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  3. any of the VIVO phones support LTE-A?
  4. 1. None of the jio fi devices supports LTE-A. 2. Lenovo z2 plus supports 2CA with band 5 and band 3. So you will get less speed compare to RN4 as same time RN4(which doesn't have CA) latches to band 40 which gives decent speed.. I would recommend that Go with 3CA devices to enjoy jio. I have ported my primary Number to jio and really enjoying very good speed almost everywhere in pune at anytime..
  5. What about jio fi devices?? Which jio fi model support LTE-A?? I have Lenovo z2 plus which supports LTE-A 2CA but i never felt high speed compare to xiaomi redmi note 4, does this LTE-A thing always works??
  6. But before buy, check it with your friends or relative, whether it supports CA or not. As per specification, every SD processor supports CA atleast 2CA, but in india simply it doesn't. In this case, only samsung device is faithful although I used to hate samsung. But Now I m loving it. In my area I am getting more than 20 mbps at any time with 3CA with s7 where phone without CA is giving less than 1 mbps.
  7. As already tested, MotoE3 power can latch only to Jio4G Band5 [850MHz] indoors at my location [no Band3 / Band40 signal bars, verified by Band Lock via MTK Engineer mode], i presume upgrade to LTE-A handset may not serve well! thanks for the updated list of LTE-A supported handsets. I think MotoG5 Plus [Rs.10,999/- at Flipkart] also supports LTE-A
  8. Apart from above mentioned handset, two more handsets I have tested physically who support LTA-A 1. samsung s7 (3CA) 2. MOTO X4 (3CA)
  9. Lyf f1 and lyf f1s both available under 10k, try amazon and flipkart.
  10. I'm getting 2-3 signal Bars for Jio4G in Lyf Wind4 - I understand that, the handset latches to LTE Band 5 [850MHz] - no issue with Voice-call/SMS, only Data Speed is Pathetic [earlier with JDDD Plan, now speed reduced to 64Kbps as I haven't recharged after 01-Feb-2018] I had also tried the Jio SIm in Moto E3 Power and Locked the LTE Band to B3 & B40 [via MTK Engineer mode, *#*#3646633#*#*] - no Signal Bars! thanks for the list of LTE-A compatible handsets in India
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  12. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    bought apple ipad 9.7 2017 32gb wifi only model, need to buy cheap tempered glass and cover for the same because i am not sure i will keep it or not.
  13. Where indoor signal is nil no handset will work. Mr. 'Samir 7186' has posted in this forum regarding LTE-A handsets available in India -- 1. Lyf f1s 2. Lyf f1 3. Samsung A9 pro 4. Samsung c9 pro. None of these are below 10K.
  14. my Reliance Lyf Wind 4 handset doesn't seem to support LTE-A will LTE-A Handset solve Jio Indoor coverage issue? if so, can you suggest a Dual SIM [4G+4G] VoLTE LTE-A handset under 10K & oblige?
  15. Please check whether your handset supports LTE-A and inform us.
  16. Ref.: myJio app #4.1.09 on Lyf Wind4 the latest update of myJio app # 4.1.09 works fine on my Lyf Wind4 & is superfast [loads even with the present reduced Jio speed, viz. 64kbps] - earlier it was taking ages to load even with airtel4G & BSNL Broadband WiFi. hope Jio would also work to improve indoor 4G coverage soon, so that i can recharge & start using the services again!
  17. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    ChorCom balantly refusing to comply with Trai Order to refund balance https://telecom.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/trai-pulls-up-rcom-for-trying-to-pocket-pre-paid-balances/62808816 Hajam nahin hoga...
  18. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Huhh typically reliance... Dude they are like that... I had a landline around 2006-7 n they sent us bills 2 consecutive months after even opting out. I'll insist dont post this just here but on social platform with hashtags. The entire closing of 2G 3G spectrum was a scam. Do not pay the bill no matter what... these people just have the same reply pay it now reclaim later. The reclaim part never comes...
  19. Unlike other operators, Jio Plans are Open & Tariff-card Transparent. However, Data speed indoors at my location is pathetic! Like earlier RCom CDMA, need stable & reliable Netconnect - even 2Mbps [indoors] would be fine! Discontinued Jio on 01-Feb-2018, after the JDDD pack expired. However, it seems I'm on "Grace Plan" - 100SMS/Day [Ref. Screen-shot], 64Kbps Unlimited Data, Incoming Calls & SMS! Jio-SIM in spare handset at home now, hope things would improve [Data speed indoors]!
  20. I am NOT saying other operators were NOT looting, before jio days. Yes, they have looted and will continue to do so, if they get the slightest chance, even now. No doubts in that. I do agree that, people are getting huge benefits as well. I am NOT against the benefits for mass. I wholeheartedly welcome this. But why they are NOT caring about high ARPU users??? Do you think, they got profit, just from Jio's operations ALONE and NOT from funds of RIL??? Do you think, they will get returns for the 2.5 Lakh Crores, (this amount is as big as budget of few small countries) by offering to masses only? No, they need to concentrate on high ARPU users as well. I will be more happy, if they offered balanced services like, Rs49 Limited plan for feature phone users and Bulk benefits for high ARPU users. I am NOT losing anything, if Idea or Airtel goes to loss (they already are. Idea for 1 year & Airtel from last qtr for India operations). But lack of competition is a HUGE loss for customers. With NO competition, there will be NO need to ensure quality services. Already CC of Jio is the worst. Guess, the situation, when there is NO or little competition? It is much worse than Rs296/GB, imho. Reg "Revival of Looting Era" -- I don't think it will be as severe as AVoId days of Rs296 per GB for sure. At the max, it can go to Rs303 -- 1GB per day for 28 days. When saying LOSS to customers, it is NOT just about money -- It is loss of quality -- It is the loss of Choice -- It is the loss of peace of mind. With NO competition, your money is valueless. That is the real loss.
  21. You may disagree, but the fact is that by giving away dirt cheap offers they can easily surpass Airtel (number of subscribers) by the next year & as far as ARPU is concerned they are already well off (reporting profits) so there is no need to concentrate on improving it, at least at the moment - when they are looking for more subscribers. This can be addressed as "Killing the competition" but just think what was happening before the entry of Jio - all telecom operators were simply LOOTING. Now Jio has emerged as a "Robin Hood" and may be killing the competition, but who is benefited - We the users (remember 80%of Indian population is still poor). This is the reason why they are after masses and not merely after the bunch of high ARPU customers. I would like to say that when the things are beyond our control & we can't do anything about the present situation it is better to enjoy the cheap data till the "Looting Era" revives again if ever (although not expected).
  22. who else can offer the Rs 49/month for unlimited voice calls
  23. Sorry, I dis-agree with this point. If they are really into number one position, they must be giving special offers for high ARPU users as well as Postpaid customers (much stickier customers). But their only motto is to KILL THE COMPETITION and nothing else.
  24. I think I know "What Jio wants?" - Number 1 position in India (Dominate Indian telecom). So Jio can go to any extent to achieve it. We must not forget that all these disruptive plans may disappear after 19th October 2019 (the dead line Jio has decided for Vouchers and Plans). Anyway - in spite of all the rumpus going around Jio I am enjoying good speed.
  25. I can't understand Jio's strategy. They don't give a damn about higher-end plans and postpaid connections. Rs999 recharge still gives 60GB for 90 days (with free 15GB topup --depending on phone and Rs50x8 cashback) ONLY. The customers who have recharged with that plan are giving Rs333 per month, comparing Rs133 per month in case of Rs399 plan users. But Rs399 plan gives 1.5GB/ day for 84 days + Rs50x8 cashback vouchers + 10GB topup free. Now the Rs101 top-up automatically uses our existing Rs50 cashback voucher. So it is Rs51 for 6GB, as well. With such top-up facility, now there is simply NO NEED to go for Rs999 or above plans at all. Just do Rs399 recharge and use Rs51 (Rs101-Rs50 CB) top-up for 6GB -- when you need bulk data and you are good to go. Since Jio is NOT AT ALL thinking about the Rs333 ARPU users, now it is PROVED (although not surprising) that all Jio wants is to KILL competition and nothing else...
  26. Back to topic! Jio has now modified the add on packs - screenshot below.
  27. Today also all unlimited plan is getting differentiated at some point after FUP. Also Today Airtel offer same Rs XX/GB for 3G as well as 4G speed. same plan but different speed. Jio can differentiated Speed only when Someone get Guaranteed Better speed at each tower, which Jio can only archive by CA or deploying more Bandwidth with any band . 1/3/5/40 or 28
  28. It would not. Different speeds for different plans is beyond the scope of net neutrality. Even now, broadband/cable users have different speeds for different plans. As long there is no differentiation/restriction based on the sites/URL/IP, there is no violation of net neutrality.
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