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    Permanent Unlock GSM LS980 G2 by LG Very Important: CODE: THIS UNLOCK WORKS ONLY ON ZV7 & ZV8 BASEBAND.SO PROCEED ONLY IF YOU ARE ON ZV7/ZV8 & COMPLETE STOCK STATE. WORKS ON ZVA(STOCK STATE) ALSO. Thanks to ankurcshah Downloads Source Phone has to be COMPLETE stock state rooted. How to achieve stock state? here How to root? here Dowload and Unrar, Put the Phone on Charge only Enable Debug from Developer Option Under Phone Settings If you do not have Developer Options under settings simple go to Settings/About Phone/Software Information under this tab on Build Number 10 times continuously and it will enable the Developer Options in your phone. Before running the TC you should change the language, its in Russian by default. Go to Total Commander and look for Language folder. Select all the files shown in the pic below and delete them Thats it now its set to English language. Run TC from the Unrared folder then click on the network icon marked in RED and then double click on ADB marked on YELLOW You should be able to see your phone there, double click on it and wait Now go to carrier folder and open it Copy the property folder from the unrared folder and paste it inside the carrier folder like shown in pic. Reboot and enjoy GSM unlock which will receive OTA also To make APN's stick please follow the method mentioned below Go to etc folder Look for apns-conf.xml, now replace it with the one from downloaded one Go to data folder Under data folder look for data folder Under the second data folder look for com.android.providers.telephony Look for database folder Delete telephony.db and reboot you phone APN's should stick after this THANKS to yasbxe Please donate to him.
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    Hello All: I had a word and dropped a mail with Huawei India and told them of this issue. The customer service guy acknowledge the issue for Internet Data not working on Reliance Cdma and said that Huwaei recd lots of complaints on this. He further added that this issue is being looked into by the product team and shall be resolved in the next 48 hrs. He had taken note of email and said that email will be sent with resolution.Also it is not the sim series problem its the software problem . By the way Tata EV works flawlessly on amanually adding apn settings. I hope this is not just another gimmick and things will sort out soon.Hopefully they release a patch soon !!! I think all those owning this handset should complain so that this problem sorts out soon rather than late. Sam007
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    this is very comical & neither Huawei nor Reliance can explain this , i believe it is more to do with software , hopefully the manufacturer releases a patch
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    ha ha. if click power and vol - at one time (when the phone is in off position) it will boot in different screen you have to go to BP Tools with the help of vol + or -.
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    Which handset you are using before Honer and is data runing on it ?Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk