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    as i see lot of people have problems updating their bbs to new OS either they brick their device or while updating they get FATAL ERROR FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO UPDATE UR BBS WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE OR RISK OF BRICKING 1) go to blackberry site and download os of ur choice 2) go to c:/program files / common files/ reseacrh in motion/ app loader / and delete vendor.xml file 3) install the os 4) again go to same path as step 2 and delete vendor.xml file 5) dont use desktop manager 6) make sure ur OS is in following folder c:/program files / common files/ research in motion/ shared / loader files 7) go to app loader folder and double click on loader.exe 8) it will open up apploader wizard click next , it will show list of available updates 9) type next and select options as per ur wish 10) it will take 10-20 mins and ur device will be updated safely
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    hi all...as now most of the members of rimweb using bb8830 or others so why not there shud b a separate thread for problems faced in ur bb device so that one can find his solution easily......
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    no need to wipe os or uninstall os unless u r gonna program phone wiping os isnt required