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  1. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    My Le2 is on the latest OS released. VoLTE is working for me as I get phone sign over HD and not installed JIOJoin app. All the calls are made directly using mobile call panel. No issue in terms of coverage or calling. Login to MYJIO app using skip option also did not activated the JIO preview offer.
  2. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I was able to activate JIO unlimited preview offer on Le Eco Le 2 mobile. Below is my experience in activating same. Generated code on Le 2 using method suggested with old .apk file. Got JIO sim from Reliance Digital ( Bangalore) after submitting required documents. Received application submission request SMS in 2 hours and then tele-verification message within 2 hours and connection was ready in next 30 mins for making/receiving calls as well as data. I had some issue regarding activating JIO unlimited preview offer on Le 2 (tried all suggested methods as per Google but results was negative) Called JIO Customer Care and raised a Service request with them on 27/Aug for JIO unlimited preview offer activation. Agent had collected information on Device Model, Serial No., IMEI1/IMEI2. Called them again on 28/Aug (Sunday Afternoon) and received update that I need to finish 2GB default data and 6 hours after that JIO unlimited preview offer will be activated automatically, without any action from my side. Again called then on 28/Aug (evening - within 6 hours of finishing 2GB data) and received information from agent that the JIO unlimited preview offer is available only on specified phones and not on all phones. After talking to third Customer Service Agent lost hope of activating and left phone untouched. Today morning (29/Aug) received SMS on phone updating that your JIO unlimited preview offer has been activated and when verified inside My JIO app can see the message with unlimited access till 26 Nov 2016. Now Data & Calls are working without any issue. Seems JIO is not restricting activation of JIO unlimited preview offer on specific handsets. JIO unlimited preview offer can be activated from Back-end also in case of issue in activation through MYJIO app.
  3. Thank you very much Sadikk for the most required technical stuff by noobs..................
  4. Update on Fraud e-bay HDD Seller: I have received the refund of 36$ in my Credit card account on 18/05/2011. Atleast, we can feel relax that our hard earned money would not go wasted. Those who are still waiting for refund, please update your status. I will reiterate that please do not loose your hope as in this case seller is a big fraudster and Paypal has also confirmed this. Please do keep your communication with Paypal if not received refund. Thanks Amit
  5. Got latest update on 1TB HDD case. Paypal has closed the case and decided in buyer's favour. Please see the mail. ******************************************************************************************* Hello Amit Singh, We've finished our investigation of your Buyer Complaint: Transaction Date: Apr. 6, 2011 Transaction Amount: $36.00 USD Seller's Email: xuanwuqingzhu2010@yahoo.com.cn Seller's Name: 洪微 成 Invoice Number: Transaction Number: 72C4746566096192U After looking into this issue carefully, we've determined that the seller is at fault. We've returned your money, and your account has been credited the $36.00 USD. This is the maximum we were able to recover. Please allow up to 5 days for the refund to appear in your PayPal account. We value your business and regret your recent experience. To avoid these problems in the future, we recommend following the guidelines in our Security Tips section: https://www.paypal.com/ca/cgi-bin/?cmd=p/gen/fraud-prevention-outside Thanks, PayPal *********************************************************************** Based on this , I am sure that everyone who has been cheated by the Fraudster Seller will be getting refund soon. We need to make sure that we follow up through mails or calls with Paypal. Thanks Amit
  6. Dhiraj Ji Do not loose hope , today I also received the same coin by post. I called up Paypal and was transferred to Claims Agent (Michelle). I explained her the case and then She told me that in this case my amount will be refund without any further action required from my side. I asked her, if they require I can send them pictures of Postal packet ,but She replied that they do not need any proof as the item is worthless for the amount paid for the deal. She also told that Paypal will refund 36 $ to my credit card. Also ,She told that in this none of the buyers will be loosing their amount ,its only seller who be on loosers end ,as paypal has blocked his entire amount with them including previous transactions. To all those who are affected by this please keep on your communication with Paypal through phone, mails,etc. I bought items from ebay almost close to a Lakh rupees ,but this is the first time, I have faced such issue. But it happens and I have no issue as I will be getting my money back.
  7. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    I signed too. Got a message "You are signer #78".
  8. Guys, I wanted another HDD as my 160 GB Transcend is full. I was checking e-bay and got this super deal. Its just 36$ for 1TB including Shipping.Don't believe me check the link http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280653811991&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_4780wt_1093 Note : I just wanted to share this among our Rimwebians. I have no idea on the deal (good or bad),as I am yet to receive my purchased item. But the price is superb as that includes shipping. Deal Category: Computer HDD Deal Source: ebay Deal Advertiser: ebay Website Link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280653811991&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_4780wt_1093 Deal Applicability: details in link. Deal Products: Best Price for 1 TB HDD. Product Photos:
  9. Problem In Using Aircel SIM on BlackBerry 8830

    I was able to get network on its own after sometime (may be 10 minutes).After that I even accessed net through Opera Mini Browser. BTW my B8830m is on (295). Thanks to you all for updates.
  10. Guys, I am not able to use AIRCEL SIM in my Sprint BB8830. Eventhough ,I have used GSM on the same handset earlier. Even after selecting AIRCEL netwok using Manual Network selection, it is showing GPRS for some time and then shows signal bars for few seconds and then shows Ysos symbol in the network indicator. Does any of you faced the same issue earlier. I tried switching connections ON & OFF, it shows network for few seconds and then shows SOS symbol. Could you please help me out with the issue.Is it due to low network signal. Thanks in advance
  11. Fix by Doc on my BB8830 ( is working fine and am able to see Reliance mobile World. Thanks to Doc for updating us.
  12. Hi Guys got some update on getting code for Reliance BB9630 I got code from one of the vendors earlier and so checked for this also. Belowis the conversation between us: Shan: yes he needs to run this MEP Reader method) http://www.swiftunlocks.net/MEP_Reader.zip 1. Download File. 2. Open Software ( Blackberry Desktop Manager must be installed, Disabled Password, & Disable memory card and storage mode) 3. Press read Button 4. Connect phone to pc and wait 5. Send us IMEI + MEP + Model + Carrier to swiftunlocks@gmail.com and we will correct the code with ONE exact code. and get me the mep so i can get the correct code me: what will be the cost involved Shan: 5.00 usd I hope this may be enough for our gurus to get further information. Thanks Amit
  13. New Handsets Added In Profile Field

    Blackberry 8830m can also be added in the list,if not there earlier. Thanks to Doc. Muffy and Hitesh for helping me out to make it work on Reliance.
  14. Debranding - Hacking Vsm Files

    While loading VSM files ,I am getting this error message. Anyone faced this kind of issue earlier. Device info : BB8830m OS: Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks Amit
  15. Blackberry Hidden Engineering Screen

    Thanks Doc. For all the knowledge. After going through all the parameters in the Engineering screen, I remembered when I used *#0000#* on my SPICE C810 and got Engineering screen. I also played with Programming and bricked my phone and it was second day after buying ,but didn't got tensed ,as being member of Rimweb one should know till Hardware is OK ,software can be loaded again and again. So went to service center and got it loaded with latest software. Once again thanks for sharing your knowledge. thanks Amit