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    MODI INFOSOL PVT LTD is seller on Ebay.in who sells ZTE N919D. I bought around six handsets and one completely dead. When I talked to them, they did not give proper response, then I gave legal notice to them, ZTE and Ebay, then they have changed the mother board.
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    On 21May2015 (after 2 weeks), i sent a strong e-mail to Motorola-India General Manager Mr. Amit Boni - aboni78@gmail.com - with details of sorry state of Motorola Service at my location, I got the device back on 29May2015 with Motherboard replaced "free-of-cost"! After I received the device, I have sent a feedback to Flipkart CEO Mr. Sachin Bansal - sachin@flipkart.com - to use his clout to impress upon Motorola to strengthen Service Network. Hopefully things will improve!
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    In DFS Tools,setting HDR SCP force AT config to -> RevB_MFPA and [0] Sub2 PL <- enable [1] EC CH <- enable [2] EA CH <- enable [3] EFT CH <- enable [4] Sub 3 RT <- enable [5] Sub 1 RT <- enable [6] Enh Idle <- enable [7] Gen M-M <- enable BCMS [0] <- enable App Sub MFPA <- enable I'm getting a good speed also without any other packs it always in the range of 4 to 5 mbps
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    motorola droid Maxx supporting evdo rev B networks today only I configured through dfs tools... [emoji4]
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    God I cant believe it would come to this. I cant believe that I still dont know how to put data settings. Guess havent done it myself except on htc phones with ##778 support. I have these two phones HTC evo 4g & evo 3d. Both recently bought for close friends. Evo 3d has 1x but no evdo, even though got it activated through hetal bhai but need to configure hdr user name & pass dont know where to do it. courtesy sadik bhai, he made a nv item txt file but didnt tell me how to put it on phone............lol next is htc evo 4g works with calls & sms but no data setting is there as per seller, dont know why. again no idea where to put even ppp details for 1x. both phones have ##3282# working but dont think anything can be fed there. please help & guide me ppl. tried to search on our forum but couldnt reach there. if all the steps are already given then direct me there to the link of that thread. many thanks