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  1. Jagjit Singh Passes Away

    feeling like I ll cry out.. He is my all time favorite...
  2. Please Recommend Any Roamfree Plan

    If you do lot of sms and outgoing calls then shift to reliance cdma.. 1. All outgoing rates will be same. 2. Sms charge same i.e. 1P/sms 3. unlimited plans too can be used in roaming. One more benefit you will get with this... You will get a range of awsome handset in unbelievable price here... Which cannot be compared.
  3. Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56

    One of my friends words... So true for Jobs" " Yes we hated you, yes you were a pirate of the valley, a generation sniggered at you, a decade laughed at you. but u showed us all, how beauty and technology can waltz together. you showd us all what perfection meant and how mad one can become to achieve it. may be you didnt have values, but you had a vision.......don't rest in Peace don't. coz if your spirit rests, the universe will remain stan...d still.... to the spirit called JOBS!!.. ."Were here to make a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why even be here?"............
  4. iPhone 4S Launched!

    In my personal opinion 4.0" screen is best... after tht it should not be called phone
  5. iPhone 4S Launched!

    Everything agreed Kanaga but chaos is that android still doesn't have any flagship... iPhone's USP is that its single..I am saying this bcoz i felt it here... Here in Japan companies are providing iPhone's to their employee even they know android is better because the question is which one?? Which phone S II, Photon, Sensation??? which??Unstablity... I think once google and motorola start project together which we heard then only iPhone's craze will go down...
  6. iPhone 4S Launched!

    Specs upgrade compare to iphone4: 1. GSM+CDMA 2. 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor with Apple A5 chipset 3. 1 GB RAM 4. 8MP camera with 1080p video recording 5. Bluetooth 4.0 6. More storage option with 64gb. But still only 100 call logs.. can't understand Apple's philoshphy..
  7. iPhone 4S Launched!

    iPhone with GSM+CDMA Many will ditch android or google has to give us treat with their icecream
  8. iPhone 4S Launched!

    First Apple iPhone 4S camera samples surface, look stunning The Apple iPhone 4S might not have been the update everyone was expecting, but it certainly delivers well on the camera front. Not only is this the fastest camera around, but it also promises to do some of the most impressive photos you have seen. As Tim Cook boldly claimed "To many customers this will be the best still camera they've ever owned and the best video camera they've ever owned.". Now to say such things for a camera that fits in a 9.3mm body is probably pushing it, but the 8 megapixel snapper with bright f/2.4 lens certainly sounds promising. Even more so, knowing that the iPhone 4 was one of the best 5 megapixel shooters around. Still, Apple are ready to put their latest smartphone where its mouth is and has released a bunch of camera samples captured with the iPhone 4S on its website. We don't know how serious a photographic effort those shots took, but they certainly look stunning. Of course, it almost certain that you won't be able to produce similarly stunning shots when/if you obtain your iPhone 4S, but it's good to know that the potential is there. So even if you only utilize a small portion of it, you should still end up with pretty decent shots. http://www.gsmarena.com/first_apple_iphone_4s_camera_samples_surface_look_stunning-news-3227.php
  9. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    Take my bow Hetal... Gr8 achievement again... you are the reason for thousands of people sticking with cdma...
  10. I want one android pouch for my new fascinate...Found many on ebay hongkong but dont have much time... Any one selling or knowing indian sellers??
  11. Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

    I have a very strange problem in my incredible since first day... My camera photos disappears from gallery after 1 or 2 hrs of clicking... I could not find any solution on net tried so many roms currently on skyraider 4.2.... Any help guys???
  12. News Snippets

    End of an Era: Apple's Steve Jobs Steps Down, Tim Cook Steps Up And just like that, Steve Jobs has stepped down from his throne as CEO of Apple and handed the scepter to the current chief operating officer, Tim Cook. You can't say no one saw it coming. Jobs has been on a medical leave of absence since January 17, 2011 for undisclosed reasons (he had a liver transplant in April 2009 after battling pancreatic cancer for years). Cook's been with Apple since 1998, a former IBM guy who's been tagged as the heir apparent for years, filling in each time Jobs took a medical leave of absence and handling day to day operations since 2005. And Cook's company positioning has been mostly good news for Apple: Each time he grabs the wheel, Apple's stock goes up (Apple's stock was down 5% in after hours trading, but that's really no surprise, given the magnitude of this announcement). Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO, Will Become Chairman No, this doesn't mean Jobs is quitting Apple. He's simply descending from Apple's loftiest heights and requesting that he be allowed to serve "as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee." In fact Apple's already obliged. The company moved immediately to name Cook as CEO, per Jobs' wishes, and elected Jobs to the chairman position he requested. So yes, for reasons presumably health-related (the endless speculation continues), the close of another era's at hand. The first kicked off all the way back in 1976, when Jobs, 21, and Steve Wozniak, 26, founded Apple. Just about anyone in their late thirties today probably remembers the Apple II (released in 1977), the first home "personal computer" with color graphics, a staple in school classrooms for years. And in 1984, we tuned into Super Bowl XVIII and said hello to the Macintosh ( ), the computer that wore a smiley face before turning them sideways in instant messaging clients was hip. You could have one with a generous (in 1984) 512K for a bargain $3,195.And then things went strangely south for Jobs and Apple. Jobs had tapped Pepsi to bring in John Sculley as Apple's CEO in 1983, but when industry sales plummeted toward the end of 1984, the two clashed, leading to a nasty power struggle that culminated in Apple's board of directors asking Jobs to resign in 1985. After leaving Apple, Jobs went on to co-found animation studio Pixar in 1986 and NeXT Inc., a company that built futuristic UNIX-like computers. Everyone knows what happened with Pixar, but it was at NeXT that the forerunner of the Mac's next-gen operating system, OS X, was born. When Apple purchased NeXT for $429 million in 1996 and brought Jobs back as quasi-CEO—the advent of "era number two"—NeXT's operating system, dubbed "NeXTstep," essentially became what we now know as OS X, the tenth iteration of Apple's Macintosh computer operating system. The rest, as they say, is history. Over the following 15 years Jobs took Apple from its position as a diminished technological player with a dwindling computer market share to a global powerhouse and multimedia empire that, as of last April, managed to surpass Exxon Mobil as the most valuable company in the world. Think of all that's happened in those past 15 years: PowerMacs and PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, iPods and iTunes, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs, all perennially trotted out by Jobs himself in his signature black turtleneck and jeans. It's anyone's guess how much of Jobs' decision to resign now was health-related, and given his health's ties to investor confidence in Apple's share price, it's likely we won't know unless (or until) something happens that can't be kept hidden. Read more: http://techland.time.com/2011/08/24/end-of-an-era-apples-steve-jobs-steps-down-tim-cook-steps-up/#ixzz1VxmZP4eC [/left]
  13. Get Rs. 800 off on purchase of Rs. 1500 and above jewellery at yebhi.com.... Use following coupon code CODE: PC1594064KEA
  14. wow... superb information by both of you RM & smnrock.... +1...
  15. Cheapest ISD Calling Options

    If you can use computer then Reliance icall is best in terms of call rates... i was using it when i were in japan...only thing s**ks is its software which sometimes doesn't get recharged but recently they renewed the software recently so I think u can give it a try...
  16. Google+ Coming

    thanks.. finally me too in the matrix...
  17. Happy Doctor's Day !

    My heartiest wish to Dr. Vinay sir and all other doctors on rimweb...
  18. Google+ Coming

    Saurabh that link is not working .... google is not accepting new registration right now ...
  19. Google+ Coming

    My email id is amit.shippie@gmail.com ... Please invite me Thanks in advance
  20. Hi all... We have a small work group of 6-7 people. We need to update many document works mostly excel and word files and some images. I want to know is there any way that we can share a common hard disk and can operate it from anywhere through Internet or is there any online facility like this?. It should be in such a way that we can update it from anywhere using any internet connection. I searched over net but couldn't understand anything. Edit : I tried google docs its working fine but some of our documents formats it cannot handle.
  21. Sharing Hard Disk For Small Group

    thanks a lot to all of you... We started using google docs for trial and everyone is liking it due to very simple operations... With the use of google cloud for office its awsome... This is good for us as we can share our comments with shipyard giving them view only facility.. As I said in my first post that internet connection is provided by shipyard so we cannot install any server as they give us permission for only 4 people at a time. Edit: As i use android so u all know the secret benefits
  22. Sharing Hard Disk For Small Group

    thanks a lot Manish... I tried with your suggestion but the problem is here in our site office internet is provided by shipyard and it is restricting the address from opening....any workaround?? edit: Isn't google cloud connect for office serves the purpose of editing offline???... Enlight me..