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  1. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Great!! Have been waiting for this one! Thanks for posting. I just hope and pray that this one does not have the dust issue which plagued the Optimus One. And hope they have improved on the cam. Going to wait for some reviews.
  2. Wouldn't be sure of that. Regarding my LG P500, the service center also gave me a DOA certificate and do not replace the mobile themselves. For replacement I was was told to go to the same shop where I bought it from. Good thing about this is that in case the same model is not in stock or something, you may get to buy whatever else the shop has in stock. The way I see it is that mgdelhi has been inconvenienced by Indiaplaza. Normally, if you buy from any shop, if its dead out of the box, the shopkeeper should replace it immediately, without further hassles. I was told the same even by Letsbuy - that if its defective or has genuine issue, I can send it back and they would replace it, but it has to be done in 2 days or such. At least thats what I was reassured. Don't know how good they are when executing it. Letsbuy's reputation is not exactly terrific, but at least they are better than Indiaplaza for sure. Flipkart on the other hand seems to have a 30 day replacement guarantee. And I'm sure thats unbeatable, along with Flipkart's numero uno reputation and service.
  3. Reliance Bank

    HDFC yes ICICI no I was a customer of HDFC for 5 years and still am of ICICI for 12 years.but ADA BANK - no way What did HDFC do to you?
  4. Reliance Bank

    Blimey, bank account with an ADA controlled bank? No sire, not even in my nightmares.
  5. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Great... but hasnt Rimweb kinda slowed down lately?
  6. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Half a victory is = zero victory. Though I find even the idea of victory and defeat to be ridiculous in a (so-called) democracy. Elected representatives HAVE TO bend to the will of the electorate. Where is the question of victory and defeat? Its quite a different matter that this does not seem to work in real with these rotten $!@% scum having the guts to even openly oppose the people who have elected them (I am not talking about legitimate concerns). What I really liked is Anna advising the people to note in diaries what each representative spoke in parliament and and go thru it at election time. How on Earth do these people get re-elected unless people have amazingly faulty memory modules in their skulls? Lets see if this half victory becomes zero victory soon and if these premature celebrations become a joke. I'd not trust politicians one bit.
  7. India Against Corruption - Parivartan

    Awesome! Much better cus it feels way better to kill those $#%@#& instead of poor pigz. Vande Mataram!
  8. Anybody has any idea when the Optimus Net will be released?
  9. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    They also seem to have upped their advertising. The cost of which is also perhaps behind these crazy price hikes. I was happy to have gotten few good deals from them till last month or so, but now there is almost nothing worth buying esp. at the current prices. Their coupons mean nothing now. Disappointing.
  10. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Have you guys noted the extent to which Yebhi has hiked prices in recent times? With the current prices, these coupons are not attractive for most items. Even some rubbish products are now priced more than double then what they were just a month or so ago. You can get better deals even in physical shops (esp. during sales).
  11. ^^^Same here. Used the phone couple days ago and tariff was it should be. And it better stay that way, else my RGSM goes out of the window. Why on Earth should anybody use RGSM if tariff is same as Idea/Voda?
  12. Could not find time to mention earlier - they again credited Rs. 3 back to my account and their email said they will look into why its happening, etc. Lol! Lets see if they mean it or when the next looting spree happens. But this time they replied after over a week after sending details of all this looting to the DoT. Sent it to TRAI also, but they didn't even reply. Wonder if they even read.
  13. ^^^ Seems exactly like that. A very important observation. Even I got nowhere with AirHELL in the past, even after complaining to DoT. RCom and even Docomo though do pay heed to it.
  14. ^^^There is a difference between Lifetime validity and Lifetime Tariff validity. If you are sure you have a lifetime tariff validity plan, and they are charging more, then they are clearly cheating. Complain about it to DoT and TRAI also.
  15. But dude, they are following regulations which prohibit operators from changing plans/terms for min. 6 months. And they are not automatically subscribing existing users to the MCA monthly service. So to that extent, aren't they right? While we are fretting and fuming at the cessation of a free service, its still some solace that their rates are perhaps the lowest. Even then, personally I don't think I'll be subscribing to it.