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  1. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    So that sumsup Guys,,RCDMA will die...
  2. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    CDMA will be shut down ...the reason why reliance has started GSM..Reliance didnt start GSM just to corner some spectrum. why would on earth a operator opt for dual network,...especially reliance when they were doing well with CDMA and moreover CDMA was gaining some kind of traction due to it wide network coverage and stability. Going forward reliance will surrender some CDMA spectrum and will acquire GSM spectrum. Moreover they launched tab on their GSM 3G network..logically they should have launched with EVDO network which is present in 800 cities and supported by pan india 1x network. They are not interested in bringing high-end CDMA phone to their network like MTS. Such moves by reliance is sure shot indication of shifting from CDMA to GSM service provider.
  3. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    Can anybody tell me how many towers reliance as added for CDMA since last 2 years...the answer in none.. there are still some grey areas in india which need to be covered by RDCMA..but they are not covering it.. for e.g i have been to harihareshwar in Maharashtra..every other operator has network over there but RCDMA no network for kilometers around harihareshwar and reliance is certainly a old operator should have covered all areas by now.
  4. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    Reliance is just trying to improve their GSM network..eventually when their GSM network will be robost they will migrate all their CDMA subscriber to their GSM network by offering good and innovative plans and Handset..Much like what Australian network provider Telstra did with their CDMA subscribers. All the free cdma spectrum will be used to provide EVDO B or EVDO advanced to provide better wireless broadband experience to custumers.
  5. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    i guess CDMA will be closed eventually coz i can see places where RGCM has coverage but CDMA doesnt. and now a day RCDMA is not coming up with bundle offer for handsets.this is sure shot sign of things to come.
  6. Will Reliance shut down CDMA voice services?

    no source...seems the way for rcom...its not viable for any operator to sustain with dual network..nor rcom is keen on expanding 1x network despite of repeated complains from customers..even tata is doing the same..tata is removing cdma towers for their GSM purpose.
  7. Its seems voice on RCDMA will be shut..voice subscribers will eventually be moved to RGSM.May be in 2013 when they will build a robost GSM network... CDMA will only be for EVDO data.
  8. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

  9. Reliance HSD / EVDO / Netconnect Broadband+ coverage update

    postpaid guys are cheated by reliance with 950 silver you get 5GB on HSD speeds + Unlimited free Usage on 1x speeds 30 Days...for perpaid you pay only 800 for same plan..why 150 rupees more....cheating by reliance.
  10. Reliance HSD / EVDO / Netconnect Broadband+ coverage update

    Airhell guys in reliance are in a mood to destroy Rcom..network (EVDO) is not upto the mark.
  11. TATA Docomo Launch 3G Services on Diwali

    even if you have 3g voice will take place on 2g only unless to opt for 3g, you take 3g you will make and receive call using WCDMA network.
  12. but v1675 is a very good hanset
  13. i agree RGSM is the worst is terms of clarity , Uninor has the best voice clarity.
  14. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    it take atleast 2.5 hours to charge completely
  15. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    Hi Friends, Battery backup is for one and half days with heavy usage and gaming. Built quality is descent. Never used EVDO as i don't know whether reliance give free 15 GB for two months. the free GB usage is only for Samsung Corby so i am bit apprehensive to activate it, as reliance will charge me 1750 for 15 GB. with one 1x, browsing experience is good.