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  1. Note 3 SM-N900R4 Unlock

    Here is your USC NOTE4 password 2014051620140901
  2. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    When you plug the phone to PC, does anything pops up in device manager? Hmm, can be fixed, find someone in local market if you dont want to ship.
  3. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Seems like a power IC issue, better show it to some local repair shop who can diagnose and tell you the issue. This has nothing to do with JTAG,
  4. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Epoxy cracked means whatever the component beneath the epoxy was, got damaged. Thr is nothing you can do about it except showing it to some hardware repair shops who have the same component and able to replace it.
  5. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    If the phone can still access fastboot, then its not bricked. You might be able to recover it, try changing the model id to stock again.
  6. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Please post the current condition of the phone along with how you managed to brick it. Also do remember to always exact model of the phone so that it would be easy to reply.
  7. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Yes, i'm certainly sure about that.
  8. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    I'm sorry to inform you that your phone will not be fixed as of now since JTAG is locked in Snapdragon 800 chipsets as far as i heard. I was able to find pinouts after a full day of work with phonegeek's g2 and later realized that i wasted both of ours time.
  9. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    I'm havinh limited internet connectivity nowadays,i will be able to help you tomorrow hopefully. Plug your phone to PC and check in device manager whether it shows up as an unknown device pr usb input device. As for the xperia, please check whether you can flash twrp. If yes, flash twrp and format the storage if it asks for password.
  10. Sprint S4 AKey/SPC Solution

    Many guys are struggling to get thr phone working since they are unable to flash Akey/SPC which is needed for some carriers like Reliance, TATA in India atleast. I'm not going to put usual diag setup stuff right now, or may not able to update it at all. The below commands should be sent step by step as mentioned through DFS or CDMA workshop or any other tools which you prefer to use. Also you need to first send the 16 digit password for your phone model. I believe for L720 it is "2012112120131219" ----To change SPC to 000000 or any anything 00 4B13030000000000 4B130F006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B1308006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B13020041020000B60100006E766D2F6E756D2F383500 4B1305000000000000000000303030303030 4B13030000000000 In the second last line i.e. "4B1305000000000000000000303030303030", the last 12 digits are your SPC hex value, if you want to change it to anything else like 123456, you need to edit the last 12 digits and make it look like "4B1305000000000000000000313233343536" ----To change the A-Key to anything, in the below case, akey decimal to be flashed is 11111111133333333785 (the akey hex will be: 9A3298B4E238A719) 00 4B13030000000000 4B130F006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B1308006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B13020041020000B60100006E766D2F6E756D2F323500 4B130500000000000000000019A738E2B498329A 4B13030000000000 In the above cmds, if you take a close look at the last 16 characters in the 2nd last line and the mentioned akey hex, you maybe observe that the akey hex in the cmd is in a reverse manner. You can change generate your akey online or via regular tools like DFS and arrange it in the similar manner to flash. You might need to downgrade your modem in order to get this working, please post here if it works without downgrading the modem. This has been tested on 2xGalaxy Victory and one Sprint L720, so please test and report if this works for you.
  11. HTC One Soft Bricked - Please Help!

    That might not work since thr is no usb mount option i guess. Alternatively, since you have twrp installed, you can try the following method; Make sure device is showing up in adb -- adb.exe devices Push the favorite rom to phone --adb.exe push C:\blabla\blabla_rom.zip /sdcard/ Once the adb prompt shows success, head to twrp and install zip.
  12. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Sorry for not responding earlier, i forgot what forum you have mentioned on conversation. Anyway, i have sent you my details in PM
  13. Sprint S4 AKey/SPC Solution

    As of now thr is no known way to do this on Android 4.3. So its better that you stop trying. The NVM is locked in 4.3 and hence these commands will not work.
  14. Tutorial:- Restore Dead/Hard bricked S III USC R530 on 4.3

    you can simply take backup your phone if its in working condition, no need to use JTAG and all. dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/backup.bin bs=1048576 count=1024 1024 represents the size in MB. You only need to have first 70-100mb of image for this method to work. No need to upload full backup of your phone, as it contains EFS also. Pinouts are same as other S3.
  15. Download the following files http://www.mediafire.com/?i8ae6c15mg2g5cs (pass: kanishk@9093) http://www.mediafire.com/?t7e6z28tx62a2ur Put phone in download mode and flash first file (axiom_magic.tar.md5) via Odin in PDA tab. After reboot copy the rest of the 2 files (1.img and 2.img from AXIOM_2 folder) to the phone's storage and not in memory card. Do not rename any of the file to avoid unwanted political/nuclear wars. Your phone needs to be on 4.1.2 update already. Now enable USB debugging in your phone, type *#22745927 and enable hidden menu (hidden menu should work after flashing odin package). Open dialer again and type **87284 -> Qualcomm USB Settings-> DM+MODEM+ADB->Ok Root the phone with Motochopper, dont forget to hit the thanks button to the OP. After successfully rooting the phone, head to your adb directory via Command Prompt. C:\cd adb C:\adb\adb.exe shell shell@android:/ $ Type su and gain superuser permissions. shell@android:/ $ su su shell@android:/ # Now copy and paste the below commands one-by-one while in adb shell and press enter, dd if=/sdcard/1.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p12 dd if=/sdcard/2.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13 Reboot phone and enjoy
  16. Samsung Axiom JellyBean Data Solution

    Run in compatibility mode maybe?
  17. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    I can try fixing that phone, i guess you already have my email address. Please contact via email or PM.
  18. ShopAndShip / PPO Box & other package forwarders

    I should suggest you to keep away from PPOBox, rather get it shipped via SnS with Insurance. You can ask Anuradha for discount coupons.
  19. ShopAndShip / PPO Box & other package forwarders

    I guess I'm done with this PPO ****, after waiting more than 20days, finally when they have started shipping out the packages, here comes the bummer. Been getting charged around 900+Rs. custom for even a 20$ phone. I'm fine with paying these charges, but i also need to make sure that the duties are going in correct pockets. I asked them to provide me with BOE more than a week back for which they replied that they can only provide 3* BOE as per thr policy(?). Further BOE's will be charged 500rs extra for each shipment. Till now i haven't got any updates regarding the BOE and i guess i will not going to get them anyway as happened earlier too. I have created a shipment on 27/12/2013 in PPO account, and it was delivered at PPO NY the same day according to delivery status of the package on USPS site. The package value was 90$ and the seller opted for 50$ insurance, now since the have started shipping out the packages slowly, i thought i should just wait for them to forward this package too. After waiting for more than a month, i sent them an email regarding my shipment and got the below reply, I already started getting my packages with SnS, even if i have faced any kind of issues with thr service, Anuradha promptly resolved them out unlike PPO guys who only cares about peoples who have stopped using thr service for short period and call them to ask whether they are fine or not and when they are going to start using thr service again. My humble request to all visitors and members not to go with PPO service, since its mostly the same as SnS when comes to charges and worse than that when it comes to service.
  20. Sprint LG Optimus G EVDO Solution

    Getting the PPP username and pass to stick seems dificult with this model to some users, the parameters gets reverted to stock on every reboot it seems. Use the attached file and write it via either CDMA Workshop->Memory->NV Items->Write or use the free NV reader/writer program from here. After writing the file, re-write your own parameters with program and check after reboot. Download the file from here.
  21. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

  22. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    As to my understanding, your phone has suffered from emmc brick. Most samsung phones are prone to this issue, if the emmc brick happens, you wont be able to recover, i.e, the emmc is locked for write operations. I can try changing the eMMC but beware that the repair itself will cost high.
  23. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    @rishabhjain i might be able to help if you can send the phone. @ankurcshah never got a chance to fix touchpad, so can't unless i get a chance to check it.
  24. How To:- Enable Diag Mode For Samsung Legend i200.PP

    An easy way to enable diag is to use ##DMMODE#. Also i should suggest members not to Odin the i200 files on i200PP, the bootchain might be differ on both models and your phone might get bricked.