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All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

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Datacable Woes For Lg Rd 6230

I bought my LG RD 6230 yesterday as imo, it is the only mms capable phone in the 4-5k range for reliance.Correct me if i'm wrong. Now, the phone doesnt come with a datacable, so i had to purchase one separately. As it happens, the shop from where i bought it didnt have the original LG datacable for the phone. He asked me to go for the smart connect datacable, which he said, wud work for all LG reliance phones...on the cover, it was written tht the cable was for LG 6600.But he insisted that it'll work with the 6230..

Now when i got back home and installed the drivers from the cd and the LG sync software, and connected the phone, the phone got synchronized all right..it loaded my phonebook entries on the pc. but when i tried to transfer music from my pc to the phone, it gives a 'TIME OUT' error..i just cannot transfer anything from my pc to the phone thru the datacable..it keeps giving the time out error message. Is it because of the datacable? Has anyone else faced this problem with the phone?

Whr can i get the original LG datacable for this phone in mumbai? For the time being, the only option left is to use a card reader.. :NOTriste:

Pls help!!

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