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  1. All ok ? Perfect ? Remember data will not work if you upgrade to KK(LS980ZVC). not much of difference anyway. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk updated to ZVC on Reliance RUIM and lost data. Hoping for a solution. Tried reverting to ZV7 but getting bootloops. even went into recovery using power+vol keys and did hard factory resets but bootloops wont go away. For all users recommend using the "service disable" app from playstore to disable all the bloated apps. Gives a great battery life.
  2. sadly reporting that despite assurance from the appellate authority that RSN has been released from Reliance database EVDO is still working on my old handset. So in the end it didn't work out with the nodal officer.
  3. Hello Ehtesham Please let us know if you got the solution. That way many others like us would be benefited. All the best!!! Regards Got a call from Reliance Mumbai 24 hours after emailing to the Nodal Officer ( Email appears on the monthly bill) The person who called me first said I have to give a written request at WebWorld and that he has not heard of such a case in his lifetime !!! "Well dude there's always a first in life" (didn't say this of course) Told him WebWorld staff is not aware of such requests. I Insisted that he solve this problem at their end and reminded him about experts from RIMweb doing the same procedure for the past few years. He started asking names of the person in the technical department who are offering such services. Told him such information is privileged and known only to the people involved in such engagements. I also had to repeat all the sequence of events that I had mentioned in the email. So after few moments holdup the call was transferred to different person. Sounded more knowledgeable. Rupesh said that my old RSN number is still in service and will get it released as soon as possible and will give a confirmation call after consulting with the technical team. I'm waiting for his call and I'm beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping fingers crossed.
  4. Great news for Sprint LG G2 LS980 owners.. 4.4.2 kitkat ZVC update . This info is for reference only. Dont OTA update if you are rooted
  5. Recently transferred Samsung Fascinate (Non-SIM) to LG G2 (SIM) on sending SMS to 53733 for Fascinate RSN status I guess message "Failure! Requested RSN not Found" although EVDO is still working on the Facsinate As per suggestions will contact Nodal officer to get RSN released from Fascinate
  6. My older handset is NV based so I have to be sure before selling it off My transfer was from NV based to RUIM handset. So deactivation through email sounds like a sensible step unless the InstaCare request takes into account only the MEID or RSN before de activation. Some forum users have posted no success with Reliance CC for EVDO de activation. Right now I will wait for a response from CC or send an email to appellate authority as mentioned in a post elsewhere for EVDO de activation.
  7. Have only sent de activation request to customer care through email to delink old RSN or MEID from EVDO. In the meantime got EVDO activated on the new handset by sending SMS TO 55444 according to Parin post in another thread... Havent used instaCare App yet and thats why asking whether you migrated to a new handset activated EVDO on new handset and then used EVDO de activation on old handset ?
  8. I've come across a very interesting article offering upgrade for present LG G2 owners. “G2 is 4G ready and support TDD LTE frequency for which companies in India hold spectrum. Once the network is ready, we can upgrade these devices to support 4G. They will not have to buy new device for accessing 4G service. At present G2 will support 3G,” LG India’s Marketing head Amit Gujral said. I wonder if Sprint version is acceptable for the upgrade or only those bought locally
  9. I've already activated EVDO on my new handset. Now if I go back to the old handset and request EVDO de activation will it disable EVDO service on new handset too ? Thanks
  10. Migrated from Samsung Fascinate (Non-SIM) to LG G2 . At WebWorld filled up retain SIM form. Used *228 to activate new SIM. Send SMS to 55444 and EVDO got activated. Thanks to Parin for this info. I've also confirmed with CC that EVDO plan remains the same as before. Unfortunately both EVDO and voice on previous handset is still active. This is where my dilemma lies now. Looking at forums posts it seems subscribers are having difficulty in deactivation and de linking the older MEID. I've already sent an email to CC but no response yet. Even a factory reset wont help as the MEID is tied up with data connection. I can only hope now that I get a proper response from CC.
  11. Samsung Fascinate SCH-I500 Unjust Dev KitKat 4.4
  12. This is for JB only. Used the link from to activate 3G data under recovery.
  13. Called up CC to change my present MobileNet99 to MobileNet94. I was told to call back on 24th which is one day before the next billing cycle. Asked why so and why can't my request be taken now. Replied if request is taken now I will be charged 99Rs until the billing cycle ends while 94Rs will be charged from the time request is taken. Told him I'm ready to pay all the charges mentioned. So the CC rep fell silent for a moment went back to the supervisor to confirm. Guess what my request was taken and told me that the plan would change from the next billing cycle !!! I wish I could record all these type of conversations as it is Reliance policy to record customer calls and post it on the internet. Unfortunately android app on the fascinate does not support full two way call recording. Anyway its a great plan and happy surfing to all !!!
  14. My latest bill shows MobileNet99 plan with appropriate usage deduction. So the system has been finally updated and problem solved....
  15. Sent sms to 53739 and text "ACT MN99 51374" Reply was "Dear Subscriber, your request could not be processed. Please try again. We regret the inconvenience. Reliance" Any postpaid customer tried subscribing through SMS to these data plans ?? Please share your feedback. Thanks...