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  1. the dumb Americans who provide these meaningless patents(rectangle with rounded edges) are to be blamed...
  2. Is it possible to transfer a number from a Netconnect+ card to an RUIM card?? I`ve unlocked my ZTE AC 2737 that came with Reliance and can now use it with RUIM but the pre programmed number in that card is not working now.. so, i`m thinking if i cud say to reliance that my data card got lost and ask them for an ruim card for the same number, i can use that also .. PS: I have backed up the NV,NAM Settings before unlocking and tried restoring it.. but now it picks up reliance signal(PRL Ok) but when i try to dial #777 it dials for a long time and then, gives error 628 remote comp dint respond???
  3. @aalok, i`m asking not only for 2737 bro. i`m asking in general.. for proper functioning of an evdo card, what all parameters are needed?
  4. Oh that may be possible with 2766 but with 2737, it was not possible to use the old(reliance) dashboard with the modem after unlocking.. @aalok and the other experts here, pls tell me what all needed for proper programming of a cdma mode.. are NV,NAM enough?? or am i missing anything?
  5. One more thing @aalok, what dashboard are you using now?
  6. S,I changed it to RUIM If available.. But even then the NetConnect+ is Not working???
  7. One doubt: Can we activate any number of 10 rupees packs per day??
  8. Airtel Launches 4G LTE Broadband

    Saw this funny comment somewhere about fup in airtel 4g. Airtel's caption is "don't just browse...fly". It's true that you fly for 2 kilometres and then crash down and crawl with your broken leg .. Lolz..
  9. @coolkushi, thanks bro.. Dunno if they provide international warranty as i'm buying it in singapore.. besides i just wanted to know if i can depend on acer. That's why asked opinion here.. Thanks neway..
  10. Thanks bro, not able to 1 as now i'm in mobile.. Btw, can i refill the cartridge after empty? I was looking at buying Dell v515w from singapore for around 90$(rs.3600).. But, i think i got 2 hurdles.. 1.cartridge not refillable(dunno if i'm correct) 2.no dell printer support available in india(same as above) if the above problems are not there, i'll go for dell as it seems to be cheaper.. Pls give your opinion on this.. One more thing, i'm gonna buy a laptop from singapore.. Got my choices narrowed down to 1. Dell inspiron 15r (i7, 6gb ddr3, 1 tb, nVidia GeForce GT525M@1GB, 15"led) for 1299$ 2.Acer AS5755G (i7, 8gb ddr3, 750 gb, nVidia GeForce GT630M@1GB, 15"led) 3.hp dv6 (similar config to above i think) which one shall i go for? Or if you wanna suggest a different one, pls go on. Sorry for asking so many questions..
  11. @rajan bro, i'm looking to buy a printer.. Pls suggest one for me.. I would like to go for all in one type(with scanner, copier func and with wifi and photo printing.). Budget around 5000(dunno if the above funcs will come under it. If not pls raise or lower the budg)..
  12. New Online Reservation Website For Indian Railways

    @tanveer, 1.Yes, they are different 2.Yes, you'll get automaticrefund.. 3.I think rs.20'll be deducted and the remaining amount'll be refunded..
  13. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    Bro, there is no such tp space problem with airtel.. the reason y they removed the channels as they are less watched... that`s all.. Regarding AQ, i cant comment as i`m satisfied with it and i havn`t experiencd TATA.. saket bhai these packages u have mentioned are in tata or airtel? They are tata...
  14. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    Arun Bro, They have released the 402 version only for HD users not the HDDVR users.. I`m now having 401 which is quite good.. If that`ll be ur reason u can surely shift... more channels with better quality surely in airtel Though you hav a sd tv now, if you wanna be future proof, u may go for hddvr imho...
  15. Help for selecting best HD DVR DTH service

    @dheepak, now would be a correct time for you to move to airtel.. It has the most number of hd channels of all the operators and it has more tp space also.. So, no worries about new channels addition(although airtel is somewhat slow in that aspect).. PQ And AQ are great in airtel much much better than tata..only bad thing is customer care. But you can sort problems out by tweeting to @airtel_presence .. They've solved a lot of my problems .. If you want clarification about any specific issue, ask here. I'll try to clarify.. A very happy Airtel HDDVR Customer...
  16. You can use adblock to counter that right?
  17. [Debate] Is Apple The Best?

    Apple has innovated... Agreed.. That's why they tend to keep premium prices on their goods... But then,they can't be quoted anywhere near the word 'best'... Not able to customise a lot of things, having to use their prop software for syncing etc means a Big 'NO' for many people like me..
  18. 4G Spectrum Auction

    @hetaldp sir, thank you for the explanation.. But, is TDLTE by anyway possible over 700 mhz band? The reason for me asking this is that, i read from some blogs and forums that TDLTE is the better of the two(TD/FD) and it's the future..
  19. 4G Spectrum Auction

    @gmkarthikeyhan atleast i'm not alone
  20. 4G Spectrum Auction

    But, isn't the BWA licenses (which were auctioned long back) for 4g? I'm confused.. .
  21. Android Full Wipe, The Correct Way.

    Thanks parin bhai..That's why i use 4ext recovery which has an option to 'format everything except the sd card' :-)
  22. @Shaiesh pls post a review(about dealsandyou and g2) if you get it..i was about to go for it but then it said sold