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    i have made a cab file which replaces the htc_cm_guardian.exe on ur stock roms with a blank file all u have to do is just install the cab file now no need to create a blank file on ur desktop , copy to ur device and use total commander to replace it just install and u r done NOTE : u might have to remove iota folder ( if at all it exists in ur device) if anyone can post iota folder from their device ( before they delete it) then i can make all in one cab file to remove iota as well create htc guardian blank file PS: i m trying to make all in one cab file to do all the job of replacing guardian file , removing iota and creating rworld settings !!! give feedback if its working or not MK- htc guardian fix.cab
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    ^^^ didnt want to go offtopic as this thread is for touch pro discussion , so let it be related to touch pro the cab file will be developed further by me , so i chose to start another topic instead
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    OK , i made a cab file to do the job it works on my diamond , but its on custom rom , so people running sprint stock rom can test it on their devices and give me feedback