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  1. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)

    I thought so. But other thought was when testing conditions are standard why more radiation? My friend from medical equipment (xray) manufacture says it could be because of either poor placement of antenna (rather better placement - so as to catch best possible reception at same power conditions) or poor shielding. Shielding require heavy metals hence heavier phones. I am unable to understand any thing.
  2. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

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  3. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)

    Why motorola phones have high SAR than other brands?
  4. There are bladeless fans which operates on coanda principal. They are pretty noiseless. I am not sure if they are available in india. Even if it is it will cist atleat 5k plus. Choose p780 with 8 gb memory.
  5. Android 4.4 KitKat

    My 2012 n7 is still on JB. No update yet.
  6. Review: Motorola Photon 4G

    Get sqlite editor and there is entitlement check. Make it 0 from 1 and reboot.
  7. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

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  8. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    And if old handset is sold and used for data original mdn pays double data cost. I am facing this problem since two months.
  9. How is Dr. Batra's for acne's treatment?

    Homeopathic treatment just like any other treatment depends on lots of variables. Before about 3 years I completed treatment for my eczema with Dr batras. I took treatment for 5 years and was cured. Same would have happened with any other homeopath, but problem was routine and appointments. I have sort of family homeopath but when you go to see him one has to wait for long time before he would consult and dispense medicines. Where as in Dr batras next appointment is fixed month before and waiting was never more than 10 minutes so one can plan following time. I do believe that neighborhood homeopath would do same job at much lesser cost.
  10. Happy diwali to all members

    Belated wishes for diwali to all.
  11. Review: Motorola Photon 4G

    Afaik some version of youtube is not working try down grading YouTube and check.
  12. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

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  13. Is EVDO Rev.A good enough?

    Agree about spread and stability of evdobut handsets? How many handesets today has rev B ? Unless qualcom aka read Verizon and sprint don't wish phones will have blocked features.
  14. Try changing cable and in one case I read on this thread that parin suggested to change computer and it solved problem.
  15. Charging Basics Usually battery charging takes Battery Ampere / Charger Ampere, you have to add some losses to it, so if battery is say 2000 mA and charger is of 1000 mA, then it will take 2 hours to 2.5 hours max. Assuming phone is consuming very little battery while charging. You charging cable also plays vital role as USB can deliver only 500 mA, hence data cable has current limiting resistors for over current protection (I am talking about data cable, not DATA CUM CHARGING CABLES , which come along with phone like N2 or S3). . Hence if you want to charge battery faster, then you can try using cable which are having higher current capacity. Those who are interested in testing above, can download galaxy charging current from play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abmantis.galaxychargingcurrent.free This works on S3 and NOTE II, try changing cable from same charger and check charging current.
  16. Is EVDO Rev.A good enough?

    I agree with VA ji. On gsm too 3g is not as widespread add evdo and 2gsm is practically unusable. As I believe, with meid registration our beloved hetal has compelled us to be with reliance for couple of more years. Cdma now when compared with gsm has became less productive. Recently I badly felt need of browsing while calling and my phone could not support. Even lacking video call is at times counter productive in cdma
  17. Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

    Your otap is pending. You must do "228 successfully
  18. Evdo speed has always been pathetic in Ahmedabad. Only reason to remain with reliance now is voice clarity of cdma and very less (almost negligible) call failures on first attempt. In Vodafone or idea during pick hours or is almost impossible to get call through on first attempt. Yes it is cheaper and I may be saving couple of hundred rupees per month.
  19. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    ertiga al ready has rear cooling coil and blower cant get shade always Front windshield films are not my preference as they add glare at night. I have tried twice and removed in past. Yes, but Ahmedabad heat is like SEEING IS BELIEVING, when mercury reaches 42 plus, max temperature hovers for more than 6-8 hours a day. Even at night at 8 PM temperature would be 40 degree + Grill temperature of AC is as per Maruti Specifications but heat load is so high that AC does not perform. When temperature is below 41 Degree C AC performs well If I do not do this then I dont think ertiga will ever cool in Ahmedabad summers. IMO most Maruti cars has comparitivelty underpowered AC, may be for fuel efficiency.
  20. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Ertiga has excellent leg room for two row if last row seats are upright. Seating posture of ertiga is excellent but seat ergonomics are mediocre, common amongst all maruti.
  21. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Though ertiga and desire are different categories of car, they are built on same platform, share same engine. So of you need larger and occasional seven seater ertiga is option else dezire. I am using ertiga since 26000 kms and good car except under powered ac for Ahmedabad summers. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to cool to comfortable levels if car is heated under scorching sun of 42 degre and more.
  22. Are Lenovo CDMA phones available now?

    Royalty amounts are small but companies Mark up 3 to 4 times on bom
  23. Android lacks call recording especially phones from US. I have heard that many phone having Indian and Chinese background do support call recording out of box. So this brief guide is not for them. However they may find it useful if voice of opposite party is poor. There was one option of putting phone on speaker phone and then do recording, which is not feasible on many instances. This solution is not my own research but finding from many tips and reviews posted all across net. I have tried it on RAZR MAXX, which I believe must be very difficult - being MOTOROLA PHONE Requirements Rooted handset Call recorder (I have tried with SKVALEX call recorder, may work with other call recorder too.) http://goo.gl/iGHTT ALSA MIXER http://goo.gl/z7Z8g Procedure Install call recorder and ALSA open ALSA and find setting called STDac Change value, ensure that it is below maximum value mentioned. I assume higher value may damage HW. As seen it was 11 in my phone, I increased it to 13 and opposite party voice was audible in recording. Click option and Save Config. I am not sure - if it is a routine - but on every reboot, my value revert back to normal.

    Thanks all for wishes.