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  1. @dr.faramroze Sir, i have tried with your steps for the moto E3 power. but till now issue facing with the " Emergency Calls Only Issue" in my mobile. Can you please suggest me alternate way for fixing the issue. every time i am doing the airplane mode for recover the signal. So please help me sir.
  2. @Deepak Shankar in wifi router i have updated the latest firmware and the calls were working fine with the jiofi router. thanks deepak
  3. thanks deepak, i will check there and will check
  4. ok deepak , t nagar also one service center is ther r8. We need to go to alwarpet ah?
  5. @Deepak Shankar whether you went the lyf service center ah?. they only did some changes ah?
  6. hi @Deepak Shankar i have checked with my OLED jiofi router for calling feature. but it was not working for me. whether u did any firmware update for the device. Please confirm me.
  7. thanks deepak . i will check with my jiofi 2
  8. Any body kwos that call issue was fixed for this OLED Jiofi router
  9. Hi If any one knows that OLED JioFi router(JMR520) firmware new update , Because i was facing the voice issue with the jio 4g voice app for last 15 days. If any one knows please update me
  10. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    i was already went to the lyf service center . they have told that we were update the firmeware and given to me. But the voice issue was still persist in new OLED JioFi router(JMR520) . when update will come we doesn't know.
  11. Jio4GVoice App (JioJoin)

    i also did all possibilities. but i was unable to make the jio4g voice app to be online.
  12. JioFi2 MiFi

    i checked the service center in the tnagar also they are not telling correctly. They upgraded the software thats it and issue was not resolved.
  13. JioFi2 MiFi

    @KanagaDeepan yes i have checked it was working fine with the volte enabled phone.
  14. JioFi2 MiFi

    @KanagaDeepan yes bro, i have checked multiple phones with the jio 4g voice app. but i was unable to connect the voice calls. app was showing that unable to connect. please check your internet. but data was working perfectly with the jiofi device