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  4. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Raise issue on pgportal and also on TRAI twitter handle
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    They have still not refunded my security deposit. All their helplines are now non-existent or they just keep on ringing. Please can anyone tell me any alternative numbers or methods to contact them? And has anyone else got their security deposit back?? Please Help!
  6. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I don't think the battery drain in DualVoLTE networks will be higher than 4G + 3G phones, unless otherwise the 4G coverage of one of the network su(ks... Constant switching from 4G to 3G/2G for voice calls will drain the battery more, imho...
  7. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I also have Wind4 as secondary phone. Good phone. But due to RAM limitations, it difficult to put more than a couple of apps. Hoping against hope to get Oreo Go update on it.
  8. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) - True4G Dual VoLTE has 5000mAH battery - should support 2 days of normal usage
  9. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thanks since i already have a standby smartphone [Lyf Wind4, 4000mAH battery] there is no need for Micromax Bharat 1. Jio98 Prepaid Plan [2GB 4G, unlimited voice, 300 SMS - 28 days] is not a "Backup Plan" - Regular Plan for use in Office [no Video/Photos downloads] - Lyf Wind4 [Dual SIM 4G-4G] Airtel399 Prepaid Plan [1.4GB 4G Data/day, unlimited voice, 100SMS/day - 84 days] is for Home use - Moto E3 Power [Dual SIM 4G-4G]
  10. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    What is the battery drain with dual VoLTE
  11. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I would suggest you get a Micromax Bharat 1 and put the Jio SIM in that. It offers very small form factor and excellent wifi hotspot. As you are using Jio 98mplan, I am assuming that you are using it as the backup plan.
  12. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Asus Zenfone Max Pro AMA / FAQ - Your Questions Answered Ref.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HevAih9js0k
  13. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Yes! You are absolutely right. By the end of this year we can expect several models from different leading brands with Dual VoLTE feature. I am also looking for a handset with Dual VoLTE.
  14. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thanks for the update! at present, Jio4G Data Speed crawls at my Home [low Band5 signal, indoors] & Airtel4G is excellent. However, Jio4G is excellent at Office & Airtel4G s**ks [4G-3G-2G frequent changeover, low signal & Battery drains]. Now I carry 2 handsets with me [Moto E3 Power (Airtel4G-Plan399) & Lyf Wind4 (Jio4G-Plan98)]! After Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) hits the market, I hope other vendors may also introduce Dual VoLTE handsets!
  15. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Yes. Asus has enabled that in one of the 3 updates, it has sent after phone launch. Further the updates have improved RAM management and speed of finger print scanning as well. VoLTE for Airtel and Vodafone are expected in coming updates as well... Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  16. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    it seems Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) does support Dual 4G VoLTE as claimed! Ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnxh9CUxgc Note: Available on Review Unit received by Gogi Tech, nice if the retail unit ships with Dual 4G VoLTE!
  17. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thank you
  18. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    NO... Asus Zenfone max Pro (M1) {that's a mouth full of name} doesn't support simultaneous Dual-VoLTE till now, as told by some youtube reviewers. Only option is Honor View10... Luckily, View10 supports all VoLTE networks in India, incl vodafone.
  19. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Looking for a Dual 4G VoLTE supported smartphone [simultaneous, not 4G-2G] for Airtel4G & Jio4G Does Asus Zenfone max Pro (1) - Ref. https://telecomtalk.info/asus-zenfone-max-pro-launched-specs-price/176065/ [Rs.10,999/-, a Flipkart exclusive & available from 03-May-2018] really meet my requirement as claimed? Gurus Pls. respond
  20. Jio RCS Messaging

    RCS (Rich Communication Services) for their calling app. The app that is used on 4G phones that do not have LTE.
  21. What is RCS Messaging? Received OTP I don't know who requested it
  22. Can buy and sell section be continued for preused handset and router/dongle?
  23. Also porting custom roms to smartphones may also be discussed.
  24. to keep the forum going, a detailed successful "Root" procedure by the android smartphone owners may be started - Phone make, model & Android version may Pls. be mentioned along with tools/apps used. To start with, I'm looking for a detailed successful "Root" procedure from Gurus here for my Lyf Wind4 - Android version 5.1.1; Android security patch level 2017-01-01; Build No. LYF_LS-5014_01_17
  25. [Off Topic]] I was just thinking that Jio came, and Rcom went down. So is our forum. It has so many active members and all subforums were active. Now main traffic is only to Jio subforum and activity is 90% down! Jio also killed our buynsell section.
  26. Please provide more information like whether you were using static IP or not, earlier it was working or not and exact error you are getting. You can also ask Jio to look into the matter. If, earlier you were using static IP then it will be problem. Jio do not support static IP as of now. So you need to have to service providers to work it.
  27. Hi I am using Jio Broad Band at my place and moving PST to Office 365 account but there is a problem, If I am using Jio services as internet I am not able to move PST to Office 365 cloud. Is there some problem in my connection.. Suggest me some method to import PST to Office 365 via Jio broadband
  28. I just completed the same for all my numbers. Sent from my XT1031 using Tapatalk
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