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Reliance CDMA EVDO Activation Via SMS

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Hi everyone, new here. I have a problem about reliance cdma evdo activation....My own set is MTS blaze 4.5 (prepaid number)(google it if you want)..In my number After some day I sent the sms HSD to 55444..And after some time it is activated succesfully..But I have a another number of RIM CDMA (Also OMH sim)..Handset is MTS blaze 5.0 (prepaid number)(google it if you want)..Very good phone..But problem is..like my previous number..I sent the same sms here..HSD to 55444...it is saying always "dear customer your request could not be processed, please try again later"..Sent it many many times..but same...Also tried to send the sms to 55333 number..Result is same..So no EVDO activation only 1x data working..Any solution you have?? anyone??It would be really helpful if anyone help me with this matter..

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simply write a email to you appellate authority check rcom.co.in and wait for 2 to 3 days after they acknowledge your email

it will be done I had the same problem and the problem was sorted by a simple email to the concerned appellate authority because customer care person will never understand what you are asking for

mention in the email that you have tried to put complaint but customer care is not able to understand what you are asking for.

best of luck

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download reliance application from market and activate EVDO through it by login

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