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  1. Walk Style Step Counter Watch + Pedometer with Alarm Function @ Rs.99/- only http://www.tradus.com/step-counter/p/WATMNAQ2MSJB9ZYO?src=ss&page=1 Key Features : Pedometer + Watch - Counts Steps, Calculates Calories Burnt and also doubles up as a Watch with Timer, Alarm & Date functions LCD Display Device Counts Steps while you Walk Calculates Calories Burnt as well as Walking Time Can be easily Clipped On to your Pocket, Belt or any other convenient location Dual Axis Technology with Dual Sensors Modes of Usage: Horizontal or Vertical Comes with a Security Strap 24 Hours Clock Alarm Function Countdown Timer Function Date Function Super Slim, Lightweight and Portable Reset Function Pedometer Placement Clip for Convenient Carrying Sturdy and Durable Stylish Design in an Ergonomic Form Battery Operated: Required Batteries Included with Product SPECIFICATIONS OF SCHRITTZAHLER STEP COUNTER GENERAL Sensing Technology Dual-axis Technology with Dual Sensor Mode of Usage Horizontal Usage, Vertical Usage Display LCD Display FUNCTIONS Step Count Yes Aerobics Steps Yes Walking time Yes Calories Burnt Yes CONVENIENCE FEATURES Security Strap Yes Clock 24 hours Clock Reset Function Yes Pedometer Placement Pocket, Clip to Bag ADDITIONAL FEATURES Other Features Super Slim, Lightweight
  2. JAI HO !!!! That's great to hear that you are going for the Chardham Yatra Guru Gopal Ji.....Wish you happy and safe journey. We will miss your active participation here.
  3. Thanks a lot for the wishesdear Ammar, Deepak, Ajit, Ramprasad and Genius. @Shreesh You are most welcome anytime buddy.
  4. Daaktar Babu.....suna hai yeh ajeeb Videshi Hilne wale Khilone bahut Vibrate karte hain....toh aap inse duur he raho....kahin vibration ke chakkar mein Injection yahan ka ----------> wahan na thuk jaye. Meri maano toh abhi aap Soft Toy se kaam chala loh. Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum ? Hain ????? Haan main de doonga.....magar Jao Pahle mujhe woh game wapas karo jo aapne 10 saal pahle mujhse li thi.........Pahle uss admi ki game wapas karo jisko aapne forum per Ban karwa diya tha......Jao pahle uss admi se maafi maango jisne merey haath pe HONEST likh diya tha......Fir merey bhai, merey dost, merey aaka, merey daata, merey kishan kanhaiya, merey Daaktar.....uske baad aap jahan bhi kahoge mai soft toy (sunny leone ke liye) bhej doonga.
  5. Wow.....its me......unbelievable......Thank you so much GuruGopal Ji. When I got the notification of your post through mail, I told my son about this and he is so much excited and very happy to know that soon he's going to have a great experience with Xbox. Thanks once again Guru Gopal Ji......Will be sending you PM shortly. Thanks a lot Mukesh Bhai for the nice thought..!!
  6. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Saara shrey aapko jaata hai Daaktar sahab......Thread ke Karta and Dharta toh aap he thhe.....Mera toh sirf Tobu ka aur posts moderation ka idea tha... Really, it was great fun for the day. Waise, Rasgulle bahut tasty thhe.....Bhai log....sab mangwa lo....teen teen ki jodi mein hain rasgulle.....jo khaye uske toh maje aur jo na khaye uske toh aur bhi maje.
  7. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    Congratulations Vishal Bhai.....hope by now you got to know whether it's the source of happiness or otherwise...

    Wish you many happy returns of the day Mujeeb Bhaijan.
  9. Maje Le lo - Holi Hai

    ^^^ Kamzor dil wale log uper diye gaye video ko na dekhein. Yeh lo.....Rajaan Kaka sabke liye kuch laye hain :

    Many happy returns of the day Mr. Pathy.
  11. Maje Le lo - Holi Hai

    ^^^ Yeh Reshmi Zulfein toh jabardast hai Daaktarrrrrrrr. Dekhte He Dekhte agli Holi aa gayee.....magar yeh Gabbar abhi tak Ghodey per he baitha hai.....Arey Isko koi neeche utaaro bhai.... Yeh apne Daktarr a.k.a. Genius Daktarrr Ke Liye.....Jara iski KAMARIYA jo dukh rahi hai uski Dawa aur DAARU kar doh Daktarr : Achaaa toh hamare Daktarr ko Nachna bhi aata hai.....Bahut kanteele Nachate ho bhai. Aur yeh Samsung Galaxy Note-2 and Samsung Galaxy Grand jo Hetal aur Parin ne sponsor kiye hain.....woh dono ke dono mujhe he chahiye......Koi awaaz nahi karega.....haannnn? Samjhe......Abke holi mein hum Lal, Peele, Gulabi, Harey, Neeley hone ki taiyaari ker rahe hain......Aur yeh Grand holi to ekdum lajawaab manegi Samsung Grand ke sath..... Waise iss daaktar ki ander se setting hai Sponsors ke sath......Lekin mai bhi beech mein taanka maar loonga....
  12. Ah....that was an extremely busy schedule of me in the last couple of weeks.....But now I will try to be regular on the forum.
  13. Lets Ask Arun

    Yes Shashank, you have to select the option from the left panel....you can select either "Since my last visit", "last 24 hours", "last week" etc.....This way you will be able to read pending posts which you haven't been read so far... Sometimes when you log in on the forum and quickly log off after checking few threads....the next time when you log in again, it shows only those posts which were posted after your last visit on the forum. So, in order to check earlier post you have select the options available on the left panel as shown in the attachement uploaded by Arun above. Hope this helps.
  14. Ubuntu comes to Android

    Ubuntu comes to Android Ubuntu has come to Android phones! Before you go, ‘Does that mean I can boot Ubuntu on my Android phone? Or, does that mean I can get dual booting on my Android phone?’ let's clear out a few things. Canonical has announced Ubuntu for Android and the full scale deployment will be displayed at the Mobile World Congress. Here’s what you’ll get to see. If your Android has Ubuntu installed, you can boot the Ubuntu operating system onto your monitor every time you connect the smartphone using a dock. On its own, the OS is neatly hidden under the hood, so when you’re using your phone, you’ll have your regular Android stuff loading up. It’s somewhat similar to what Motorola has tried in the recent past, with their Webtop accessories, but this is on a more universal level. Also, whenever your phone is connected, it’s not a stripped down version of Ubuntu that you’ll get to see, but, it will be the exact same thing that you see on a desktop running Ubuntu, with no compromises, whatsoever. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and their Unity UI, everything will be available on your desktop. What’s interesting to note is that your core details, including SMS, voice calls and contacts will be shared between the two, so there’ll be some good amount of consistency. If you’re having a desktop PC running Windows, Ubuntu will also be able to boot into a virtual environment, which may be of great help to a lot of companies. They’ve also managed support for connectivity options, including, USB, HDMI, Google Docs and 4G LTE, so you can have seamless interaction between your phone and your desktop. So, what’s the limitation? Of course, the most obvious one will be the minimum spec requirements – Ubuntu will, at a minimum require a multi core smartphone. Dual cores are already existent and quad cores are coming soon, so if you’re buying one of the top-end smartphones in the near future, there’s a lot you can look forward to. What do you guys think about Ubuntu being announced for Android? Courtesy : Tech2 Thanks to Karan Shah
  15. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Thanks Amit and Saurabh for posting.
  16. Extremely busy from the last couple of weeks. Will be back on forum within next 3 days.
  17. Lets Ask Arun

    ^^^ Dear Sumit Bhai, I think you were trying to view the thread as a guest.....As per the forum rules, one has to be a registered member in order to have access to Technical / Programming Sub-Forum posts.
  18. Please don't make this a Buy-Sell thread. deleted... Dear Hitesh, please do not try to sell anything in threads other than Buy / Sell Topic......you wrote "Deleted" and still you quoted Rajan Bhai's post, in which again your sell request can be seen. This is not acceptable. Member Warned and put under moderation for posting Selling Request in this thread.
  19. Please suggest a 7 inch tablet

    Is this the thread you were looking for : http://www.rimweb.in/forums/topic/26736-ipad-alternatives/page-17
  20. Please suggest a 7 inch tablet

    5K is Joshm's budget to purchase the Tablet....and he knows it very well that the budget is tight...please don't make fun of a decent member. Treat the community members as a family. We are here to support each other. He can afford even 50K stuff...but he clearly mentioned his budget on this purchase....and I don't think he has done any bad about mentioning his budget clearly.
  21. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Alok Bhai, Poora ka Poora Neem ka pedh bhijwa doon Lucknow ? Pic Courtesy : nabard.org, tribuneindia.com
  22. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    ^^^ Yes....the Oral-B toothbrushes are Out of Stock now. I too unable to purchase.
  23. Must Have Products For Your New Android Phone

    ^^^ Agreed with Ankush Above....Poweramp is the best I have ever came across Music Players.