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  1. Looks like, now there is NO need to generate BarCode for MNP from 4th December onwards... Good
  2. LYF FLAME 7 LS-4006 Stock ROM needed

    Have you tried asking the Service centre? Just say that the phone completely switched off suddenly one day and you don't know why / how? They will flash the stock ROM using special tools themselves for you. Worth a try, imho...
  3. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    I am not disappointed with Kejru. Because I have found out his true colours much earlier. sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  4. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Actually 5% of Indians pay income tax. After this demonetisation if it increases few %, it will bring huge difference to those tax payers. Second after demonetisation our money will not sleep in bad people's lockers. Rotation of money in market will bring huge difference. If bad people start hoarding 2000Rs note, then you know what will happen next. Actually 500Rs and NOT 1000Rs demonetisation caused inconvenience. So 2000Rs will never affect common man. Plastic money and wallet usage has increased significantly for small businesses and transactions. Rtgs neft usage increased for big transactions. Business people including me prefer 0 risk of carrying 0 money. But the real aim of demonetisation is blocking fake currencies from Pakistan support Daw00d. It itself is worthy of pain of we common people. Didi and Kejru cry like -- wolves crying that sheeps are suffering in rain. May be they're very much affected personally by demonetisation. Reg problems faced by common man as told by them, Didn't people get affected by odd even rule, but those temporary pain is expected for any good policy and so for demonetisation case. I am very happy... sent from my Samsung A9 pro using tapatalk
  5. AIRCOM ?

    That's why I used to say the expansion for RTN is Reliable Thou NAHI...
  6. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    No solution as that is the basic nature of the app. Simply put, jio 4g voice needs your phone to connected to jio data network to work. So obviously it will not work when you are connected to wifi sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  7. Great, at least one successful port in to Jio after commercial launch (I know about 2 success story before commercial launch though)
  8. If the SIM is working fine in other phones (Samsung / LYF), then Just sell the G4 play asap and get a new phone from Samsung / LYF. If Wind 4S is available, go for it. It comes with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage + microSD slot, 5" 720p display, 4000mAh battery for just Rs7499/-
  9. Looks like it's safe to assume that, to have no issues in volte, it's better to go for LYF and Samsung phones [heard similar issues in Xiaomi phones as well, though rarely]. sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  10. Jio Mobile

    Have you tried in other VoLTE phones ji? Heard such issues in MotoG 4th gen phones a lot...
  11. Jio Mobile

    Are you using Jio sim in second sim slot? Have you tried changing the sim slot for jio? Never had this issue in my vibe p1 sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  12. Jio Mobile

    Yes, that is a known issue for the pure-play 4G operator. What I will do is, whenever Jio is working, I use the other network sim as 2G for just voice calls and whenever there is some issue in Jio network, I will just disable Jio SIM in sim settings, which makes the other SIM as 3G / 4G data sim.
  13. Jio Mobile

    VoLTE calls contribute to negligible amount of data (in terms of Kbps -- For comparision sake if capacity of Normal 2g voice calls are about 16kbps and VoLTE calls are may be 4 - 8 times than that). With PoI issues, the number of VoLTE calls may be too less used. Video calls are different, but they are charged under regular data anyway.
  14. Jio Mobile

    Bro.. Just imagine that by now Jio is handling more than 4 times the combined load of Airtel + Vodafone + Idea and is ALIVE. Then what will be their capacity after the END of FREE offers? They will literally become an unbreakable network. Now its time for free-loaders to enjoy and so this equally affects the responsible people who use data for necessary things only. Once people have to pay, then the GOOD time for responsible customers will begin. There is no use in feeling that I am not even using 100MB per day, but network is bad. Because some people around us are stressing the network to the point that, even we are getting affected. Once the FREE offer ends, even if we use 20GB (after paying of course) a day, the network speed / experience will be great. Now I just wonder, how will be the condition of Jio network in November, when a couple more crores of customers (incl those freeloaders getting second or third sim to get 8 or 12GB per day) get added to the already fully loaded network.
  15. Jio Mobile

    That's due to IP v6. There was an article in RTN reg that. EDIT:- Btw, Thanks for the 1000+ reputation points (likes) friends..
  16. Jio Mobile

    Now its back to normal.. I mean more than NORMAL. Its now 32Mbps speed. So sure, they are rigorously testing their network to the limit. ALL IS WELL. Looks like they are just testing after how much data / how many days, they have to reset the server. Now Jio is carrying 16000TB per day (that is 4 times of Airtel + Vodafone + Idea combined usage), becoming the WORLD's largest network, even beating ChinaMobile. So this brings me a lot of hope, especially after STOPPING the free data usage in new year. After real commercial launch, this amount of load will NOT be there even if they give data at flat rate of Rs50 per GB. Dear JIO, I am waiting for the end of free data to all, to make a switch...
  17. Jio Mobile

    Now in my town, Jio 4G speed has reduced to 1.5Mbps @ max with 20% Packet Loss Jio connection nowadays is as good as useless. The guys at RDX Mini are as usual good for nothing and so bad that even Jio 4G speed (or lack of it) is better than them.
  18. Afaik jioFi 2 is the best mifi device ever released by jio. The first jioFi has so many issues that jio didn't bring them consumers [sold to their employees]. It didn't have band 5 support, very low speed and coverage, only good thing is good battery life. The latest jioFi issues are known now. Has bad coverage and speed, much more SAR value - so not advisable use in trouser pockets. jioFi 2 has all advantages like all bands support, compact size, great battery life, good coverage and better speed sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  19. Jio Mobile

    By now jio has got around 2 crore customers. But jio is aggressive to get 10 crore customers as early as possible. Even though the activation needs barcode, shop keepers have started to try random codes to get Rs200 to 500 amount per connection. So the 10 crore target can be reached easily. But what will be the condition of jio network when they achieved that target? sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  20. ChoRcom serves shocker bill

    Appellate authority of ChoRCom is obviously a Chor again...
  21. Yes.. This happens. But now with new MyJio app, I think Jio has some-what controlled that blunder. Now while generating code, they ask for aadhar number. Once you have given, nobody can use that code, except by you using finger-print scanner. But still I say its some-what ok king of solution, because if the code was already used (mainly the common shopkeeper culprits who tries various random numbers by changing last 3-4 digits from original code), then even this will NOT help much, imho...
  22. Ordering Google Pixel from USA

    Yes, Google Pixel phones cost a lot more here in India than in USA, due to taxes and duties. Since Google doesn't expect a big difference in sale (in India) if it keep the price at par with US', they have just added the taxes and duties and never compromise their margin, at least during the launch.
  23. To get MP CG sim, you need to goto MP CG circle. Even if you don't have any address proof in that circle, you can get some friends' proof [with permanent address in that circle] as local reference + your Mumbai address to get that MP CG sim. This is exactly what I have done. Enjoy sent from my Lenovo vibe P1 using Tapatalk
  24. Suggest good 4G postpaid plan

    So you think that, the thing (customer supremacy) they didn't realize in the past 15 years, but suddenly they are going to realize after sometime???
  25. The problem with MNP rejection is that, the BarCode we have generated while applying for port-in to Jio also gets wasted (will show redeemed) as well...