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  3. TRAI lowers IUC

    They have already challenged the earlier reduction of IUC to 14p (from 20p), which is already pending in the court. But they are bound to lose the case. AVoId guys are pure hypocrites. Airtel is giving Unlimited FREE calls on their LL connections where IUC was made zero for as little as Rs49 addon pack. Everyone knows that making a call from LandLine / WireLine to other network will cost more than wireless. So their crying for 30p is minimum expense for making a call on Wireless is A BIG FAT LIE. They have already recovered their 2G network expenses years ago and IUC reduction to ZERO was already a late decision by TRAI (according to Telecom Policy 2012). Actually TRAI has done more good to AVoId than Jio by reducing IUC. IUC reduction just reduces the FREE calls expenses for JIO, who will be still paying 6p per min for every offnet call. But for AVoId, its a good opportunity to match the Jio's Rs149 plan, which is NOT at all possible with 14p IUC charges. Let us all wait and see. I would love to see UL free calls on Rs199 by all players (mostly by BSNL and Airtel) in market after this IUC reduction.
  4. TRAI lowers IUC

    AVOId (Airtel/Vodafone/Idea) are planning to move to the court as they are not happy with the decision. Read below : http://m.economictimes.com/news/economy/policy/trai-cuts-interconnect-charges-to-6-paise-a-minute-from-oct-1-jio-gains-incumbents-lose/articleshow/60753011.cms
  5. TRAI lowers IUC

    Very good move. Now we can expect Unlimited plans for Rs199 onwards from almost all operators. Now most of my staffs are in that plan with just 800 minutes of free calls, excluding free cug.
  6. JioFi M2S 150Mbps Wireless 4G Portable Data + Voice Device @ 999 for prime members https://www.amazon.in/M2S-150Mbps-Wireless-Portable-Device/dp/B075P7BLV5/ also https://www.jio.com/shop/jiofi-999-festive-offer
  7. TRAI lowers IUC

    Its good move. But then AVOId (Airtel/Vodafone/Idea) will oppose it. Really good move for the consumers.
  8. TRAI has reduced interconnect usage charge (IUC) to six paise with effect from 1st October and abolished it all together for all local calls starting 1 January 2020. Read full article here: http://www.livemint.com/Industry/hVC1wiXiOvvNchHh5Jt7hI/Reliance-Jio-prevails-over-Airtel-as-Trai-cuts-IUC-to-6-pais.html
  9. Read more at: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/company/corporate-trends/n-chandrasekaran-looks-to-cut-off-tata-tele-connection/articleshow/60523772.cms
  10. There is the option to force activate a queued plan while within the validity of existing plan. That would change the sequence. So one can activate a plan different from the sequence on the last day of the existing plan. Otherwise, queued plans are getting activated automatically in sequence.
  11. You can go for ₹999 as it is giving promotional 90Gb with 90 days validity.
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  13. @LTE4G Should I recharge 999 pack or wait for Diwali offer, my account will expire today? #Help
  14. Yes my 3rd recharge of ₹303 also has 28 days validity only. No bonus voucher. ₹399 will give 84 days (go for it). ₹309 will give 56 days. More offers are expected during Diwali.
  15. @LTE4G you are correct, my third recharge of Rs. 303 started yesterday & I didnt got 28 days voucher. I had raised complaint with CC & they told it is valid only for 2nd recharge. So, now if I recharge with 399 (it will be my first recharge of Rs.399) will I be getting 28 days or 84 days ? Similarly what will happen if I recharge with Rs. 309 plan ?
  16. Did you try changing port to 465, 587 or 2525 from default port 25? Also get into JioFi's Web admin and try setting port forwarding.
  17. Lets Ask Arun

    Yes now it's working fine.
  18. Lets Ask Arun

    ^^ I have made a change to fix that issue for now, thanks for reporting!
  19. Lets Ask Arun

    Still not working. Same as before.
  20. Lets Ask Arun

    Can you check now? I have upgraded to the latest version.
  21. Hi, Am facing the same issue mentioned in this thread. Not able to send e-mail through JioFi but am able to send e-mails in Outlook 2010 through any other WiFi Services! Can anyone help in this issue?
  22. do u have jio link? What is plan ? can you post some pics, and review ? also procedure to get one.
  23. Lets Ask Arun

    Browsing the forum using previous or next button gets stuck with loading caption and the page loads only after refreshing the page again in Chrome browser (mobile) on RN3. Please check and resolve this issue. Update : Today I noticed that this occurs only while browsing through posts within a thread / topic. Otherwise while browsing forum it is working.
  24. Airtel V-Fibre is real?

    You will get speeds as per the distance from the exchange. 40mbps works only till 300-400m. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  25. Thank you @LTE4G for your reply.
  26. For the first recharge of ₹303 = you already got "Summer Surprise" - So no extra voucher. For the second recharge of ₹303 = you are eligible to get 28 days extra - So you got 1 Free voucher. For the third recharge of ₹303 = Still it is not clear since Jio only promised additional data for the 2nd recharge and default validity for ₹303 & ₹309 is 28 days only for subsequent recharges unless Jio makes any further announcements.
  27. Hi All, I had done three consecutive recharge of Rs. 303 in the month of March. Then Mr. Ambani announced Jio Summer Surprise offer, which gave additional three months free from (April to June). Earlier 303 plan had 28 days validity. Now when I check in myjio app, I see only 1 (303) plan left in the queue, currently 1(303) I am using which is going to expire on 13th Sept. & I have got 1 voucher (which automatically got added) with 1gb daily with 28 days validity. So my question is what about the 1st 303 recharge which got activated somewhere in the month of July. Shouldn't I get 1 voucher free for the first 303 plan ? Also, will I get another voucher when my last 303 plan starts from 14th Sept ?
  28. Airtel V-Fibre is real?

    Noticed on ookla that I am getting 40 Mbps speed. Although some times latency is there Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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