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    ^ Nice to see it worked for you; if you want to say thank you, press the green + button on the lower right hand corner of the said post... lol...
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    On a Treo support site there is a description of how to bypass this for Treo 600 (may also work with 755p): 1) Press and HOLD the 5-way UP navigation control 2) Press and release the reset button on the back of the Treo (in Treo 755p there is no button so remove and reinsert battery to reset) 3) Continue to hold the 5-way UP navigation until the Treo displays the Preferences screen or the Phone application 4) Release the 5-way UP navigation key Ref: http://www.launcherx.com/support/#_Toc135807426 This solution pertained to solving a "Reset Loop", but it also serves to bypass the stylus setup screen. Hopefully by posting a definitive answer to this post, it will save people some time and money. It's certainly an alternative to bricking the unit. The screen is simple to replace, which you should eventually do. Also, sometimes, debris gets caught between the screen and the casing. Run the edge of a thin piece of plastic (light screen protector thin) bewteen the screen and the casing to remove any debris. This might help. Good Luck
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    how to get the spc , in bitpim it shows hexadecimal digits 9 digits or 11 digits , but the code is of 8 digits max . please help me
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    Dear Friends, I am from Karnataka and am looking forward to e-recharge my Reliance phone with a Rs. 49 STV. But I am a little confused. There is also a e-sms pack which is being offered for the same amount in my circle which offers 250 sms free. SO how can i make sure that my mobile is loaded with the Jaadu pack and not the sms pack. I want to make this transaction through CITIBANK. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!! Online facility is not available for SMS recharges, so dont even try for recharge with 49, else u will be recharged with STV of 49 dude use rechargeitnow.com.u can recharge any mobile cdma and gsm leaving out some like rgsm ,tata docomo,bsnl some circles and aircell some circles