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Mobile Internet, Edge+gprs Is Much More Faster Than Cdma

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you are right my friend,,EDGE can not be faster than cdma 1x and it has been proved in United states....some people claim that EDGE is faster...may be in some area...coz sunil mittal are corned a chunk of spectrum from our foolish government and he is making the most of it..and cdma is not performing at its best in india due to spectrum contraint...but fact remains the same that still in india cdma performs better than EGPRS..

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@Hi Honest,

Its been long time I was missing from this thread and forum.

@C. Mahendra

Welcome back to the forum my dear friend. We miss you a lot in this thread.

And don't worry, your thread will not be hijacked at all. We all kept it alive from the last many months. And will continue to disucss about the EGPRS in this thread.

Keep posting buddy.


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I wanted to know that does gprs speed got anything to do with network strength ?

I use GPRS on my EDGE enabled nokia handset (gsm), I connect this handset to my laptop for surfing, Although my handset shows full network strength but most of the time the gprs fails to give even minimal speeed for surfing. Even my handset applictions (like gmail mobile) gives a message 'Signal strength too weak'.

How can i increase my gprs strength ? (i have Idea connection)

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Hows that possible

i am attaching the speed graph which i have got with netconnect

From last few days i am getting speed of more than 144 kbps although it is not consistent but whenever i open some webpages the speed automatically goes very high and browsing is more faster than before..


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