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    Here is some GOOD NEWS !!! Now you can watch Jio Cinema & Jio TV on your Desktop or Laptop using any browser. Jio has silently launched the web version of both the apps. Go to following links : Jio Cinema https://www.jiocinema.com/ Jio TV https://www.jiotv.com/ Details will be updated later. Updates: Login using your Jio ID to watch (I was able to login with email ID as well as Unique ID but Jio number & password combination didn't work). Jio Cinema has an additional option of login using Jio number with OTP. I was able to play HD stuff smoothly in Edge browser whereas it didn't play in my Firefox browser (may be because I have not installed Flash in my Firefox). Latest Update : for the time being Jio has disabled & put Under Construction page - wait for it to get removed then try. Will Update.