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    @kamal I am very sorry to hear. Please take care. I dont know what caused all your problems, but there is one very famous kidney hospital in Nadiad (60 Kms from Ahmedbad) If you want you may come down to ahmedabad, I will take you there. One another advise, if your health permits and doctors allows, do YOG and PRANAYAM. It has miraculous heeling powers. It takes long, may be 2-3 years. But you can certainly lead next to normal life. However it depends on reasons of problems. In certain cases it do not work as reasons are different.
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    ^ very sorry to hear that... my best wishes for a speedy recovery...
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    @kamal, Sorry to note from your post about your ailment. Wish you a speedy recovery. I somehow also wish and pray GOD that you were only kidding Dhiraj about the above.
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    My dear friends, finally I installed Windows 7 RC1 on my PC. Its working great....... Only one crash from the last 10 days and that too while playing Vice City (GTA) game. It gave me problem to install my HP Laserjet 1010 Series printer in the starting. Even my printer doesn't worked with Compatibility mode. Then I downloaded a utility from HP website, which detects your printer and install the drivers. After that only I was able to use my HP Laserjet 1010 series printer with windows 7. My HP Inkjet F4185 was automatically detected and installed immediately. Now, there's only one problem.....My Pinnacle TV Tuner Card is giving some problems......It gives Video output but Audio is not there.....I'm getting desperate for this......tried different settings but unable to get the Audio from my TV Tuner Card. In all its great. Thanks to Dhiraj brother and all other mates here for your feedback and support. Cheers !
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    Techtree News Staff, Jul 15, 2009 1735 hrs IST Spice Mobiles has launched its new CDMA phone model, the C-5300. The company is positioning it under the entertainment category. The C-5300 has a 1.8-inch screen with 65K color display. It's a customizable home screen allows users to add or change the menus on home screen. The phone comes with the 'Smart Desktop' function which allows users to alter the in-built screen shortcuts. The model plays music and offers FM recording, call recording. There's also a VGA camera, expandable memory (up to 1GB), one touch torch, mobile tracker, as well as the facility to blacklist / whitelist numbers. The model is priced at Rs 3,549. You can find further details about the C-5300 here.