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Configuring EVDO on HTC EVO View 4G

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Hello Gurus & All,

My friend is bringing the Sprint's HTC EVO View 4G from. He want to use the Voice and EVDO from Reliance on it.

After following up with RIMWEB these many days (posts by Hetal, Amit, Sadik), we understood some and need help for other questions.

1. Find out the SPC/MSL by using CDMA WS.

2. Backup NV Items and others.

3. Change the MCC and others in HTC Evo View to match Reliance.

4. Load Reliance HSD PRL 1005 using CDMA WS

5. Get the MEID registered in Reliance HLR by giving MEID, ESN, AKey (26 digits 12345678901234567890xxxxxx)

6. Have the GSK on this MEID and *22B to activate Voice.

6. Get the EVDO user name (MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in) and password activated.

???? :( :( :(

We have got confused by seeing the Droid EVDO configuration in another thread. :(

1. Configure the tab PPP Config of QPST.

1a. Format Um with MDN@hrpd.rcom.co.in

1b. Format AN tab with MEID@hrpd.rcom.co.in and the password as the one received from CC.

2. What about the radio? Would the current HTC View 4g radio works for Reliance CDMA?

3. What are the NV items to be edited for this?

Any other steps that we have missed out?

We have searched the forum and couldn't find (Might be overlooked). If you could point us to the post also would be great.

Please help us on what to do for getting EVDO on HTC View 4g.



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The part you are refering is just to configure evdo on your set.

You just have to connect it to qpst with the same port as it is showing in device manager.

Then you need to read the phone and you have to edit ppp config tabs as mentioned by you.

If you are doing this by this method, forget about nv items. Just follow the same post you mentioned.

Please note all these steps should be done only after evdo parameters are registered with reliance. If you haven't done that then contact your handset seller.

Hope it helps.

Sent from my HTC S710d using Tapatalk

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Dont worry with HTC as with Motorola

just hook EVO View to workshop 2.7 , try sending samsung default password , as that also gives SPC many times directly on HTC

after making spc all 0 , just write nv file , if u have for reliance data settings , usually seller would provide u with that .

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I guess it is the settings he is looking for.

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Thanks Mufaddal, Faiz and Raju for your inputs.

We will try "sending samsung default password" in CDMA WS for getting SPC as suggested.

1. We are thinking like getting this registered as SCH i500 (as an EVDO device).

2. What are the EVDO parameters that need to be registered with reliance apart from MEID, ESN, AKey and device as SCHi500? Is it upon activating EVDO, Reliance issues these? Please confirm.

3. We don't have the NV file for Reliance. This was bought from eBay,US. Would this be fine just using "PPP Config" after getting EVDO activated?

Please guide me with this...


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