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    My 4g sim is activated. Data is not working. Phone is able to catch 4g network as well. Called customer care. They said need to go to gallery and get some sim scanned. Using galaxy s7 edge.
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    Regarding rumours of CDMA continuing.. We know who might've started that. Most probably a seller, who's finding it difficult to sell off his balance CDMA stock 😂 Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
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    yes. uptill zv5 its qfuse v1 zv6 to zva qfuse v2 zvb, antirollback patch. we can only flash equal or higher qfuse versions. dont try to dowgrade with lower qfuse, it will probably hard brick.
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    no evdo in central delhi since yesterday, latching to only 1x received my 4G sim yesterday as reliance's representative came to our corporate office and delivered the same personally. he said the following "This GSM sim is activated and ready to use provided your CDMA sim will be deactivated by reliance may be in week's time. Till that time do not try to insert the new GSM sim, as this sim will not work and if you try to do so then the SIM will be blocked and the activation will be difficult. So wait till the CDMA gets disconnected. and once the CDMA sim is deactivated, immediately insert the GSM sim card which is automatically activated and ready to talk." i am in no hurry for 4G to get activated, feel sad that i would be saying goodbye to cdma soon.
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    Yes i have also updated to ZVG as per xda thread no issues in SIM unlock . My method was TOT to ZVE , root , SIM unlock but dont change apnconf file or delete anything . Just replace carrier folder . Sideload ZVG and reboot . Flash TWRP for LP LS980 using Autorec . It also backs up stock recovery . Delete bloatware of Sprint but don't delete Activation apk as it gives bootloops .
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    Can we take OTA update from sprint when my phone is rooted? Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk