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  1. Samsung Galaxy S II

    even i have the s2 the slimness & screen quality is mindblowing! No doubt its the best android phone atm! Though my heart still likes htc
  2. Looking To Join Reliance GSM From Vodafone

    reliance has best network as far as i am concerned the only issue is customer care ! they dont know anything but otherwise i feel its good!
  3. New Postpaid Plan 299 Simply Unlimited for Reliance GSM

    will check it out here at my place! porting my no. to reliance gsm!
  4. if u have the budget go for plasma then led & last lcd
  5. MTNL New Unlimited Broadband Plans

    all said & done i wonder when will we get real good unlimited bb plans cheap! 2mbps the least!
  6. Help Required with Bettel 3G data card

    i mean what error u get? did u try query modem & put in extrainitialization command at+cgdcont=1,"ip","bsnlnet"
  7. airtel offers better speed but prices are high! Bsnl tells 512 but its a bit slower than that seems like ratio issues! Btw read that reliance offers 512 on 1:1 ratio
  8. haha u really got under their skin! Frankly I hate airtel broadband dont know why people say reliance is bad i have 2 connections gsm & cdma i mnp my cdma no. & also got a cheque returning my amt which i had paid extra! Its always reliance for me so far!
  9. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    voice calls should not stop on reliance cdma! the voice quality is the supermost of all the networks i have used in gsm! its like speaking on a landline! Gsm is not half good!
  10. Stock Market Crash - Guidance For Newbies

    hmmm i can help u! there is no 1 way of getting ur money back by putting it in 1 stock! 1st sell off what u have in reality & banking stocks the reason ur investment has come down is that ur not a trader & banking & reality sector take most of the hits when markets fall always remember & ask ur broker to invest in bluechip companies or fmcg stocks as they might be slow but dont get hit that bad! 2nd contact financial advisor dealing in mutual funds who can suggest u some nice funds never go for small cap or large cap as ur not a trader balanced equity is best bet for u! 3rd invest in reliance gold mutual fund growth asap on dips! Finally always have a long term approach dont trade in stocks directly always go the mutual fund way! Hope i will get ur bricked hero
  11. Updated: Apple Sues Samsung - Apple Wins Patent Case

    apple is apple u may hate them love them but cant ignore! Just 1 of the ways of marketting strategies of steve jobs maybe! Btw i personally fell apple has the finest hardware!
  12. Chinese Phone With One Year On-Site Warranty On Ebay

    all the top brands are made or assembled in China. mobiles,laptops etc so wont come as a surprise that the chinese guys to compete have started warranty!