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Found 2 results

  1. I was looking at International USA roaming pack and it costs 849. I don't need it for calls, only for incoming SMS. So If I do not buy the pack, I understand calls will be 140rs/minute, but what about incoming SMS. Is it charged. Second question? What about missed calls. What if I block all calls, and no call can be made. Will I get charged for missed calls? I called customer care and they said no, missed calls will not be charged. But you know reliance. If I get 100 missed calls in a month, I will have to pay 14000 INR!!! Alternatively, to work around this what if I forward all calls to some local India number with parents before going. This way, if somebody calls, call will be immediately forwarded. Now, will the call even be routed to my phone at all, or it will be done at network end? This way it does not matter where I am. Calls will be forwarded, and if unanswered, there is going to be no charge at all. Any ideas or experience?
  2. MTS Launches International Roaming Services For its CDMA Pre - Paid Customers Source Sistema Shyam TeleServices Limited (SSTL), which offers its services under the MTS brand, has launched international roaming services for its CDMA pre-paid customers. The new service will enables the MTS India subscribers to roam across more than 400 GSM networks in 231 countries on their existing CDMA SIM cards. The company claims it is the first telecom operator in India to offer such international roaming services for the CDMA pre-paid customers. The services will operate on the new Dual Mode SIM card, which will work both on GSM (while abroad) and CDMA networks (while in India). MTS' international data roaming covers nations like the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, the UK, France, Germany, China, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain, New Zealand and Australia. To facilitate the international roaming on its CDMA SIMs, the company will deploy MACH telecom software. "With a view to enhance connectivity and convenience, we have now introduced international roaming services for our customers. This would enable our customers to stay connected while travelling abroad without changing their phone numbers and also enjoy seamless data connectivity on the go internationally," says MTS India Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Leonid Musatov. MTS customers can avail this service by visiting any MTS-branded retail outlet, submitting necessary documents including a copy of valid passport and a request for the activation of the service on their numbers. After approval, the customer's SIM will be swapped with an international roaming card. The international service request form is also available on the MTS India website – www.mtsindia.in. Besides, MTS' pre-paid customers will also have access to the GPRS services in 206 nations across 322 telecom networks while on international roaming. Moreover, they will have access to the high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) services in 114 countries on 145 roaming networks.