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  1. @all on the fake 1TB HDD hitlist, I too have received the silver coin (Maybe the silver also is fake ) today. The From address is as follwos: - BJ EPAY P.O. BOX No. 87348 TO KWA WAN POST OFFICE Hongkong Why is Paypal asking us to send it to Beijing when it is from Hongkong? (as per vickSs' post above) I have not yet reported to PayPal about the wrong item received. This constitutes fraud and I am exploring legal options also. (Not that it will matter because the sum involved is a paltry 1600 bucks only) My point is why should Paypal ask us to post it back to Beijing when it is fake (and that too at our cost) and also suffer some loss in the bargain. Anyway, folks what should we do now? The coin is 1.5 inch in diameter, one side has some chineeeeeese (maybe) words or letters on it and the other side has the following english words on the outer edge on the coin: - YUN-NAN PROVINCE 7 MACE AND 2 CANDAREENS Any idea what does the above mean?
  2. After reading all the above posts, I think we all can unite and pressurise PayPal to refund our full money. We had contracted for a HDD and we get a coin, so why should we be penalised for someone who is intent on frauding others? BTW, I did not get any post as yet - so what should I do - wait for the coin or write once again to PayPal? I notice Dkaile and maybe Rajan Mehta also seems to have not received any coin, like me...
  3. What was the coin for? Now don't tell us that the coin will hold 1TB data..... After all chineeeeeeeese hain bhai log!!!! Everything can be miniaturised!!!!
  4. Much like you can call some TF numbers only from BSNL/MTNL, the above number can be called only from Airtel or is it callable from any network? However from my RCDMA, it went through. Not too sure about the logic, try complaining to MTS CC on 198.
  5. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Precisely what RCOM has been doing for the last 8 years. Since they are unable to confuse the customers, why not confound them with a range of idiotic plans which even their own CC or even their own technical teams cannot understand. Perhaps only ADA and TAA can understand as they have 'unlimited powers' for everything in R-ADAG.
  6. @Rajanmehta, Welcome to the all new RCOM, where you have to threaten them with complaints to the GoI. Only then, they will take action. This is indeed bad and also very sad state of affairs at RCOM. I think we have lost the old reliable RCOM to a new very mean and selfish RCOM where the only way of increasing ARPUs is by cheating, cheating and more cheating. Anyway, congrats to you on getting the refund finally. You showed utmost patience with them and got your refund finally, although you had to take the GoI's help. +1 to you for the finer details and superb chronology of events in your post.
  7. Very true indeed and with almost all the ex AirHell guys out there, what more can one expect? - other than fake activations by the lakhs if not millions?
  8. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Signed #47
  9. Social Responsibility

    @dipanlahiri, Superb Initiative, keep it up.... +1
  10. @rajanmehta, Login with your Username that was on the email you received from them and ask for lost password. You will be able to get the new PW. I forgot my PW for this deal and they sent me the email containing the new PW instantly. Hope this will help you.
  11. I too received the same email from eBay yesterday and today, I have just filed a claim under Resolution Center as done by all others here. Now lets wait and see what happens next. Will it take PayPal 30 days to settle this claim? And then the money will be credited to PayPal Account from where we have to re-transfer it to our credit card account? What about Foreign Exchange fluctuations? That the amount is only Rs 1500+ is a different matter. Why I am raising this issue is, how can eBay allow such fraudulent activities and why should they use our money for 30 days or more freely and make us suffer FE Losses as well for no fault of ours. Ideally they should refund us our money immediately and also ensure that we do not suffer any losses due to FE fluctuations.
  12. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    Very Very Sweet talking by RCOM, nevertheless good offers for you. Go for it if you were happy with them earlier. However if you do indeed have any issues like network, tariffs etc etc, you should thrash them out to your entire satisfaction with the email ID provided in the win back letter. I would say, its a good initiative from RCOM sending out such letters to old customers who left them. But is it not a case of "Bolting the stables after the Horses have already run"? Anyway, better late than never. Hope they are able to retain (or should it be con you once again) you.
  13. Me2 got my 2nd (booked with the guest email ID) 8GB just now, but no news of the 1st (booked with my login email ID) 8GB as yet. Surprising. @rbdhoot, inserted in my mobile and it reads 7569 MB, not yet tested for transfers to and fro. But packing was very good, looks original Verbatim micro SDHC Card 8GB, Class 4. MRP Rs 2000 and 1 yr warranty with Verbatim Delhi address given. Looks like a very good deal, thanks to Rajan Mehta. BTW, whats Class 4 speeds like?
  14. Port Back Offers/Plans For Coming Back To Reliance GSM

    No email attached?
  15. Non SMS Stuff

    @ RM, Really good one... +1 to you...
  16. exactly, yeh hain India, meri jaan, sub chalta hain yahan....
  17. Most of the sellers on Ebay (India or worldwide) are **** scared of negative or even neutral feedbacks... I once got a full refund from a Chinese seller (Hong Kong based) for a charger and battery combo pack which turned out to be fake. The charger blasted on connecting to the power supply. I contacted the seller and he begged and pleaded me not to give any negative feedback. Since he had not sent any of his address details, there was no question of returning back the goods to him. He refunded my Paypal account immediately. The batteries however were good. I am still using them. I tried contacting the seller, but there was no no further reply from him. Let us all hope that this seller also is **** scared of negative/neutral feedbacks and in case of product deficiencies, he refunds us the entire money .
  18. Switching To Reliance GSM from CDMA

    @kunal, They may be thinking of switching off CDMA some time down the line.
  19. You could use guest login with different E-Mail I.D. Done that and ordered yet another.
  20. @ rajan, me2 bought, could not let go this... Wanted a couple more, my account says you have already used this code. Guess will have to register with another ID.
  21. ABC Keypad Vs QWERTY

    I also feel that a Qwerty is better than the multi tap ABC. This is because you know where a particular letter is, that is , if you are an avid computer keyboard user. No comments about Swype as yet.