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  1. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    JANGAMES10 10% discount on ebay.in for all games. Validity till 31 Jan 15
  2. Review: Samsung Google Nexus-S 4G From Sprint - Curvy Babe

    I am still stuck with a phone without data. However having switched over to GSM for the moment, my kids have a new toy to play!
  3. Review: Samsung Google Nexus-S 4G From Sprint - Curvy Babe

    I have been using the Samsung Nexus S 4G on Reliance network for the past 2 years now. EVDO has also been working successfully on the phone. However, since the past 3-4 days, I have been facing a completely peculiar problem. Initially, I noticed that the phone was not connecting to data. I assumed it to be a network issue and ignored it. However, later, when I tried to make a call, the call would get disconnected immediately, even before one ring. When I tried to call my number from another phone, the message that would come was that the phone was "switched off". I tried restarting my phone 3-4 times, tried airplane mode and back 3-4 times without any success. The phone shows itself as having quite a strong network Phone status as shown is: Signal Strength -65 dBm 16 asu Mobile Network type : CDMA -1XRTT:7 Service State: In Service Roaming: Not roaming (Now since I am not in my home network, this should have been shown as roaming but not sure since not checked earlier) Mobile Network state : Disconnected My phone Number : 9322******** MSID: Correctly indicated PRL Version : P:00005 MEID : Correctly shown Serial Number: Correctly shown I had bought this phone from Saddik and have not had any issues till date. I had also rooted the phone and was on Slimbean ROM till now. I tried to unroot the phone to see if that would solve the problem but without success. Presently phone is in factory settings, completely unrooted. I would really appreciate a solution to this problem. I am puzzled to say the least. Regards Rahul Update to the above problem: (07 Apr 14) My network is back but data is not working. I am now back to rooted state without luck. Looking desperately for some help to get my data working again. Regards Rahul
  4. Thanks a lot! Availed of the offer. Waiting for it to be delivered now. Last time it took close to one and half months. Lets see how soon it reaches me this time!
  5. Happy New Year 2014

    Wishing all the RIMWEB family members a very happy and satisfying 2014. May all your dreams come true. May you get all that you desire and keep meeting success with every step. Warm Regards Rahul
  6. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    Having read all the posts above with interest with regard to AAP, I must say that AK, having made his promises, is finding it extremely difficult to implement any of his manifesto issues. Reduction in Electricity bills may have been achieved but this is through subsidy which means the Elec Co continues to earn what they were earning earlier. The eventual loser is you and me (tax payers) who are subsidising a select few. Why should that happen. Even with regard to the Water promise, the 700 litre freebie suddenly seems too much. AK had promised to implement the Jan Lokpal Bill immediately but when confronted with corruption issues against the former CM and Cong members, he suddenly demands proof from BJP. If I remember correctly, this was the same AK who became famous for his shoot (without proof) and scoot. In the end, he wants to equate Cong and BJP and blame both the parties for the corruption in Delhi, even though it has been the Cong that has been ruling Delhi for past so many years. He has also suddenly developed Prime Ministerial aspirations and wants to project himself as a the only viable alternative to the Cong in centre. His party members have been openly supportive of militancy and seperatists in Kashmir, something that I as a citizen certainly do not wish to hear from my elected members. Arvind Kejriwal, honestly, you have not managed to convince me of your honesty of purpose. Something seems fishy and more than a bit, at that!

    Wishing Arun many many happy returns of the day! Keep growing younger!
  8. The Off Topic Thread

    www.smartnamo.comNow for some NaMo "Ironman" handsets! Experience the Next Gen Smart Phone Coming Soon... Handset Specs1 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM 2 GB RAM + 16 GB ROM 2 GB RAM + 32 GB ROM 2 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM 1.5 Ghz MT6589 Turbo Chipset 13 MP Camera Corning Glass 2 Screen 5 inches Welcome to Smart NamoWe are fans of Shr, Narendra Modi, our forthcoming future leader of our great nation India, we are manufacturing latest android handset dedicated to the "IRONMAN" of modern India. We are from land of Gujarat & in electronic smartphone business in China. NAMO stands forNarendra Modi and Next Generation Android Mobile Odyssey. Our product is our way of dedication & respect to our great nation leader. We will be launching NAMO Android handset with Shri Narendra Modi "signature edition" ,for which process in under way !!! We will launch our handset very soon...for updates please see our FB page facebook.com/smartnamo Disclaimer : Smart Namo is an independent body of fans of Shri Narendra Modi. Contactus : info@smartnamo.com Media : media@smartnamo.com www.bjp.org www.narendramodi.in
  9. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Am looking for a new (with Indian warranty) LED monitor for my home PC. Basic specs would be - at least 20 inches (preferably 21.5/23"), Full HD, LED and possibly 3 years warranty. Ideally looking for something in price range of about 8-10K. Can someone guide me on where would be the best buy? Am based in Mumbai. Thanks in advance Rahul
  10. Change Your Username

    Hi Request change my name to <Rahul Always> if possible else <Rahul_Always> Thanks and Regards Rahul
  11. Rs. 10,000 off on Blackberry Z10 at www.mirchimart.com Coupon code : 10000OFF Discounted price comes to Rs. 33,490.00 Regards Rahul Link Offer available only for today (25 Jun 13)
  12. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Ebay would be delighted with the spurt in purchases by members from here I guess Regards Rahul
  13. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    I have seen this code mentioned by a lot of ebay dealers but somehow ebay seems to reject it. Anyone has any idea why? Regards Rahul
  14. Shopclues is a wonderful online shopping portal with almost zero complaints. I would recommend blindly buying from there Regards Rahul
  15. Reliance InstaCare App For Android

    Works for CDMA too.. Mine is a CDMA connection and it's working fine for me Regards Rahul