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  1. MyJio App

    I beg to disagree... Till it is NOT shown to us, ALL IS NOT WELL, even though its showing in their system correctly (which we can't be sure as this is the case for a long period). I wonder what kinda system they are using???
  2. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    It is NOT a rocket science bro.. Dog barks, lion roars, RCom cheats. There is a reason why they are called as ChoRCom.
  3. Wanna Cry Ransome Cyber Attack

    I am talking about the patch download link, where Win8 is present, but NOT for Win7.
  4. Reliance 4G Data Pack Offers

    @vicky2089 may be to cheat whenever they wish, by charging overages when any one pack got finished...
  5. Wanna Cry Ransome Cyber Attack

    I wonder why Windows 7, one of the most successful Windows is left out dry???
  6. With Vodafone SIM also in your phone (for 2G voice calls), you can safely port your number to Jio, than keeping it on MTS, imho. The data + Voice is never an issue in all VoLTE phones I have used.
  7. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Yes... Further if they bring Loyalty Bonus into the picture of DDD users, then many SuSu offer users will become sad as well. And to compensate that, may be Jio will bring more validity or discount to SuSu offer customers as well. Jio is becoming a discount / offer network. From my experience, they have given the benefits of very higher value recharge customers (Rs999 or above till SuSu offer days with 100GB in 3 months benefit) almost immediately after 15th or 16th April. Later Rs499 SuSu offer guys (with 2GB per day) got their plans fixed. The Rs303 SuSu offer fixation was taking so much of time, that the 303 SuSu offer guys were shown HNY offer, even after 20April as well. With the so called ALL-IP DIGITAL network, Actually this should have happened automatically on 15th April night and NOT dragging for many days and that too gradually (or lazily). It should NOT be like a SINGLE human teacher with stick in hand, checking home-work of 10 crore students one by one, who are all standing in a line. I wonder what will be the goof-ups Jio is going to do in coming days...
  8. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

  9. Yet another AVoId style complicated offer from Jio -- what is that Rs2010/- and Rs1005/- worth data??? Why NOT they just say, so and so GB of extra data as free????
  10. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    My Jio number still shows just SuSu offer in MyPlans...
  11. How to Increase Reliance Jio's Speed

    I agree that Economic data with decent speed > High speed network. But there is still one more thing, that is much much more important. That is RELIABILITY. Reliability >> Economy > SPEED. In my case, speed of Jio is much greater than Airtel (both 3G as well as 4G). Plus Jio is much economical OBVIOUSLY, comparing Airtel. I always use JIO for Prime Videos, YouTube, Tubemate, etc. I have 3 Jio numbers (incl one JioFi2 pocket router connection) each with Prime Rs999 done already and hence with SuSu offer -- 100GB for 3 months with NO daily FUP. But for simple, yet important jobs like, tatkal train ticket booking, net banking, even e-commerce (for cc transactions), I will use Airtel (even its 3G DC-HSPA+ is much reliable). Just few days back, I was applying for passport for my relative online, using JioFi2. The net disconnects frequently and I got irritated, that I have to use my Airtel's 3G connection (with hotspot) to get the job done without any issues -- duration around 20 to 25 minutes. I got calls in between as well. Jio is NOT 100% reliable. At first glance, everything looks great, right?? Great 23+ Mbps DL speed, 6+Mbps UL speed, just 50+ milli-second ping. Wonderful. But Just take note of two more things there, JITTER and SINR. Here Jitter is 150% of PING, WTF? For a data network with just 50ms ping, jitter is expected to hover in single digit of milli-sec only (worst case <20ms). Jitter shows abrupt change of latency (Not exactly, but something like that). Thank God, there is at least NO packet loss. The second point is BAD SINR -- Signal to Noise Ratio. In Airtel, I have seen SINR @ 26dbm max and worse case it is >10 dbm. In Jio, I have seen even neg SINR values. This shows, still a hell lot of optimization needs to be done on their towers / equipments. The reason I think is THE FREELOADERS. Even now, I know so many people who has NOT even done Rs99 prime recharge, enjoying 4G data (MyJio shows valid till 21 July -- WTF???) without any issues. Jio is THE modern day RobinHood of wireless data, who get money from paid customers and serve the FREELOADERS. I am very very thankful to Jio, as they are the real reasons, we are getting affordable data tariffs. I used to pay 2000+ Rs every month for my single number to Airtel -- all for 8GB data + 10,000 minutes of free calls incl roaming + CUG. But right now I am just paying them Rs649, but getting UnLimited calls + 19GB data per month. I am almost getting thrice the benefits for one-third of the price now, all thanks to Jio for bringing the much needed competition in Telecom sector. But wireless networks have limitations, (thanks to Physics) and by keeping on serving the FREE users will really hurt the experience for paid and loyal customers. I have even heard murmur of few users who have done Rs99+Rs303 recharge and they may NOT recharge after August, if freeloaders get free service till July (as per their myJio app). Jio must NOT forget that for MOST of their PAID customers, Jio is still SECONDARY sim only.
  12. AIRCOM ?

    That is why I don't have much hope on ChoRCom. ChoRCom 2G's voice call quality is very very horrible, that even the pathetic BSNL's 2G voice calls are much better. Reg coverage, ChoRCom's 2G GSM was a very very BAD joke. I agree that Jio is NOT a threat to ChoRCom's 2G voice business. They are already giving dirt cheap 2G voice calls for years. But NOW they are NOT alone. Even BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have started giving better voice plans (NOT DATA) to their 2G / 3G users. They have better coverage and great voice call clarity as well. Among Telcos, Whoever may be the loser, at last customers are going to be the winners.
  13. AIRCOM ?

    I think, what @SUDYEcaZ said is 100% correct. Everybody here in Rimweb knows about ChorCom. It has already lost 2G-GSM license in RoWB, Assam, NE, Orissa and from Sep this year Gujarat as well. Till now, they have survived using the CDMA spectrum and fibre + tower infra, both of which are brain-child of MDA era and ChoRCom did almost nothing after MDA left RIM / CDMA Reliance. Now we all know that most of those CDMA spectrum (75% sold to MDA after liberalisation for 4G LTE) and fibre + tower infra (51%) are sold out. Already their most high end customers moved away to AVoId and Jio, mainly due to the way they handled the CDMA to 4G transition. So let us see the one in other tent, the Aircel. Our TN is the strongest circle of Aircel and even here in my home town, I am seeing hundreds of port outs from Aircel to Airtel or Vodafone or Jio every week. So NO points for guessing the situations in their other circles. Aircel always used to be lazybones when it comes to spectrum utilisation, ask the people in Kerala, where it has 3G license, but almost NO 3G coverage, except in few TN border cities. They have scaled down to almost ZERO in circles like Gujarat, Haryana, MP+CG, UP(W), Kerala and they are LAST in AP, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Karnataka, Punjab as well. Here the beauty is, among these circles, Aircel has 3G spectrum in Kerala, AP, Karnataka, Punjab. They are just wasting their precious spectrum. The survival situation of Aircel and ChoRCom combo is like brand new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie. But here, instead of Great action Hero(s), the starrers are STUPID + CRAZY + LAZY + GOOD FOR NOTHING comedians.
  14. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Very TRUE, sadly...
  15. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Well, itz these goof-ups and apathy, many people are NOT ready to use Jio as their primary operator..
  16. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Yes, Most probably.. They have to INSERT the SuSu offer before all the other PAID recharges, immediately after the end of HNY offer. So they have stopped / hide / removed the paid recharges (and add SuSu offer there) so that paid recharges DO NOT get started on 16th April 2017. Really makes sense, if that's the case. I have done Rs99 prime + 13 times PRIME Rs149 recharge for my wife's Jio number before 30 March 2017. Later on first week of April, to get Summer Surprise offer, I had done Rs999 recharge on that number as well. Now MyJio is showing 100GB FREE till 15-July-2017. So far, so Good. Another thing to note is, still I am getting daily 1GB on that number (apart from the 100GB without daily limit) as well. Heard that even those who didn't recharge till now are enjoying 1GB per day even today. Too weird, FREELOADERS are ready to leave Jio, but Jio is NOT ready to leave FREELOADERS..
  17. Vodafone Idea Merger

    The modern East India Co is trying its level best to milk their 2G/3G only users. But it may back-fire them, as told by @LTE4G above...
  18. Looks like Jio wants users to avoid their LYF handsets and go for others (Vivo here). I like their honesty here..
  19. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    @LTE4G I doubt FreeLoaders will NOT recharge. Because they have NO-WHERE to go, except Jio. They will atleast do Rs99+Rs303 to get 4 Months of continued FREE 1GB per day usage. I think, they may even go for Rs99+Rs499 to get 2GB per day for 4 months. Because they got used to free data for 7 months and other operators' offers are nowhere near Jio's offerings. So we have to wait and see...
  20. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    @LTE4G you are right. But my doubt is whether that 100GB will be usable in future? With many people going for 499Rs recharge now (to get 2GB/day benefit) and 3 months of DOUBLE LOAD THAN NOW, I am NOT really confident now. Let us wait and watch.
  21. Jio DTH / IPTV

    Well, someone like Jio, who throws cat among pigeons is much needed in the DTH sector...
  22. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Very TRUE...
  23. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Good to see, I am not alone. Further due to the Rs339 (2GB 3G data + UnLimited onnet + 25 offnet minutes per day for 28 days) of BSNL and Rs349 (1GB per day + Unlimited LIKE calls) offer by AVoId group, even BSNL and AVoId network is pathetic nowadays. Good competition gives good network to all, but killing competition ultimately kill choices for customers.
  24. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Well, to be frank, I am NOT really happy with the Summer SURPRISE and am sure I will be in the minority now. I was planning to port out my secondary number + all of my corporate connections to Jio, except my main number. But we have to wait for minimum 4 months for the speed to come back to normal. I was very happy about Jio's digital revolution in India, where thugs like Airtel are trying their level best to milk their customers (even now if given chance) by forming a CARTEL to sell data as luxury plus killing the net neutrality and what not. I was eagerly waiting for the paid services by Jio. I was expecting new exclusive Postpaid plans, new JioLink plans and even the introduction of VoLTE feature phones. But what happened on 31st March night was tragedy, imho. Well, I can understand the need of the 15 day extension for Prime enrollment, due to last day server fails, crowds in RD stores, etc. Well, it is bad to know that even many Indians do something as simple as 99Rs recharge, on the LAST day of deadline. But for Rs303 recharge and get 4 more months (3 free + one more for that 303) of FREE usage like NHY offer? It is as good as unlimted data + calls + SMS for Rs100 per month. So we have to bear with the 4 more months of pathetic speeds + bad voice calls. Jio is becoming a heaven for freeloaders and NOT for real customers ready to pay for good services. Now let us look from ANOTHER ANGLE:- Asking Rs256 to Rs296 for 1GB of data is outrageous + UnLimited Greed for sure, but all for FREE at just Rs100 per month is nothing short of predatory right?? All I want is Jio forcing the AVoId Thugs to wake up from slumber, connect their towers with Fiber instead of relying on useless microwave backhaul for reliable connections, treat customers the way they deserve, etc. But what Jio doing now is "KILLING / BLEEDING THE COMPETITION", which is NOT at all good in long term for customers, imho. So our earlier assumption about the earlier HNY is an excuse for correcting / testing their network is NOT true at last. Jio is like a very big Giant THUG beating the hell out of the old-bad-tiny THUGs of AVoId group. Well, how can we sure the Giant will NOT beat us next? Decades ago, RIL has done the same in PVC business. Who knows, may be even "MONSOON OFFER" is on the pipeline, after the end of so called "SUMMER OFFER", if Jio finds Competition has still some breath left out. ------------------- I am not sure, how many people will agree with my views. I have started having doubt on Jio's real intentions now.