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  1. Lets Ask Arun

    Hi Arun there is an addon for xenforo which auto completes usernames when we try to tag them e.g. if I type @Aru.... it will give me @Arun It is quite useful Is there anything similar possible for IPB
  2. Is Reliance CDMA Data (1x/EVDO ) free of roaming charges?

    I have never been charged roaming on RCDMA data anywhere in the country - Kar number used in Mum, MH, Kol, WB, J&K also (and anywhere in between on trains)
  3. I am going to buy extended battery from http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AZZOH04 Total cost $79.98 ($39.99 x 2) Total weight 0.96 oz (0.48 oz x 2) On Amazon it costs Rs 6790.46 but without customs duties Items (2):INR 5,173.38 Shipping & handling:INR 1,617.08 Total before tax:INR 6,790.46 Estimated tax to be collected:*INR 0.00 Order total:INR 6,790.46 On GEB it costs Rs 3873 x 2 = Rs 7746 Please suggest which provider to use - I have SNS account but anything cheaper than amazon is most welcome, thanks
  4. [Handset suggestion] Dual SIM dual standby CDMA + GSM

    On either would do It will be for my father who is a technophobe so the simpler to use the better really
  5. Moto 360 -- A mind blowing Smart-watch running Android wear

    A YT comment:
  6. [Handset suggestion] Dual SIM dual standby CDMA + GSM

    Only S870e seems to fit the bill but it 10K on ebay.in from a seller with poor feedback
  7. [Handset suggestion] Dual SIM dual standby CDMA + GSM

    Aditya thanks but I forgot to mention the CDMA part has to work on RCDMA paging @rajanmehta *bat signal*
  8. Handset Launches - News Snippets

    Whoa good going FK
  9. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    10% more off on deep-discounted fight MRP items on pepperfry - 10TAK
  10. BuySell.RIMweb.in

    @Arun - I can access rimweb from office but not buysellweb - it gets filtered out in proxy - any chance of making both domains similar so that it can be accessed also
  11. BuySell.RIMweb.in

    Hi Arun, well done, congratulations
  12. Motorola Announces Moto G

    I didn't get.. Did you?
  13. Jtag - Bring Back Hard Bricked Boot Dead Phones

    Yes Josh Groce mobiletechvideos @ Gmail dot com
  14. Congratulations, YT has a lot of video guides - start off with semi auto modes eg landscape portrait motion etc then move to assisted manual modes ie aperture, shutter speed then finally manual and program mode
  15. They will have a portable 4g router which will create wifi Hotspot using which existing wifi enabled devices can connect The above messages seem to be rumors though - afaik only blr offers free public wifi on one road in India and that was widely reported in media so city wide free wifi would have caused a lot of media attention
  16. Share/Request Discount Coupons For Online Shopping

    Click on customer support tab on top right. Then click on buying then on refund. Then choose either a) call email c) chat If you choose call they will give a PIN on screen which you will need to use when calling their call centre number Their number is 18002093229
  17. The photography thread

    And I end for now with this
  18. The photography thread

  19. The photography thread

  20. The photography thread

  21. And since we are uploading photographs, here is one taken in auto landscape mode
  22. @puneet_july30 I agree with @nishsuxx on this, start cheap, get a feel of what you want and then upgrade I am using a Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm bought from Amazon for approx 22K, plus bought a wide angle and a telephoto from ebay (seller booyahchicago) for 4K odd, plus a tripod from Flipkart for 900 odd, plus a 32GB SDHC bought from Flipkart (forgot the price) For beginners an 18-55 is fine, you need to play around with the manual settings and get a feel of it before really jumping headlong into expensive equipment that you cannot even utilize the best out of at first - there are lots of videos on YouTube as guides Final call is with you though