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    Reliance JIO SIM activation is taking quite some time now. I collected the token on 25th August 2016 from Reliance Digital (not mini). Submitted my documents and collected SIM (Prepaid) on 26th August 2016. Was told that it may take up to 10 days for the SIM to get activated. Finally received message from JIONET "Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is ....... Thank you, Team Jio" on my alternate number on 1st September 2016 after midnight (i.e. 1:00 AM on 2nd Sept). Again received message from JIONET "Dear Customer, Due to overwhelming response to our Jio Preview Offer, there may be some delays in activating your connection. We will inform you via SMS once your Jio number 70XXXXXXXX is ready for televerification. Thank you, Team Jio" on my alternate number on 3rd Sept 2016 evening. Still waiting eagerly but with patience for next message. Tomorrow is 5th Sept and if my SIM gets activated tomorrow or later then it will be Welcome offer by default I think. UPDATE: (4rth September 2016) Viola! Activation Message Received just now on my alternate number that my number is ready for televerification.
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    have a visit @ other web world and tell the person over there to activate your no. by giving your and MEID sometimes HCC does not work even i am using hero registered with reliance. I also tried to get activated by HCC but it doesn't so i went at web world and got it activated. also contact the person who registered your MEID