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  1. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    There is NOTHING called "Safer Side" in ChoRCom... Cheating is in their DNA. Even after the crediting of amount in their a/c - either by Cheque or online services, they will still say, "SORRY, Nobody is there to update our system, as we have already informed that 30th Nov is last date for our staff". They are called ChoRCom, NOT without a reason. All we can do is, just pray to GOD that RCom will let the number to port out to other network.
  2. Hmmm... Looks like, it's better not to activate IR in Jio, even if it's our primary number. Your case looks like, Jio has downgraded your sim services from volte to non volte one. Try the sim in non volte 4G phone like Lenovo A6000 and try activating voice via jio4gvoice app, till the problem resolves as it's your primary number.
  3. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    So ChoRCom misbehaves even during their last breath.
  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    The UPC code for MNP is valid till 31st Dec. So no need to panic @nitink
  5. How to Increase Reliance Jio's Speed

    The answer is BOTH Yes and No.. Theoretically RN4 supports 2CA (as its using SD625). But xiaomi has DISABLED it using their software in RN4, may be to cut patent costs.
  6. So Idea's software system is also fu(ked up like JIO, then...
  7. In Jio at least, you can queue up your recharges for long term benefit. In AVoId, you need their permission to get the same offer and that too only after end of validity of current plan. One recharge over other will remove the benefit of first recharge. Prices are only going to be uphill in coming days, though not steep enough to worry, imho.
  8. As I have been saying for long time, Jio's software system is totally fu(ked up. Yesterday myJio app showed 16 vouchers of Rs50 in one of my Jio number. Today it's showing just 8 only. I have screenshots to confirm them.
  9. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    May be since Jio is not concentrating on customers with arpu less than 100Rs, senior Ambani may find that effort not worthy. Else it's just a child's play for him. He is trying his level best to get minimum arpu of Rs150 (from Rs0 of free services) now as Rs459 for 84 days and increase it to Rs300 in coming days. So giving free phones literally for RCom 2g users with arpu well below Rs100 will make the already uphill task to near impossible, imho.
  10. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    There is a reason, why RCom is always known as ChoRCom.. Chotta Ambani is a Chotta Mallya --->>> HERE...
  11. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Looks like exit path for RCom is also not smooth.. LINK. RCom's strategic debt restructuring may hit a road block.ET's reported that its lenders are sparring over the treatment of loans given by group entities to the embattled carrier.The report added that two of the 27 banks in the consortium have declined Rcom's proposal to give priority status to loans taken from group companies while the rest of the banks will give their decision in the next meeting.Many of the lenders are averse to do so because that would put them at a lower standing in terms of claims in a company that is not generating sufficient cash to meet its interest payment obligations.
  12. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @commonman use recharge info apps like ireff from play store or go to near by small common retail stores, not the big exclusive Vodafone stores.
  13. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    FRC or First Recharge Coupon is must for most GSM operators. But Rs177 is NOT a must. There are many FRCs in small denomination for light users.
  14. [1] The Logic is FREEDOM to use data at our will. One can use 20GB or more data on 90th day using 999 plan, but NOT in 499 plan. [2] In 999, the chance of getting data wasted in almost nil. Suppose someone use less data during weekdays and use lots of data on weekends. For them daily 1GB plans have heavy wastage during weekdays and have to use COSTLY boosters (Rs301 = 10GB) during weekends. For them 999 plan makes sense. [3] Further daily 1GB plans are the main reasons for daily data addiction. Almost everyone wants full paisa vasool and hence feels bad when most part of their 1GB data goes waste and so use youtube or others even though when there is no need. [4] The speed (128kbps earlier) after daily FUP sux, which is further reduced to 64kbps by Jio now. [5] Jio is badly in need of 999 plan users to beef up their ARPU. The ARPU of 999 with 90 days validity is Rs333 (it was Rs499.50 during 60 days validity times), whereas for Rs499, ARPU is less than Rs165. If there is NO takers for Rs999 type plans, then even Mota Bhai will become Chota Bhai, if you know what I mean... I am NOT saying daily 1GB plans are pointless. It is suitable for almost 95% of the mobile data users. But still there is a niche for bulk data and / or data with NO daily limits. For example, after using around 500MB of data (for Google Play Music, Dropbox, Google Photos Sync, video song download using TubeMate), I got notification on my Samsung C9 PRO that an update of size 1408MB is waiting (Android 7.1.1). If I was using daily 1GB data, then I have to look for WiFi or recharge booster or plan during midnight (to use today's 500MB and tomorrow's 1GB). Since I am using 999 plan, I need NOT worry about anything and straight away started downloading. Simply put, different people, different needs and hence different plans.
  15. Actually I have done one Rs999 recharge (60GB for 90 days) on 9th Nov itself. Obviously I didn't get the Rs400 (or Rs50x8) vouchers at that time. But when I woke up on 10th Nov morning, Rs50x8 vouchers are waiting in myJio app, along with one 15GB booster pack. Actually I am clearly NOT AT ALL eligible for the CashBack offer, as per.their T&C (CB offer for recharges done from 10th Nov only). Looks like Jio has decided NOT to disappoint high recharge users at ANY cost. Good going Jio. I am really impressed.
  16. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Well, there is time frame till 31st Dec. But RCom has started switching off most of its towers even in big cities like Nagpur for last two days. What is the use of staying in 2 months without network? So instead of waiting and watching, its better to port asap. But the most pitiful customers are the MTS users, who can't use rival operator's network to get port code like RCom 2G users.
  17. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    It is better for MTS users to port out as soon as possible. At least RCom 2G users got the chance of using Rival operator's network to get port code, even if RCom 2G was closed. But MTS users have no such opportunity. They anyway have to buy 4G handset to use RCom 4G, that too without voice services. Its better to port to some other operator, since RCom said, they are going to concentrate CORPORATE 4G DATA CARD POSTPAID services ONLY and not prepaid services.
  18. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    For those who have no rcom network or didn't get / missed port code, here is a solution. Same possible in aircel network as well, like I said earlier...
  19. Lets Ask Arun

    Yay... Tapatalk is working now for Rimweb... Thanks Arun ji... Of course replied via tapatalk... Sent from my Samsung C9 pro using Tapatalk
  20. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Just do one thing. Try selecting Aircel network manually. Then send the PORT message. There is a good chance you can get the port code. Tried and working here in TN 2 days back according to my friend. Reason is ChoRCom started blocking UPC message for long time to stop millions of customers escape from their evil Kingdom. Only way at that time was to call 198 or CC and get the code. But since many many months of payments are due for CC, that way is also closed now. Just give a try for this method and report back. Thanks.. That's the speciality of RCom. Incompetence at its best. They are the best example for "How NOT to do telecom business?". Even BSNL is better than them, imho.
  21. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Taking risk on a number which is more than ten years old and that too based on bluffs of ChoRCom is no less than playing a BlueWhale challenge game, imho. Just port out from them and retain that decade old number. RCom will say anything for controlling the dead rolling of their shares. Just remember that (1) They said good bye to their employees. (2) CC (Tech Mahindra) already said good bye to them (from Sep) due to non-payment of dues for years. (3) Even they said, 4G data card business to ENTERPRISE only, with no CustomerCare support, no Retail counters & no own network infra (using Jio's only). (4) They will continue that till profitable -- Why others should choose Rcom over Jio??? So I repeat, if your number is very important, just escape from RCom as early as possible, imho.
  22. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Very very TRUE. Vodafone never allow to port out their postpaid customers. My friend is having Corp postpaid connections for 4 years (ported from BSNL initially). Now after relocation of his office, Vodafone has voice clarity issues there and he is trying for past 6 months, but that modern East India Co has been denying port out without giving a reason. Now this month, we are going to complaint them on pgportal. Airtel is 10000 times better in this case. Idea is a joker network and has NOT so good network in Delhi, even with 900MHz 3G, due to very very less fiber connected towers. Hell, even Airtel has sh!tty network, which was rectified only after they have add second carrier of 3G (DC-HSPA+ of 10MHz on band 1 2100MHz) there. Airtel (for 3G handset users) or Jio (VoLTE) is better option in Delhi, imho. But Jio data speed differs from place to place there, so please check it initially, without fail.
  23. MyJio App

    That switch account button is new, but the feature was available for long time. I have linked 7 jio numbers in a single account. Earlier there will a drop down list box style button near the number to switch to other numbers or to see the details of other numbers' validity / data usage etc, to be precise. Now they have straight away given the button. The most useful new addition is the detail of "LAST device used", immediately under the button. Wow, now I need not check what number is in which device by making a call. I appreciate Jio's efforts in improving UI of MyJio app.
  24. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    What else you want to know, when they clearly said they are going to focus on 4G data card business (that too for enterprise only) ONLY and for their employees 30th Nov is the last day of salary? NO voice services from 1st Dec. Even they have switched off towers in many villages, even before Diwali, at least here in TN (Dhalavaipuram for eg). If you keep on waiting till 1st Dec, then you may watch your RCom number flying away in thin air. Exactly...Port out as soon as possible. ChoRCom usually blocks SMS received from porting server 1901. Earlier we can call 198 and get the port code, but now CC is also dead as ChoRCom didn't pay them for years. At least you can try sending port sms, if your RCom number is important. The problem is not wrt RCom. It is your number and you be the judge for its importance. If its NOT your main number and can let it go, you can wait and watch for sure. Even though 15th Nov is still a safe time for porting out, just Port away earlier if you get any chance.
  25. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @KAPILKDEV Port out to some other operator as early as possible, since those numbers are important to you. Actually RCom 2G/3G is closing on 30th Nov, but MTS closure is about 1st week of November, afaik. To change your number to RCom 4G, you first need to change the SIM for sure. But DO NOT fall for this trap, as you may be treated as new customer and may NOT jump to any operator for 3 months then. So instead change to some other GSM operator or Jio asap. Please remember your CDMA RUIM will NOT automatically / magically convert to 4G SIM. Your CDMA phone may become waste, if its locked. If you still want to use that phone (in case it is unlocked), your only option is BSNL CDMA. Just escape as fast as you can from the sinking ship...