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  1. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Prime membership extended till 15 April, also new Summer offer, 3 months of free services on minimum 303 recharge. http://www.news18.com/news/tech/read-mukesh-ambanis-letter-to-jio-users-after-extending-jio-prime-deadline-to-april-15-1366778.html
  2. Update: Did some RnD on Engineering Mode (*#546368#*371#) IMS setting and VoLTE Enabled on LG Phoenix 2 At&t. Now i can make voice call using Phone dialer without 4G support.
  3. Ported from Airtel Postpaid - Mumbai to Jio within 5 days. No issue in porting. Convinced Airtel with valid reason (changing company and will not get CUG benefits in current company - other operator). also paid bill in advance. Maintain negative balance at the time of porting process.
  4. Jio4GVoice on Phoenix2.
  5. LG Phoenix 2 AT&T and Alcatel Ideal 4060a AT&T From BestBuy. JIO voice and data working on Phoenix2 but 3g data not working. In Alcatel, JIO data working, JIO4Gvoice App shows online but voice call disconnected. SMS working.
  6. Ujjain BSNL asking for 8 digit handset ESN to Enter in there system. Told me no idea about MEID registration.. what should I do?
  7. HTC EVO 4G LTE on Reliance CDMA

    Sir, i have Boost Moto G 1st Gen non sim handset. want to port it to bsnl in MP circle just to use same handset. Do you know procedure to config Non-SIM handset for bsnl. where i will get NV item details? like reliance, we have good discussion on issue. please help.. will visit bsnl office tomorrow. Thanks Sir! found the post for BSNL prl
  8. Dear All, I lost my wrist watch in mumbai local train..(Kalayee sooni ho gayee.. ;-)) now feeling the urge to buy Smartwatch Android wear to pair with LG Sprint Tribute/ Redmi 1S . Max Budget 12K, GPS Must. Checked Sony V2&V3, Moto 360 and Asus Zenwatch. Any suggestion for best bet at minimum price? and things i have to looked upon before the purchase.. thanks.
  9. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    PayTM rs 50 cashback on recharge or bill payment of rs 100. 1. DBCQQU1LDEWOK8F 2. DBCGJA1NMXUODGX 3. DBCS1I79KJUOEAJ 4. DBCIXJVSRBPWUIY 5. DBCJHUGEE7MJKMU 6. DBCBTPOLWSMGOUG
  10. pm me Sir, "can not send message" error in sending PM. please free some space
  11. Ting method not working, Ebay listing expired. anyone knows other Ebay seller for LG Tribute Sprint SPC?
  12. Update: Phone back in action call/sms working after some R&D with CDMA workshop. diag mode was always enabled so can connect to cdma workshop. spc failed so write it again and it accepted. Write the backup of sprint nv items, reliance prl, read the NV mode and changed it to RUIM only and reset. inserted the sim card and call/sms started. sprint activation back. now data setting pending. i am frightened to use DFS to change it to NV mode for data. Happy! peace of mind
  13. Please help me to restore Unknown Baseband and Phone No,MIN,ESN, MEID Hex, MEID,IMEI, PRL,ICCID, IMSI. now its WiFi only device. voice/data was working till i made some mistake in dfs nv mode configuration . can not connect to DFS. DIAG mode says Excess MSL failure. phone will power off.
  14. ^^^ Thanks Ankur for help. bypassed activation by pressing Vol Up, Vol Down, Back, Home and menu on Configuration Screen. Now phone is in NV mode and all phone status parameters are showing Unknown. Phone No,MIN,ESN, MEID Hex, MEID,IMEI, PRL,ICCID, IMSI. DIAG mode says Excess MSL failure. phone will power off. any suggestion for that?
  15. One more action i performed, did ##72786# wipe to remove hands free activation. will it be able to boot?? didn't find sprint stock firmware LS660ZV3 on web.