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  1. Handset suggestion (CDMA + GSM dual sim)

    thanks. doesnt suppo but as far as i knw, htc 700c and htc 600c bithrt 3g on gsm. lemme knw if i am mistaken. anyone using the same, kindly help.
  2. Hey guys, looking for a smartphone with dual sim, cdma + gsm android, budget is under 20k. currently using htc desire xc dual sim t329d. connectivity wise, i need 1x only for cdma (EVDO not compulsion but if present will do good) 3g for GSM (must). Presently my htc is evdo + 2g. dere are many phones with similar config, i.e evdo + 2g but not 1x/evdo + 3g. looked for sharp sch630e. but have some credibility issues regarding after sales. suggest couple of hand sets please.