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    RCOM has added only 1.66 million subscribers in all the 22 circles they operate in. They are just ahead of Idea Cellular which added 1.54 million subscribers. The fact that Tata has managed more than double the figure managed by RCOM, by operating in less than half the circles is really commendable. In order to attract further additions in the coming months, RCOM would be forced to adopt a more aggressive marketing technique bundled with offers. Bharti Airtel is the most stable of the lot adding 2.8 million subscribers.
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    Good thread but I am vegetarian (from 1984 to 1990, I had been non vegetarian -when I was doing lots of exercise - but could not prove myself that meat and eggs are good for body building and strength, so quit and became vegetarian again). My body feels more comfortable being vegetarian. I dont know about others. I believe vegetarianism is more eco friendly too - this is yet another reason for me converting to strict vegetarianism.