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  1. LYF Flame 7S Review

    Thanks for the review! I guess all Lyf handsets have that billing style where they list the accessory separately; possibly for tax related purpose.
  2. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    The largest source of black money in India is tax evasion where only about 3 per cent of Indians pay income taxes. So how is this going to end black money? While the move will make an impact, it isn't going to make a impact big enough to justify the inconveniences that the common people are facing and this will have negative impact on the economy as well.
  3. I wish the pricing for FTTH is actual and hope the monthly plans will also be awesome
  4. 3G/EVDO? This drilling is done by Reliance Jio and not Reliance Communications. They are planning to start 4G services later this year only.
  5. BuySell.RIMweb.in

    Great, it's worth the wait!

    Parin hasn't mentioned his birthday on his profile: "Birthday: Birthday Unknown" So it wasn't shown in the birthday list.
  7. RIMweb.in 9th Anniversary!

    Congrats and Happy Birthday RIMweb! Wish everyone a Merry Christmas too!
  8. Dec 24,2012 Telecom Lead India Reliance Communications has priced Facebook Messenger Plan for all Reliance GSM subscribers at Rs 16 per month. At Rs 16 per month, Reliance GSM customers can enjoy unlimited usage of Facebook messenger across the country. Users need not pay any extra data consumption charges. The Facebook Messenger Plan is available with a validity period of 30 Days from the date of recharge and the plan is auto-renewed every 30 days unless unsubscribed. “We are hoping this offer to trigger a significant shift of youth customers using Smartphones to our superior network,” said Nilanjan Mukherjee, chief revenue officer – Wireless, Reliance Communications. Recently, Reliance has unveiled One Bill for the family concept in India. The plan, as claimed by Reliance Communications, enables users to save upto 50 percent. As part of the plan, Reliance Communications will offer free 3000 minutes of Local/STD voice calls, 3000 Local/National SMS and 3GB of 3G Data available on a sharing basis. The Facebook Messenger feature app works on a cross platform of smart and feature phones. It also recently launched a new version of Messenger service where users need only their name and phone number to sign up for a new account. Users can download the app at fb.me/msgr. The plans with Reliance will allow its GSM customers to use this new app at no extra cost. “Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. And mobile is a big part of that. Reliance users are now able to take the opportunity with the free data access plan to Facebook services like our new free messaging app to connect with their friends and families,” said Kevin D’Souza, country growth manager, Facebook.
  9. ICS/Jelly Bean for EVO 3D - Step By Step

    You have to get it from your handset seller
  10. Some ISPs do insert such ads when installing their connection software. Which ISP do you use? It could also have been installed by some other software with malicious intention.
  11. HTC EVO 4G & EVO 3D Data Settings

    Get the NV file from your handset seller
  12. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    Switch to postpaid is the only solution for you now. After changing contact your handset seller, some sellers do offer good plans for postpaid.
  13. Data Plans For Reliance Mobile CDMA Explained

    "Rs.99 for 300 MB" is a "Mobile Net" plan which has NUC charges. So you were charged for it. See the plans in the first post for plans that do not have NUC charges and use MDN as the username/password to avoid getting huge bills!
  14. Best Network In Delhi?

    As you can see from the opinions of different members, the experiences vary and your experiences may differ from what they experienced. Just as KanagaDeepan mentioned, it would be best if you can try checking at your place yourself even though it is going to take time and cost money. Or at least check with the people who are using various providers in your immediate neighborhood or the place you are going to use it for more time of the day. There is no such best network in Delhi... the network that works best for you is your best network!