi + Touchscreen Stopped Working

    ^^^ http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/31965-interest-check-palm-pixi-palm-pixi-plus-digitizer/
  8. Any good deal for 32GB Micro SD Card.. Need for my HTC EVO 3D. Also need Palm Pixi Plus Back Cover.. Any Deal.. Thanks Sameer
  9. HTC EVO 3D (GSM) Launched in India

    Its now available on www.letsbuy.com Price is Rs. 34,125.00 (Rs. 32,925.00 after icicilb discount coupon code) http://www.letsbuy.c...-evo-3d-p-23281
  10. samir ji windows xp is no longer getting support and updates from Microsoft.. if there is not any specific reason to going for xp, you should buy windows 7. as you r from delhi, here a rates from nehru place (cost to cost) for different versions of windows 7. WINDOW 7 HOME BASIC (32) 3700 WINDOW 7 HOME PREMIUM (64) 5500 WINDOW 7 PROFESSIONAL (64) 6750 WINDOW 7 ULTIMATE (32) 8700 WINDOW 7 ULTIMATE (64) 9100 MS OFFICE 2010 H&S (3 USER) 2400 WINDOW 7 PROFESSIONAL (32) 6550 WINDOW 7 HOME BASIC (64) 3900 WINDOW 7 STARTER 1850 WINDOW 7 HOME PREMIUM (32) 4900 Thanks for reply. But i want XP because of DOS Programs. My accounting software (WYSEACC,DOS BASED) not run in WIN7.
  11. Need Original Windows XP Home basic or Professional. Any good deal online???
  12. Buy a Toshiba Satellite C Series Laptop C600-P4011 from www.letsbuy.com Price Rs.15,800.00 (After icicilb discount)
  13. Thanks for the link. Purchase Back Cover for Pixi plus For Rs.744.05 (US$ 16.33 including shipping) Meanwhile how many days its takes to deliver in India??? Thanks again. Regards Sameer
  14. Dear Members, Is there any Discount voucher for Home Shop 18. I want to purchase Back Cover for my Palm Pixi Plus. Link for website http://www.homeshop18.com/palm-pixi-touchstone-cover-cover-imported/electronics/audio-video-players/product:16088639/cid:3231/ Regards Sameer
  15. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    Good price Tanveer bhai.. Which Showroom???? I think onroad price of i10 magna (1.2) is approx 4.50-4.60 Lacs
  16. Nokia 1508/1508i Cdma ?

    I recently visit www.nokia.co.in and see a new CDMA handset addition on the site. (Nokia 1508/1508i) But no information of this set on reliance or tata website. http://www.nokia.co.in/find-products/products/nokia-1508-1508i/specifications
  17. Htc Evo Shift 4G

    Source http://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=1758 http://www.sprint.com/shift Additional key features include: •HD Video Recording •Wi-Fi® •Sprint Mobile Hotspot (supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices) •Android Market™ with access to more than 100,000 apps •Messaging – Personal and business e-mail, IM and text messaging •Social Networking Integration – Facebook®, Twitter™, Flickr® and more •Visual Voicemail •Google™ Mobile Services, including YouTube™, Gmail™, Google Talk™, Google Voice™ and Google Maps™ •GPS Navigation •Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology •microSD slot (supporting up to 32GB memory card)
  18. Nokia 1508/1508i Cdma ?

    This Phone is now easily available in Delhi's Web World. Price is Rs.2600/-
  19. Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day...
  20. Congratulations Sadikk Bhai... My suggestion : Go to Queen of Hills "Darjeeling" & Gangtok.
  21. Sprint Htc Touch Pro - Problems & Solutions

    How to set "Auto close connection" ????
  22. Ebay Now Allows You To Buy Items Directly From Usa

    Or through Sadikk Bhai....!!!!
  23. Java Apps

    Download java platform for windows mobile to run java Programs. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=18982 Post No.4 For Setting up themes... First download all your themes file in to "My Documents" on your device. Goto Start-->Settings-->Personal-->Today and selects your theme and press ok.
  24. Sudden Problem In Mogul

    I face same problem last month. Hard Reset my mogul then working fine. For Hard Reset pls read this topic and follow the instructions. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=15023